New Year's Must do's

31 December 2008

So many things have happened to me in the past year. I've learned, laughed and lived a lot. No one can accuse me of living idly; I was always on the move, making the most of the years I have here. You see, I've always believed that I will die young. Morbid much? Not really.

I have made countless mistakes and every time I think of my regrets I want to kick myself but then again there is nothing much I can do about it right? So I just try to recall this quote I read somewhere, "Think only of the past as its remembrance gives you pleasure." I cannot do anything to undo the things I did so I just make sure I've learned the lessons each experience taught me, and then move on.

Year 2008 is almost gone, and the air reeks of excitement for the coming 2009. In line with my resolve to make the most out of my life, I came up with a list of must do's. Notice that I did not call them New Year's Resolutions. I don't know, "Resolutions" sounds like a big word, and we all know the luck it had with other peeps; they are observed religiously in the first few weeks and are ignored for the rest of the year. New Year's Resolutions are just that, for the New Year.

Manage finances wisely.
This is perennially on top of my list. I have always been an impulsive buyer and relentless shopper. Now I have more clothes and more shoes than I can wear. I bought 12 pairs of Havaianas this year for godssakes. I NEED to shape up and save up. I was inspired by Ruther who was able to put his money to good use. He was able to take care of his savings and was able to have enough dough left over to buy his new gadgets. I now say, no more shopping for new clothes for the next few months. I still have clothes I haven't worn yet and clothes I haven't gained enough mileage out of (since I wear them just once and then they get set aside so I can wear the others). And no more shopping for new Havaianas! Unless it's my dream LE Batman pair, of course.

Pamper myself more.
This is kinda embarassing, but I have never had a facial in my life. And I have virgin legs (meaning they have not yet experienced being waxed, or shaved). I am also very ticklish so I tend to veer from massages. Now I promise to enlist the help of the pros for my skin, body and hair care. I started the other night; I got a new haircut and hot oil treatment. And I need to gain weight! I have been underweight all my life and I would want to be healthier by normalizing my BMI.

Rediscover my passion for writing.
The writing workshops I took are a stepping stone. They were very inspiring and enriching and I would want to act on my dream of being a writer, even a freelancer one. I am thankful for blogs like this, which help me tap into my inner creativity and reach out to my stream of consciousness.

See more of the world.
Ruther came up with a wonderful plan of going around our beautiful country to take part in various celebrations of festivals. Today the Philippines, tomorrow the world.

Discover new passions.
I would really like to take up a new hobby. I've started nail art recently but I want more. My bestfriend Jerome recommends photography. Any recommendations? I would also want to take a short course on web design. And more writing workshops please.
Keep in touch with old friends.
This is self-explanatory. I wish all my friends have blogs so it would be a lot easier to know what they are up to.

Utilize my Belle de Jour Power Planner.
I promise to use my planner and not let it go unnoticed. It's too pretty for that, look.

My BDJ power planner with the pretty pink box

what's inside

My Philosophy by Mikaela discount card

My must do's are not really difficult to follow. They take just a minimal amount of effort, and the returns are very helpful. The reverberations alone are enough to encourage me to see them through.

And I leave you with the opening words in my Belle de Jour Power Planner:

Live with intention.
Walk to the edge.
Listen hard.
Practice wellness.
Play with abandon.
Choose with no regret.
Continue to learn.
Appreciate your friends.
Do what you love.
Live as if this is all there is.
- Mary Ann Radmacher

2009 offers new opportunities, new experiences, and new options. It's not too late to be the difference you want to see in this world.

A prosperous new year from me to all of you!
Kisses from Krissy! ♥♥

A YM conversation

30 December 2008

This is Joner commenting on the I broke the heart of my "The One Who Got Away and I Was Too Stupid to Have Let Go" and got my heart broken by "The Biggest Twerp on Earth. No Scratch That, Make That The Universe" part from my previous post. I gave him the link to a private blogpost relating what happened between me and that biggest twerp and here is what he said...

joner: te
joner: isa kang intelektwal at magandang YOYO
joner: you deserve better
krissy: sexy
krissy: dagdag mo pa sexy
joner: sorry, kulang sa adjective
krissy: :))
joner: fashionable
joner: at isang 'treasure huntress'

Just wanted to share. Hey Joner, you're a friend! Ö

A blink of an eye

Is it really the 30th already? Where have all the days gone? Time passed so fast, I was barely able to keep up. A blink of an eye. Yeah, that's an apt metaphor.

The year 2008 has been a monumental year for me. So many things have happened and I had a great number of epiphanies.
  • I became a part of three different teams at work (Team Arjay, Team Julius and Team Jimmy), all members of which are distinct and fun at their own unique ways.
  • I made new friends and cultivated old ones.
  • I shopped and shopped for clothes and shoes that can get me through a full year without seeing the need to shop for new ones, seeing as how my closet can barely breathe with the stuff crammed in.
  • I broke the heart of my "The One Who Got Away and I Was Too Stupid to Have Let Go" and got my heart broken by "The Biggest Twerp on Earth. No Scratch That, Make That The Universe".
  • I created a gazillion blog accounts. To date only this one, my Multiply journal and my account remain.
  • I moved out of my parents' house and declared independence by renting out my own place (with three other people who are the best housemates and no I am not kidding).
  • I attended the Candy Fair for the first time and met some of my pretty Seventeen Sigaw sisters Ö
  • I watched The Dark Knight (which I have waited for ever since I saw Batman Begins) and thought it was beyond super awesome.
  • I was utterly obsessed with Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street featuring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter that I memorized the songs and got myself the OST (even after downloading from p2p sites) and was super happy that I was able to get the limited edition DVD (with the booklet).
  • I followed Survivor: Fans vs Favorites and Survivor: Gabon and still think Ozzy should have won the former had he been not so cocky.
  • I had my first pet.
  • I broke my computer *ehemehem Tita Jean ehemehem*.
  • I bought a new phone for myself.
  • I got tangled up by the Twilight craze (since May) but realized that the series was not that good and the novelty got lost because of the rabid fangirls (that being said I still think that the Twilight merchandise business-oriented people came up with are truly magnifique).
  • I joined Powerbooks' Creative Writing Workshop with Sis Anagon and it was a very inspiring and fun learning experience. I would love (and I am trying) to apply the things I've learned there through my posts. Hopefully Anagon and I will be able to push through with our online mag thingie.
  • I have started doing nail art and would love to be better at it. I even bought my own nail art machine.
And so, with hopeless abandon, I would want to bid 2008 the sweetest adieu (with pink, glittering kisses) and start to usher in the year 2009 (with greetings of peace, love and lipgloss). Yeah baby. Here's hoping for more adventures to experience, more books to read, more films to watch, more gadgets to ogle at and (hopefully!) get, more fashion revolutions and more creative geniuses to pool their talents in coming up with awesome things for us to look forward to, and more life to live! I am not looking for more heartbreaks and stupid twerps to waste my time on though, tootyouverymuch.

I would like to end this post with a quote from one of the poets/ writers I find enigmatic:

"So much working, reading, thinking, living to do. A lifetime is not long enough."

That is from Sylvia Plath, who even after saying that a lifetime is not long enough, decided to end hers by putting her head in an oven and dying because of asphyxiation. Ironic. Ah, the great mysteries of life.

One of the best Christmases I've had

Indeed, Christmas 2008 was one of the best I've had. Everything felt so festive and merry and bright that it was impossible to release my inner Scrooge.

I spent half of the day at the office because I had work and then followed Papa to Malabon City after ny shift. Meanwhile my Ma and younger sister went to the airport to fetch Tita Jean who is in the Philippines now until the 14th of January 2009.

I can still feel a warm glow when I remember the fun we've had.

However something happened that dampened my spirits... Mommy Terry, my officemate who is also one of my closest friends there, lost her baby twins. They - specially Steph, her daughter - waited for a child for 10 years. They were really happy when they learned that instead of one, God will be giving them two. However they were delivered prematurely the other day and did not survive the incubators. They were dead within 12 hours...

Goodbye Marcus David. Goodbye Lucas Daniel. As Justin said, this is so tragic, but God did not plan it. He might have permitted it, but He did not plan it. I just wish Mommy Terry's family will not hurt so much.

My prayers are with them. We would appreciate it greatly if you could pray with us, too.

It's my favorite day of the year!

25 December 2008

I would like to greet everyone a

Very Merry Christmas!

I hope you all bask in the festivities, yet still find time to reflect on the solemnity of the season and the reason why we celebrate it.


One last rush shopping before Christmas!

24 December 2008

Whew! I had to make another mad dash to the mall today to buy presents for everyone else in my list that I haven't bought presents for. I went to SM San Lazaro with my younger sister Kyla. I was able to buy everything on my list, except for one: a gift for my Kris Kringle "baby"! Oh no I hope he forgives me. Must buy it on Friday!

Anyway, I promised myself I will not buy anything for myself... But like promises I made before regarding shopping, this was easily broken the minute I saw the Sweeney Todd DVD. I am so HAPPY! It has been in my wish list for so long! And I got the limited edition DVD package too, the one that comes with the booklet. And it was only for 499php, down from its original price of 799php!

I also got a gorgeous plum bag from Tomato (400php) and a shirt from Artwork (99php sale price). I wanted a curling iron but I guess that can wait. I also got a nice bomber hat from Bench (239.75php) and a belt hanger from the department store (59.75php). I'll post pics of my haul some other time. Ü

I got gifts for Ruther, Mich, Steph, Chao, and my Titos and Titas. My gifts for Sasha and Ar I bought online. I am sure they will LOVE them. It was so tiring, but worth it. On our way home we bought a Choco Cherry Torte cake which is my absolute favorite.

Now I have to go and wrap presents, then paint my nails! I have work tomorrow, boo me. But I will go straight home after work. My Tita Jean's coming to the Philippines! I'd also visit my relatives from Malabon tomorrow.

So. everyone, enjoy the festivities! Have a lovely, merry Christmas! ♥♥

Christmas rush shopping haul

23 December 2008

These are the stuff I got from my latest trip to bargain-shopping mecca Divisoria with my Ma Ü

Two pairs of jeans that are absolute perfect fit! The one in the left with the purple patch cost me only 200php while the one in the right was for 240php. Unbelievable right? They are such big steals! They are lying in my baby pink fleece blanket I bought for 120php.

Ankle-length white dress with pretty pink floral print for 150php. You can wear it as a tube dress or you can also tie the straps in such a way that it will be a halter dress. Or you can always wear it in the conventional 2-strap way.

Slim glittery headbands (black, pearl white, turquoise, yellow) 25php each

Cellphone pouch (50php), hot pink waist belt (120php), and pink snakeskin purse with keyholders, coin purse and card compartments (90php)

Not included in the photos are my pair of black leggings I got for 120php and my craft puncher that makes star-shaped holes. I got it for 35php.

Not bad for someone who did not intend to buy anything for herself in the first place right? Ü

Fabulous pieces with prices that will not create big dents on my budget? Absolute, pure LOVE.

A nice compliment

A YM conversation earlier today with Joner, a friend and college classmate:

joner: how do you do it
krissy: what?
joner: gettig good finds for a cheap price
joner: must be a gift huh
joner: :p

I believe he was referring to my bargain-shopping skills as shown in my Divisoria shopping trip I blogged about Ü

As I mentioned in my previous post, my Ma and I went there again yesterday. Shopping haul post coming up!

Christmas rush shopping

22 December 2008

I went el-cheapo shopping again today in 168 Mall. This time I went with my Mom. You won't believe the throngs of people. People literally came in droves! But I guess that gives Divisoria its unique flavor. You would always equate "throngs of people" with Divisoria. Just think how boring and unchallenging it would be if it is not that crowded.

Shopping is always a nice bonding experience with Mama. It was fun looking at stuff and seeing how much she can haggle. And my Ma can really throw the punches when it comes to haggling! She bought a blouse for her aunt at 160php, originally priced at 280php! Ö

I'm happy that I was able to accomplish shopping for gifts for my aunts and uncles, godchildren, and friends/ officemates. I am almost done; I just need to buy gifts for a couple of people in the office, plus the wish of my Kris Kringle "baby". I was shocked at how many days there are (two!) left before Christmas. The days passed by in a blur and I was not able to stick with my plan of shopping for Christmas presents early to beat the holiday rush. I am the world's best procrastinator. Or worst, depending on how you look at it :D

And of course, I bought lots of stuff for myself as well. I promised myself I will not buy anything anymore but who can resist at such bargains? The stuff I bought are resting at home though and I am here at my uncle's house using their PC so I don't know whether I'll be able to post some pics. Maybe I'll try tomorrow, together with one major update for the week that was. And a wishlist. I want to create a wishlist teehee.

So, Krissy is signing off now. Kisses!

On a different note, I've already uploaded pictures from our Tagaytay trip to my Multiply site. Click here♥♥

Buried under the holiday rush

21 December 2008

I haven't updated this blog as much as I would want to, mainly because I have been busy with work and stuff. Add to that the fact that I am still without a computer *sobsobhinthintwinkwinknudgenudge* :D Anyway, lots of stuff happened and I would really really want to share them through Krissyfied. I swear I'm going to do a mean update once I get home. Some highlights include an out of town trip and a cooking tutorial :p

Materialistic recessionista shares awesome bargain finds

10 December 2008

Mich, Sasha, Ar and I went to Divisoria last Monday for some bargain-retail therapy. We knew it would be crowded, what with Christmas coming and all, but we willingly braved the crowds for el-cheapo but fabulous pieces. It was super fun! Materialistic recessionista-vibes. Aah, this is the life. Ü

What's a trip to the bargain-shopping mecca without scoring awesome finds? Here is my loot Ü

White tank with black pinstripe vest
I got it for 230php. The tank and the vest are not stitched together so I can wear them with other pieces separately.

Black and white plaid trench mini dress with belt
The trend of the moment. I got it for 380php.

Plaid grey mini dress It's all about plaid in this super pretty piece
A real bargain at 280php.

Silver/grey halter top
Sexy baby! I got it from Ameranciana's stall, who apparently makes clothes for some local stars. I was not really supposed to buy it, but Ar made me try to see how it looks on me. I tried it out, and it's love baby, it's love. For 230php.

And my favorite of the lot... (Pretty obvious because of the number of photos I took haha)

Metal grey gladiator sandals Fierce! I have been looking for something like it and this is PERFECTION. 380php, can you believe it? I am still reeling from the sheer brilliance of that awesome price Ö

Won't you look at that. Swoon.

How it looks like when worn by yours truly.

And I realized... All the pieces I got are in the same monochromatic/ grey color shades. Maybe it is a coincidence, but I find myself gravitating towards that color family these days. Just look at my Holiday Kick-off Party outfit for proof. Metallics is my motif this season.

I did not buy that many this time, but these pieces more than make up for it. And of course, shopping is made even more fun with friends. Ü Madam Sasha found the perfect outfit to wear to her friend's wedding that she will attend, and all of us were more than willing to give unsolicited advice to each other over what and what-not to buy.


My Mom and I went grocery-shopping yesterday, but before that we went to this store that sells knick-knacks and other odds and ends, and look at what I found:

A humongous train case!

This normally sells 500php and up at some stores, and can even go more than 1,000php. But I got my train case, compartments, keys and all, for 280php. Now I know I am the luckiest bargain-junkie in the world haha Ö


There're the keys!

I love love love it! Ü

Krissy, a Foodie? I'll stick with Magastos, maybe.

09 December 2008

The last day of Powerbooks' Creative Writing Workshop series was moved to last Saturday (December 6) which was a blessing in disguise since Ana was extremely busy for her bazaar stints last week.

"How to Write Delicious Food Articles and Restaurant Reviews" was the topic of the last workshop of the series. A group of phrases that was enough to intimidate the living daylights out of me. As I said in my previous posts, I am the most undomestic goddess I know and I haven't really tried writing about food before. But it turned out to be a very fun learning experience for me. Ms. Chun Valencia, the facilitator, was very nice. We learned lots of things from her and from the workshop. Jude, of course was also there, together with Ms. Vanessa and Ms. Ellen. Our "classmates" for the day were Frickz and Geleen.

The class photo grabbed from Ana

Workshop-pers with Jude photo grabbed from Ana

The stress and pressure I suffered were unfounded. We did not do the nosebleed-inducing fancy-schmanzy taste-descriptive words at all! Instead we were asked to: describe the feeling of being immersed in a color, do a self-portrait, come up with as many words as we can to substitute the word "eat" in a piece, and describe what E-Aji corn chips with flaming hot salsa dip, Ram 100% California Raisins, and Cream-O Premium taste like. I was able to prove that I can be an effective ad-copywriter. Ü

After the workshop Ana and I went around the mall to do some soul-sister bonding. Need more proof that we're indeed soul sisters? Lookie...

It's all in the nails! Hers was painted red; mine got strawberry nail art which I did myself (manually!) the night before Ü

And I got some really cool stuff from her! I got Jelly Lens with the Pink Heart/Blue Filter and it's perfect for my phone! I also got a really nice fishie necklace which her friend consigned for her shop.

Ana through the 2mp lens of Alister, jazzed up with the Pink heart Jelly Lens filter

Krissy through the 2mp lens of Alister, jazzed up with the Blue Jelly Lens filter

There are lots of other cool filters, too! Ana's fave is the 6-image one. You can check them out (and order!) here.

After the workshop and shopping (and window-shopping!) around, we were famished! We ate a hearty meal at Kenny Roger's.

Sad that the day had to end. Because I came from work earlier that day and was awake since 2am, I was super tired and sleepy come 8pm. Forgive glittery me; I am one of the obedient followers of "Early to bed and early to rise" since my work sched's too early Ö

We are Summit Media babies! I bought these:

Total Girl slambook, Cosmopolitan Philippines December 2008 ish (with the freebie Freeway bag!) and Every Girl's Guide to Heartache. All products of Summit Media!

It was surely a fun and rewarding experience. I would LOVE to attend one again. And of course, these experiences are best shared, with FRIENDS! Ü

Food probs

05 December 2008

Tomorrow is the last day of the Powerbooks' Creative Writing Workshop series I have signed up for and it will be about How to Write Delicious Food Articles and Restaurant Reviews. Now, I cannot reiterate this enough; I am probably the most undomestic goddess I know and this workshop terrifies me. Seriously! For one, I am not that big on eating. I love food, but really, if you ask me to pick which I like better, books or food, I would pick books anytime of the day. And besides, my vocabulary for describing taste is limited to the basic taste adjectives sweet, sour, salty, bitter and spicy!

This might be a problem, but whatever. I will just make the most out of it. I will be with Ana, and if it proves too much for my undomestic self then it would be too easy to walk out and just go shopping.. Hehe.

Krissy's Kris Kringle

04 December 2008

With the coming of December comes the requisite Christmas parties! And I love it because it gives me another excuse to go shopping tee hee Ö I must say that the Christmas season is my favorite; aside from the lovely snoozy weather, it is also the time of giving (and receiving) gifts. Yeah yeah, I know the spirit of Christmas is not about commercialism and materialism but you get my drift right? Ü

Our team will have a Kris Kringle, a tradition where we would each draw lots for our "babies" and give him/ her a present. But it was modified since we would actually have a wish list so it would not be hard for our "Mommies" and "Daddies" to think of presents.

So... I haven't thought of what to wish for yet. I am stumped.

Hmm, I wonder what to wish for? Ö

It's December!

03 December 2008

Oh wow time flew by so fast.. Where have all the days gone? Anyway, it's December, and you know what means right? Aside from it being the Christmas month, it is also the time when bonuses are being handed left and right. I splurged on myself a bit last week when I bought myself a new phone, and the 13th month pay has not even been given to us yet, so more money for us! Ö

Now before I go all-spendiriffic again, I need to pause and put things in perspective. With all the financial crisis and credit crunch going on, I need to learn to prioritize and spend on things I really need.

Like what? Well, I really need to buy a new computer. I am using my Tito's computer in the two days I am here at home, I am thankful of course that at least I am able to use this as an alternative, but it would be much better if I have my own again. Besides my two sibs are studying, so it is not practical to be without a computer these days.

I guess the digital camera and portable DVD player would have to wait. It might be cool to have a credit card and just swipe every time I see something I like. But for a shopaholic like me, a credit card might cause my downfall. I do not have a credit card even though I work for a bank. Maybe because customers calling us with thousands of pounds of debits have scared me off. I don't know.. I pay for everything in cash, and it has worked for me. A bit anyway. If what I want to buy is way over my budget, I don't buy it. But that is not the end of the story; I find ways on how I can get it. Borrow from my Mom perhaps? Better than a credit card, since it is guaranteed 0% interest! Ü

But of course I would want to indulge myself a little bit, since I have worked hard for this for a year. Hmm.. Maybe the new phone is enough? I could just jazz it up. Or a new pair of Havaianas perhaps? Maybe not. I indulge myself every month anyway. I guess I would just have to save the money and then spend some for Christmas gifts for family, friends and officemates. My savings account needs some plumping up Ö

Channelling Gwynnie at the Super Groove event

Oh wow, screw being without a computer. this post is so overdue =/

Here is another excuse to go shopping and glam up!

We had our Holiday Kick-off Party last Thursday (27 November) at the PICC Forum Tent. It was big and fun but the Discovolution, I think, was executed better. Nevertheless I had more fun at this party because I was with my friends. My feet wanted to fall off! My shoes were comfortable but dancing for more than three hours does that.

The theme was Super Groove, and the whole place was decked out in full club-motif. The venue was divided into three: the game room where billiard tables, Wii and Play Station consoles, and computers were set up, the dance hall with the bars and three platforms for the performers, and the banquet hall. Employees from both HSBC - HDPP sites (Alabang and Quezon City) were there, except for some who have to report to work. Boo! I was actually supposed to report to work at 5am the next day, thankfully my VL was approved, or I would not have been able to go to the party.

My inspiration for my outfit was Gwyneth Paltrow with her mini dresses and wicked bondage shoes. I wore a metallic slate dress from Freeway and shoes from Boardwalk. Hair and make-up were pretty simple, I just applied some liquid foundation, hoped it would stay put (it did not disappoint, btw), some cream blush, pink lippie and did the smoky eye-effect. Pretty good, for a make-up noob like me Ö Acessories were recycled from the Discovolution.

this is me at the red carpet entrance!

this is me at the banquet hall! Ü

girls having fun!

My dates were Asther, Ruther, Mich, Watcher and Frank. Ü We had a sumptuous meal by Via Mare. For the program, they did like a Club Mwah performance but I was not able to watch it because I accompanied Asther while she was eating; she was late because she came from her tutorial part-time job. We were just in time for South Border's perfomance, and they certainly set the mood for one crazy night of dancing. Urban Nation sang some cool RnB songs, and Toy Symphony did some cool dance ditties. However we were already tired at that point so we made our way to the banquet hall to sit.

It was fun and I am happy that I have some pretty cool pictures from the evening. I love HSBC Ü

More pictures here.

Welcoming Alister

29 November 2008

I indulged myself yesterday and ticked one off my wish list: a new phone. I finally got a Nokia 3120 classic and I love it! It is in graphite though because the mobile phone shops in SM Fairview do not carry it in other colors. That's fine, I will have it G-masked anyway. Ü


26 November 2008

My baby Elixir died. Ruther sent me an SMS earlier today, saying he found Elixir floating, dead. He surmises it is because he is a different specie of fish; he is an angelfish while Phantasmagoria, Serenity and Chaos are all goldfishes, even though they are from different families. Now I need to buy a blackmoor goldfish later so that Phantasmagoria will have a companion, otherwise he might die on me, too.

Sad sad sad.

I will be back to the apartment later today, and then I will watch Twilight. Work again tomorrow, and then time to glam up for the Holiday Kick-off Party. My dress is ready and I have the sexiest shoes. But I am still clueless about makeup.

Sigh. I cannot get over Elixir's death. He was the most beautiful of the lot, and he's too young. He did not deserve to die.


It is November 25 so...

25 November 2008


I am so excited to see it.

And even though I have

  1. The complete 4 books from the Twilight series
  2. A gray shirt with "I've Fallen for Edward Cullen" text in magenta bought from Nicole
  3. A black shirt with "Cullenista" text at the front and the Cullen crest at the back in white bought from Malou
  4. A black shirt with "You give me a heart attack Jacob Black" text in white bought from Yani
  5. A white shirt with blue piping at the sleeves and collar and "Team Edward since 1901" at the front and "Cullen 08" at the front bought from Abby
  6. A Twilight necklace made out of polymer clay bought from Ana
  7. A Bella bracelet given to me by Ana
  8. The Twilight movie companion book
  9. A Laurent bookmark from Abby
  10. An Edward bookmark from Tine
And I must say I love Robert Pattinson...

And I am planning to get the official OST...

I am not a die-hard Twilight addict.

I still do not like Stephenie Meyer's prose that much.

And I was even more excited earlier this year, for The Dark Knight movie. I cried at the cinema before the opening credits came, too happy and elated to just be there and finally watch it.

But whatever. The movie will be shown tomorrow, I will see it, and I am sure I will be one happy girl.

Quick quotes #3

The only way to grow is to have the initiative to get out of your comfort zone and do things you thought you couldn't do.

Stream of Consciousness

24 November 2008

I finally bought the aquarium I have been dreaming to buy, and I am so happy!

Ruther, Asther and I went to Bioresearch at SM North EDSA yesterday to buy my aquarium, fishes and all the other what-nots. However for the aerator we were able to buy that at Under the Sea since Bioresearch did not have available stocks.

The aquarium itself has a name, and it is Stream of Consciousness. I got it from Miss Coni Tejada of Real Living magazine from the talk she gave us at the Spotlighting a Travel Piece workshop and it quickly joined the league of my favorite phrases of all time (together with "as mysterious as the dark side of the moon" and "serenity in chaos" but pfft I am veering away from the topic. Must go back must go back.) Anyway, I got the aerator, undergravel filter, background picture, white pebbles, anti-chlorine solution and pellets.

For the fishies, I got four. Somehow the original names I thought of - Deirdre, Altherstan and Gaian - did not fit with my fishies' personalities so I just came up with new ones. I want to post pictures of them but I did not have the camera at the apartment so I just got stock photos from the Internet. I got pictures of fishes who look like them.

Angelfish. I named him Elixir. My Elixir is more elegant looking though, with more pronounced black and white stripes.

Blackmoor. I named him Phantasmagoria.

Pearlscale goldfish. I got two. One is gold all over, I named her Serenity. The other has little spots. I named him Chaos.

What do you think of their names?

I am so thankful to my housemates. Since it is my first time to take care of a pet, I was totally clueless! But thanks to Ruther and his extensive knowledge on fishes I was able to get everything I needed. And of course thanks to Asther as well for augmenting my budget ;)

It is actually my first time to take care of an animal. We had a martinez (talking bird) before, his name was Koji, but he was a family pet. Same goes for Kong the turtle. For my fishes, I am the sole owner. I am responsible for them. And of course I have to make sure I take good care of them. I would not want them to die, would I? They're relatively easy to replace since they're cheap and all, but come on, this is not Tamagotchi. And it sure beats the feeling of having a digital pet!

As a tribute to my fishies I even created a new blog category for them: Ichthyological love.

I am one proud Mama Fish. Here's to showing some Ichthyological love Ü

The spotlight is on Spotlighting a Travel Piece

I went to Powerbooks - Megamall last Saturday for the second module of the Powerbooks' Creative Writing Workshop series. The topic was Spotlighting a Travel Piece. There was a slight improvement with the number of attendees (five this time as compared to last week's three): the staple workshop-ers Ana and I, Giselle (Ana's childhood friend), Danika (an interior designer for Plains and Prints) and Gero (a German who is in the Philippines to visit his girlfriend and happened to see a poster of the said workshop at Powerbooks' counter).

Miss Arlene Paredes (from PinoyWriters) facilitated the workshop with the assistance of Jude (of last week's module) . Miss Coni Tejada of Summit Media's Real Living magazine also dropped by to share some encouraging words and insights.

It was really challenging and I found it a bit hard since I am not much of a traveler myself. I would want to travel, of course, and see more places and get a taste of other people's cultures, but I do not have the luxury of time (and money) to do so at the moment. Plus, I get prissy. I don't know, maybe it depends on who I am with and on what mode of transportation we will use. So anyway, going back, I found it hard to tap into that "stream of consciousness". Last week's topic was easier since we wrote about success stories and profiling; I have done that all the time so the words just flowed. But travel pieces? Nah. I don't know..

For the writing exercises, I wrote about Singapore. In the Philippines, the farthest I've been to is Albay, Bicol, and I was only 12 years old that time so I did not think I would have remembered much to write about, except that hellish 10-hour train ride back to Manila that I would much rather forget. But if you were young like I was at that time, then that memory would have been seared into your memory and will forever haunt you.

So, enough of my travel experiences (or rather, my lack of). Here is a photo of our group:

(from left to right) Gero, me, Ana, Giselle, Danika, Jude, Miss Arlene, Miss Coni

I would love to see more of the world and experience things that are different from what I am accustomed to. Hopefully someday I would be able to. And then, by that time I would certainly have a helluva lot more to write about.

Eep! I just remembered! Next Saturday's module would be How to Write Delicious Food Articles and Restaurant Reviews! How would an undomestic goddess like me fare with that? I, who do not even know how to chop onions and tomatoes. I, who am only able to cook rice (with or without rice cooker, hah!) and everything fried. I, whose collection of words in her vocabulary to descibe words is only limited to the basic food tastes. What am I supposed to do?? Oh well. I signed up to learn. I guess that I have a lot of learning to do on Saturday. I am a bit scared yes, but I guess I always have the choice to just walk out and shop; workshop's inside a mall anyway. Tee hee.

*Photo from Ana.

Soul Sisters in the Success Story workshop

19 November 2008

Oh wow I haven't posted anything in a while now. Blame it on my busted PC, who until now sits in her busted-ness. Ugh. I need a new one so bad, but funds are low at the moment, so I am getting by through my beloved Tito's computer and the office's cybercenter.

So, some updates I guess... I had a blast at last Saturday's Creative Writing Workshop: Writing a Success Story at Powerbooks Megamall with my soul sister Anagon. The workshop was organized by PinoyWriters group with the help of some sponsors and was facilitated by Mr. Jude Catalaba. He discussed lots of things and gave us tips on how we can write our own success story. We were also asked to write some outputs (since it was a workshop after all and not a lecture) and I am happy to say that I was able to come up with some nice articles, if I say so myself. Ö First activity was to write a lead on either Arnel Pineda's or Charice Pempengco's success stories. Second was to write a lead on a success story of someone we know. Last was to write a success story based on an on-the-spot interview with Ms. Vanessa Suquila, a member of PinoyWriters. My favorite Vanessa Suquila quote? "Being a writer does not go away." Niceee.

Having only three "students" (Anagon, me and Jovee from Proudly Filipina) made for a more relaxing and focused atmosphere. Jovee will not attend this week's workshop so I do not know whether there would only be me and Ana there. I hope more people will come, it would be great to meet new friends. Ü This week's topic is "Spotlighting a Travel Piece" and I am a bit reserved about it since I have not written travel pieces before. This is something new for me so this should make for an interesting afternoon.

Here we are after the workshop:

Ana, Krissy, Jude, Vanessa and Jovee

After the workshop Ana and I had dinner at Sbarro. We wanted to have coffee originally but SM Megamall does not have Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (I still cannot believe it until now) and Starbucks is full. Since we were starving already we just chose Italian pasta.

I love it that even though we met online only, Ana and I never ran out of things to talk about. Our topics ranged from Twilight to Kikomachine Komix to Batman to other stuff. It was so fun! We really are soul sisters!

And she's so sweet, she gave me this:

My Bella's bracelet

If you haven't read the Twilight series yet, this is inspired by the third book in the series, Eclipse. So nice! I love it!

And I love that we were sporting funky-colored nail colors!

Funky colors unite!

And... Ana and I came up with a VERY good plan while we were texting a day before the workshop. It is an absolutely brilliant idea, I cannot wait to start it! It would be our brainchild. Ü No details yet, we would not want to jinx it, would we? ;)

Soul sisters Ü

Today is Wednesday. I cannot wait for Saturday! Ü

Just some updates..

13 November 2008

I am posting this from the office, just some quick updates...
  • My computer has broken down beyond repair. It needs a new motherboard, processor and memory. Might as well buy a new PC, yes?
  • My TL and manager were able to arrange my schedule so that I would be able to attend Powerbooks' writing workshops. But you know that already since I've already posted them before. ;)
  • When I uploaded pictures last Tuesday via a computer shop, the memory card of my digicam was corrupted and all files were deleted. Good thing I was already able to post pictures from our team building to my Multiply drafts and Tranche 5's Friendster account. Unfortunately I do not have a backup of my and my housemates' pictures at the apartment. Sad.
  • I have decided to buy an aquarium and take care of fishies. I was supposed to buy it with my housemate Ruther but he decided against it and preferred a pet hamster instead. Well, I am sticking with my fishies, and I am going to name them Goldie and Fishie. Nah, kidding! I will name them Deirdre and Altherstan. Nice nice! Ü
  • Twilight the movie is coming! My friend Mich's bestfriend Jonas is so sweet! He is trying to score tickets for us to watch the movie premiere at Greenbelt on the 25th. I really wish he would be lucky!
  • My Belle de Jour power planner should be delivered by today or tomorrow.
  • Michael Johns is coming to Manila, Philippines! He would perform at TriNoma on the 18th. I wonder how much the ticket prices would be? I wanna watch! He's hot!
  • Pixiedust is up! She is now fully decorated and krissyfied and I was FINALLY able to post her in my room at the apartment. Ö
  • The Holiday Kick-off Party is on the 27th already and I haven't finalized my outfit yet!
  • I miss my bestfriends from highschool and college. So much.

I'm trying to remember other stuff I might have missed... But for the moment I guess these will do. I miss my computer and I hope I'll be able to get a new one soon.

That's it for now. Kisses!

Tidbits and tra la las

11 November 2008

My computer is under repair once again :( I'm in a computer shop right now, uploading pictures from last week's team building to my Multiply and Tranche 5's Friendster accounts. Ü

Some pictures from the said event:

enjoying my fresh buko juice

with my friend/ housemate Ar

first time EVER that I finished a glass of alcohol

with Ruther, Mich and Ar

with Watcher and Mich

with my friends/ housemates Ruther and Ar

my bestfriend Jerome (R) and his twin Jonas (L)

from left to right: Jerome, Ramil, Krissy, Jess, Jonas

I'm still uploading the rest of the pictures. Fun fun fun. Ü

And oh, I have good news! TL Jimmy and Boss Jard were able to find a way for me to attend the Powerbooks' Writing Workshops! I will pay on Friday. Yay! Ü


06 November 2008

I take back everything I said yesterday (about the stress part). The team building we had yesterday was SUPER FUN! Everyone from Team Jimmy was there, and I even saw my bestfriend Jerome with his twin brother Jonas and friends Jess and Ramil! Lots of good food, hearty laughter and great conversation! I was not feeling well before we started eating but everything became swell after the first jokes were shared. Ö

The highlight: TL made me drink a glass of San Mig Light! Yes, I'm a sissy. I've never been drunk. Ever. I don't really drink. I take 2-3 sips and that's it. Yesterday was a first for me. No regrets!

I took lots of good pictures, will post them on Monday or Tuesday when I go home. This is a quick post because I'm here at the office. Ü

I am smiling now Ü

05 November 2008

I could not stay unhappy for long. I am not the type who broods and dwells on sad thoughts and I do not want to let unhappiness get the better of me. I talked with my officemates by phone and by YM conference and I am feeling much better now. I will go to the team building later and I will bring my camera!

There's only one problem, I do not know what to wear because almost all of my pretty clothes are at the apartment.

Moving on, I haven't done this for quite a while now. Let me spread some holiday cheer and materialistic vibes (haha!) by sharing some stuff I ordered online.

Girl Power charm bracelet from Sis Tine of pinkyblings
*picture taken from her site

This is from her Reel Life collection which consists of charm bracelets inspired by movies. The main inspiration of the Girl Power charm bracelet are - what else? - chick flicks! It is made of "glass beads, two layers of chain (intertwined), US-made pewter charms (mask, clapperboard, film camera, gilded heart, Hollywood sign, antique car) and locally-bought charms (stiletto, flower, handbag, cherries)".

Strawberries hoodie from Sis Malou of theclosetqueen *picture taken from her site

This is from her Fruitilicious Hoodies and Cardigans album. Sis Malou always comes up with very pretty and unique stuff to sell. I think that she is the online seller I've bought the most from. Whenever she has new uploads I just could not stop myself from buying. And she is super friendly and accommodating! Check out the album, there are other yummy stuff there like the Cherries and Apples cardigans.

Havaianas Logo Jelly in Soft Violet from Sis Beth of princessjuicy25
*picture taken from her site

I have sworn I will never buy another pair again. I am even contemplating of selling the pairs I have not worn yet. But Sis Beth uploaded the Havaianas 2009 collection earlier today, at rock-bottom prices (with an additional 5% discount) and I could not resist. So there, I got myself this one. I was also tempted to get the 4Nite Black Grey Skulls or the Slim Peacock in White or the Slim in Light Lilac but I was successful in stopping myself. Credits also to my officemates and friends Frank, Mich and Watcher whom I was in a YM conference with earlier today. Ö

There is nothing like retail therapy to chase the blues away. Ü

Smile Krissy, smile

My planned reprieve has been interrupted. My TL texted everyone of us asking us to go to Trinoma tomorrow for our team building.

It kinda sucks because I planned on going to the office tomorrow straight from home and not return to the apartment until after work tomorrow. Now I have to go to Trinoma and meet up with my teammates (two of which I am not in good terms with because of two keywords: liar and cheating face) and hobnob and return to the apartment afterwards.

I had my period this morning and you know the lazy feeling you get when you have your period? Like you would just want to lie down or laze around in the house all day? I am having that feeling right now. Which I cannot oblige because I have to go out.

After that I got another text from TL saying that if we are not complete then the team building will be cancelled. I have a teammate who cannot go because he has an appointment for a medical check-up, which was already set before the team building was planned. Now what do I do? Should I go to Trinoma even though there is a chance that the team building will not push through because we will not be complete? I asked my teammates who are at the office right now and apparently the team building will push through. BUT if someone will not come then it will be cancelled. So I guess I will know later. Once I am already there. Instead of resting at home. Ugh.

And then, just when you thought it could not get any worse than that, it looks like it is going to rain. Ugh ugh.

Ruther told me before that I tend to stress myself over the littlest things, and yeah, he's right. I am feeling very stressed. Add to that the fact that I have post-PMS symptoms right now. I know I am probably magnifying it and am just making a bigger deal of it than I should. Blame the hormones. I am so not feeling like a very happy camper.

My two favorites got together...

04 November 2008

I admit that I am a nerd. I devour books and I am a total trivia junkie. I have an assumed love affair with words and I am perpetually amazed at how a string of letters can construct - and deconstruct - words.

And of course, it is quite obvious by the over-all look of this site that I love the color pink. Almost all of my stuff are in pink; pink phones, pink glasses, pink cases, pink shoes, pink Havaianas pairs, pink everything! I even wanted to have a shirt made with the statement "Everything I touch turns into pink." (No copying, please!)

So you could just imagine how I want to have this:

Pink Scrabble

I saw it in the Certified Pink Lover site which features - you guessed it right - everything pink. This Special Edition of Scrabble is made for the funding of Breast Cancer Research and "includes pink board, pink tiles, pink tile racks, and a pink bag, all inside a pink box!"

I hope they release something like it in the Philippines as well so I could get one. This would be a perfect match with my pink and blue Chess set (yep, pink and blue, it's very nice, actually I might post a picture next week. It's not here at home because I brought it to the apartment).

The Scrabble Special Edition can be purchased here.

Busted computer unbusted!

My PC's up and running again!

Big, pink thanks to my Tito who repaired it! That was fast! Ö

Busted computer

Of all the days in a week, my computer chooses the two days I am at home to break down on me. I am only able to use her every Tuesday and Wednesday since I stay at my apartment in Quezon City the rest of the week. I am only able to catch up on my emails and accounts on these two days. I am only able to read the blogs I follow on these two days. I am only able to cull interesting tidbits and thingamajigs on these two days. Heck I am only able to online shop on these two days. And she decides to fail me. C'mon, I know life is not fair but can't she oblige me a bit? Can't she break down on Thursday? That way she can be repaired and then be ready again for use when I come back home the next Tuesday.


So I am at a computer shop now, renting.


I am so not smiling.

Holidays are coming

02 November 2008

... and HSBC will have a Holiday Kick-off Party!

The event will be held on 27 November 2008 at the PICC and will have "Super Nightclub" as the theme. I only have 24 days left to prepare, and I NEED to find the perfect outfit! I bought a very nice metallic slate gray dress from Freeway last week, but I have yet to decide whether it is THE dress or whether I will find something prettier.

Here is what I wore to this year's Holiday Party. Theme was Discovolution:

Dress by Hann Asoy, silver Grecian heels from Itti, silver vintage clutch from my aunt, accessories from SM Department Store
Styled by moi. Hair and makeup by moi.

Hopefully I will be able to put together an outfit even better than this one. Ö

Must schedule shopping trips! I need help. What do you think should I wear to the party? Ü