One last rush shopping before Christmas!

24 December 2008

Whew! I had to make another mad dash to the mall today to buy presents for everyone else in my list that I haven't bought presents for. I went to SM San Lazaro with my younger sister Kyla. I was able to buy everything on my list, except for one: a gift for my Kris Kringle "baby"! Oh no I hope he forgives me. Must buy it on Friday!

Anyway, I promised myself I will not buy anything for myself... But like promises I made before regarding shopping, this was easily broken the minute I saw the Sweeney Todd DVD. I am so HAPPY! It has been in my wish list for so long! And I got the limited edition DVD package too, the one that comes with the booklet. And it was only for 499php, down from its original price of 799php!

I also got a gorgeous plum bag from Tomato (400php) and a shirt from Artwork (99php sale price). I wanted a curling iron but I guess that can wait. I also got a nice bomber hat from Bench (239.75php) and a belt hanger from the department store (59.75php). I'll post pics of my haul some other time. Ü

I got gifts for Ruther, Mich, Steph, Chao, and my Titos and Titas. My gifts for Sasha and Ar I bought online. I am sure they will LOVE them. It was so tiring, but worth it. On our way home we bought a Choco Cherry Torte cake which is my absolute favorite.

Now I have to go and wrap presents, then paint my nails! I have work tomorrow, boo me. But I will go straight home after work. My Tita Jean's coming to the Philippines! I'd also visit my relatives from Malabon tomorrow.

So. everyone, enjoy the festivities! Have a lovely, merry Christmas! ♥♥

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