Just some updates..

13 November 2008

I am posting this from the office, just some quick updates...
  • My computer has broken down beyond repair. It needs a new motherboard, processor and memory. Might as well buy a new PC, yes?
  • My TL and manager were able to arrange my schedule so that I would be able to attend Powerbooks' writing workshops. But you know that already since I've already posted them before. ;)
  • When I uploaded pictures last Tuesday via a computer shop, the memory card of my digicam was corrupted and all files were deleted. Good thing I was already able to post pictures from our team building to my Multiply drafts and Tranche 5's Friendster account. Unfortunately I do not have a backup of my and my housemates' pictures at the apartment. Sad.
  • I have decided to buy an aquarium and take care of fishies. I was supposed to buy it with my housemate Ruther but he decided against it and preferred a pet hamster instead. Well, I am sticking with my fishies, and I am going to name them Goldie and Fishie. Nah, kidding! I will name them Deirdre and Altherstan. Nice nice! Ü
  • Twilight the movie is coming! My friend Mich's bestfriend Jonas is so sweet! He is trying to score tickets for us to watch the movie premiere at Greenbelt on the 25th. I really wish he would be lucky!
  • My Belle de Jour power planner should be delivered by today or tomorrow.
  • Michael Johns is coming to Manila, Philippines! He would perform at TriNoma on the 18th. I wonder how much the ticket prices would be? I wanna watch! He's hot!
  • Pixiedust is up! She is now fully decorated and krissyfied and I was FINALLY able to post her in my room at the apartment. Ö
  • The Holiday Kick-off Party is on the 27th already and I haven't finalized my outfit yet!
  • I miss my bestfriends from highschool and college. So much.

I'm trying to remember other stuff I might have missed... But for the moment I guess these will do. I miss my computer and I hope I'll be able to get a new one soon.

That's it for now. Kisses!

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