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A bit beaten by birthday blues. A bit heartbroken, too.

It feels so long since my last post. Our trip to Ilocos feels like ages ago. So much - yet so little - has happened in a week and I felt like I needed time to let everything sink in before I can write about them.
First, one of my mentors emailed me about an opportunity of a lifetime. You may know th…

Weekend that stretched to forever

The perfect ending to my two week-vacation from work! My college friends Ed, Kuya Myk, Bamba, Glen and newfound friends Jes, Donna, Belle and I went to Ilocos for a weekend of new experiences and discoveries.
In just one weekend:
We discovered beautiful and unique benches in Vigan.
I changed into m…

Let's just fall in love again

Yesterday was one of the most amazing days of this year because yesterday, I got to watch Jason Castro perform live! For some people who might not know him, he is the 5th runner up in American Idol season 7 where David Cook emerged as the winner (whose concert as well as David Archuleta's I als…

From anonymous to famous

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a TV star? I have! I once had dreams of hosting a talk show or a magazine show. But ever since I was young - participating in school programs or receiving medals at Recognition days - with my Tito lugging a then-heavy videocamera to record my "achievements&quo…

Her name is Salmon, like the fish. First name, Susie.

Last Monday I was feeling pretty bored and lamenting that it's my vacation and I SHOULD be having fun when my classmate and friend from college Dewi texted me to invite me to the premiere night of The Lovely Bones. Of course I said yes! (Krissy's note: I should have blogged about it since a…

So tell me darling, do you wish we'd fall in love?

In a few minutes, Owl City's concert here in Manila would start. But instead of lining up to see Adam Young perform his songs live, I am here in my room with the speakers on full blast, alternating between the two CDs included here:
Ocean Eyes Deluxe Edition
I wasn't able to coax someone to g…