Stream of Consciousness

24 November 2008

I finally bought the aquarium I have been dreaming to buy, and I am so happy!

Ruther, Asther and I went to Bioresearch at SM North EDSA yesterday to buy my aquarium, fishes and all the other what-nots. However for the aerator we were able to buy that at Under the Sea since Bioresearch did not have available stocks.

The aquarium itself has a name, and it is Stream of Consciousness. I got it from Miss Coni Tejada of Real Living magazine from the talk she gave us at the Spotlighting a Travel Piece workshop and it quickly joined the league of my favorite phrases of all time (together with "as mysterious as the dark side of the moon" and "serenity in chaos" but pfft I am veering away from the topic. Must go back must go back.) Anyway, I got the aerator, undergravel filter, background picture, white pebbles, anti-chlorine solution and pellets.

For the fishies, I got four. Somehow the original names I thought of - Deirdre, Altherstan and Gaian - did not fit with my fishies' personalities so I just came up with new ones. I want to post pictures of them but I did not have the camera at the apartment so I just got stock photos from the Internet. I got pictures of fishes who look like them.

Angelfish. I named him Elixir. My Elixir is more elegant looking though, with more pronounced black and white stripes.

Blackmoor. I named him Phantasmagoria.

Pearlscale goldfish. I got two. One is gold all over, I named her Serenity. The other has little spots. I named him Chaos.

What do you think of their names?

I am so thankful to my housemates. Since it is my first time to take care of a pet, I was totally clueless! But thanks to Ruther and his extensive knowledge on fishes I was able to get everything I needed. And of course thanks to Asther as well for augmenting my budget ;)

It is actually my first time to take care of an animal. We had a martinez (talking bird) before, his name was Koji, but he was a family pet. Same goes for Kong the turtle. For my fishes, I am the sole owner. I am responsible for them. And of course I have to make sure I take good care of them. I would not want them to die, would I? They're relatively easy to replace since they're cheap and all, but come on, this is not Tamagotchi. And it sure beats the feeling of having a digital pet!

As a tribute to my fishies I even created a new blog category for them: Ichthyological love.

I am one proud Mama Fish. Here's to showing some Ichthyological love Ü

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