Materialistic recessionista shares awesome bargain finds

10 December 2008

Mich, Sasha, Ar and I went to Divisoria last Monday for some bargain-retail therapy. We knew it would be crowded, what with Christmas coming and all, but we willingly braved the crowds for el-cheapo but fabulous pieces. It was super fun! Materialistic recessionista-vibes. Aah, this is the life. Ü

What's a trip to the bargain-shopping mecca without scoring awesome finds? Here is my loot Ü

White tank with black pinstripe vest
I got it for 230php. The tank and the vest are not stitched together so I can wear them with other pieces separately.

Black and white plaid trench mini dress with belt
The trend of the moment. I got it for 380php.

Plaid grey mini dress It's all about plaid in this super pretty piece
A real bargain at 280php.

Silver/grey halter top
Sexy baby! I got it from Ameranciana's stall, who apparently makes clothes for some local stars. I was not really supposed to buy it, but Ar made me try to see how it looks on me. I tried it out, and it's love baby, it's love. For 230php.

And my favorite of the lot... (Pretty obvious because of the number of photos I took haha)

Metal grey gladiator sandals Fierce! I have been looking for something like it and this is PERFECTION. 380php, can you believe it? I am still reeling from the sheer brilliance of that awesome price Ö

Won't you look at that. Swoon.

How it looks like when worn by yours truly.

And I realized... All the pieces I got are in the same monochromatic/ grey color shades. Maybe it is a coincidence, but I find myself gravitating towards that color family these days. Just look at my Holiday Kick-off Party outfit for proof. Metallics is my motif this season.

I did not buy that many this time, but these pieces more than make up for it. And of course, shopping is made even more fun with friends. Ü Madam Sasha found the perfect outfit to wear to her friend's wedding that she will attend, and all of us were more than willing to give unsolicited advice to each other over what and what-not to buy.


My Mom and I went grocery-shopping yesterday, but before that we went to this store that sells knick-knacks and other odds and ends, and look at what I found:

A humongous train case!

This normally sells 500php and up at some stores, and can even go more than 1,000php. But I got my train case, compartments, keys and all, for 280php. Now I know I am the luckiest bargain-junkie in the world haha Ö


There're the keys!

I love love love it! Ü


  1. i am jealous of your finds! how about selling the train case to me for 500? ;)

  2. Hi Meream, thanks for visiting my blog! Ü I'm sorry but I don't think I would want to part with the train case.. I'll try to check if they still have it at the store I bought it from though.. Ü

  3. hi sis, where did u buy that compartment? i want din sana :) pm mo ko sah multiply. ehhe :)

  4. bought it in a nondescript store here in navotas. sure Ü


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