31 March 2011

Aside from a lot of blessings that I have been receiving lately, it's the thoughtfulness of my friends that reach across the miles and touch a chord in my heart. A couple of weeks ago a birthday card that came all the way from Canada arrived in the post; sent by my friend Nikolett.

Last week another card arrived, and this time it's from Ireland! It's from my friend Ejann also known as Lizzy. We can also call her Robyn ;D


Thank you so much beb! It was a very pleasant surprise, and I love the line on the front. Regarding our friendship lasting forever, no worries, I can totally sense that's in the cards. And yeah, you should visit Manila for Kym's wedding so we can meet you ♥

We all know how important it is to follow a friend's advice, yes? A couple of days before the card arrived, I bought this from SM Fairiview:

Jolie by Parisian
It was the last pair, it was in my size, and it was on sale at a whopping 50% off! Who can resist, right? The vertiginous heels might intimidate some, but I assure you these are not feet-killers! The raised platform makes it more comfortable and easier to walk in. I wore it to the Oxygen collection preview I attended with my blog girl friends ;)

Also, turning a year older easily gives you the license to have new anything. Yesterday I had a new fringe, but aside from that I have also been able to manage a bit of "birthday shopping". You see, I have been meaning to update my wardrobe for a while now, and this occasion proves to be the best timing to do it. I am embarrassed to admit that most of the clothes in my closet are more suited to a college student. To my defense though, my body size makes it almost impossible to find something from the Women's Department; all of them look too big on me that I didn't have a choice but to go to the Teen's Section.

For the last two days I have scoured TriNoma in search of perfect 25 year-old outfits. Here're what I got:

From Candie's:
Navy blue/ cream blouse | Light purple polo | Skinny jeans
From Landmark:
Pink babydoll dress | Light khaki sandals (I love the pearls and crystals on the straps)
From the 3-day bazaar at the office earlier:
A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett and a bronze necklace with a rose pendant
These days, when I shop, I don't look for trendy pieces anymore. I am proud to say I have managed to learn the practice of finding pieces that will work with the pieces I already have in my wardrobe. It's important for me to dress my age this time because honestly, whilst it is flattering, I don't want to be mistaken for a college student anymore ;)

PS: Woohoo today is the last day of March! Remember when I said I was planning to have more plans because I didn't have any major plans when the month kicked in? Well just look at how busy and fruitful the month has become! I'm looking forward to April - this is going to be so awesome!

Birthday bangs!

30 March 2011

Pssst! Guess who just got a new fringe!

Krissy is the new kind of cute.
The last time I had a haircut was three months ago when I had my very long locks chopped off to a short bob. After being stuck in an awkward growing-out phase for a couple of months, I was finally able to tie my hair in a short ponytail! The only problem is that long tendrils of my hair on the sides of my face keep on falling from the ponytail. It doesn't look neat at all. The solution I thought of: have them cut into a fringe! It took a lot of thinking though because I was scared the look wouldn't suit me at all. The last time I've had bangs was on third grade, you see, so it was hard to imagine myself sporting one again after all these years.

Today, after going to Shangri-La Mall with my good friend Michelle to get her new phone, we trooped to TriNoma and had my bangs cut at the Fix Lab. After shampoo, less than 15 minutes of the hairstylist snipping away, and around 10 minutes' worth of blow-dry, voila! My new hair! What do you think? Do you like it? I actually do! What a difference a new hairstyle makes, yes? And I loved the way the hairstylist's assistant blow-dried my hair, I think I'd better get my hair-blower from storage and start using it again ;D

And really, I just want to say how happy and thankful and appreciative I have become these days. I must have done something really good - or maybe I have already learned the lessons I needed to learn after everything I went through last year - because every day brings a different blessing! I laugh more, I giggle more, I appreciate things more. I remember how sad I was on March of last year (and if you have been a reader of this blog long enough then you would know it too); it was hard to imagine I would be happy again. But now I'm here, happier than I have ever been. My friend Dewi even told me that I have a different glow when we met up last Friday. This may be very vague to some people who are new here, so maybe I can encapsulate it in a few words: Having your heart broken (not just in the romantic sense of the word; even friends can break your heart, sometimes even more than a lover can) is a serious blow each time. It takes its toll on your self-esteem, your trust issues, your faith, your outlook, and sometimes even on the way you treat other people. It can get reeeeeally difficult, really. But no matter how impossible or never-ending you think it may be, the day will come when you will just snap out of it, when your heart will whisper, "enough", and you will realize that hey, you're okay again.

I know I have said countless times before that I was okay, but looking back I realize I was just saying that to convince myself that I was okay. It took me long enough, but after I was finally able to accept that things had to happen the way they did, that's when Life dealt me new cards, and this time they're all lucky cards. I have LOTS of good news I am super excited to share with you guys, but I think they can wait. :)

Today is exactly a week before my 25th birthday, and even though I haven't thought of any plans yet on how best to celebrate the day, I know that it'll be a happy day for me.

Funny how a new haircut can make someone philosophical and all, yeah? ;D

My first weekend away from work!

28 March 2011

From being a total loser who had Tuesdays and Wednesdays as rest days from work, I have now gained total control of my weekends again after a mini-competition we had within the team that spanned for three months! Ladies and gents, my days off are now Sundays and Mondays. That means my current work schedule requires me to work from Tuesday to Saturday at (because of DST) 5AM then go home at 2PM! I love my job and all the wonderful opportunities it gives me and my social life! ;D

As blogged in my previous entry, I spent my first Sunday off work - after more than two years of being stuck in my previous schedule - with my family on my first summer outing! We went to Amana Waterpark Philippines in Pandi, Bulacan where we enjoyed swimming and posing for photos. There was a total of 18 of us who went: my immediate family minus my brother who had to study for his finals, my mom's brother and his family, my mom's sister and her family, my grandma, and my mom's cousins and cousin's kids! Just imagine how much food we brought! :D

The main reason why we had this family outing is because my Aunt Jean (my mom's sister) is visiting with her husband Uncle Rico. They both work for Four Seasons Hotel in Qatar and only get to go home once a year. We have taken care of their son five year-old son Jerico ever since he was born that he is already like a baby brother to me; he also calls my mom Mama. This set-up works through the help of modern technology since he gets to talk to his parents almost every day via voice and video calls. Jerico will be graduating from Kindergarten this coming Thursday and I am a proud big sister/ cousin!

Aunt Jean, Jerico, Uncle Rico
For people looking for a resort to visit this summer, I definitely recommend Amana. The place was HUGE! Also, aside from the swimming pools (my favorites are the one with artificial waves pictured above which I REALLY enjoyed and the jacuzzi), there were lots of life-sized replicas of well-loved characters scattered around the place. We had a ball posing for photos with them. My cousin Loui took some really funny ones but he still hasn't uploaded them. I hope I can post them soon ;)

Meanwhile, here are a couple of photos of myself:

With a penguin from Madagascar!
Abducted by King Kong!
Chillin' with Mr. Bean
My sunblock DermPlus SPF80 did a great job of protecting me from the heat, although my skin still got a little dark. I think I will be using it forever from this point forward though, because it did not trigger any skin allergies at all! I love it!

I had a really great time yesterday and I am looking forward to more summer outings! Gotta put my marshmallow hat on and plan more! ♥

Told ya we were a big group! Here's a group photo minus my Grandma who was already seated comfortably inside the van when this photo was taken. Look how dark we all got! Yikes! :D
What are your summer plans? Share them here!

Summer Out There

26 March 2011

The best indicator (at least for me) that summer is here is when different styles of swimsuits for all kinds of body types have replaced the cardigans we have relied on during the cold December to January days on the stores' racks. Out with the layers, in with the summer dresses!  And nope, I am not complaining because I am actually in love with summer!

I did a bit of "shopping for summer" at SM North EDSA earlier today after work and picked these up:

Swimsuit from Tomato
Marshmallow hat from Jellybean
DermPlus SPF80
We will have a family outing at Amana Waterpark Philippines tomorrow and I am so excited! I'm also a bit anxious though, since I remember getting really nasty skin allergies brought by the sunblock I used last year. I do hope the DermPlus SPF80 works well for me when I use it. My lifestyle photoshoot with Tracey Heppner has been scheduled to happen on April 14, and considering that my friends and I will also go to the beach on April 9-10, well I can already foresee that I will be very dark on the photos. I am unlike other people who manage to get gorgeous tan you see; overexposure to the sun makes my skin look the ugly side of dark x_x So yeah, I guess I'll be doing a lot of lathering up on the sunblock. As for the hat I got, aaaah, it's so pretty and summer-y, plus it fits me very well :)

Tomorrow is going to be a fun, fun day with the whole family! What's the best thing you like about the summer season? I hope you enjoy your Sunday, too!

PS: I'm almost done organizing my big birthday give away, so please watch out for that! 

Privé Fashion Awards 2011: Presentation of Nominees

When it comes to fashion, I am proud to say that the Philippines is a treasure trove of talent. What better way to show support to our very own talent and ingénue than to attend the Privé Fashion Awards that will be held on Wednesday, March 30, at Members Only?

In 2009, the co-owners of Members Only (the country's first and only private membership bar and lounge), thought of starting Privé, a  fashion series that aimed to celebrate Filipino fashion design. Instead of asking the designers to showcase their latest collections by making models walk a ramp/ runway, real people - referred to as the designers' muses - wear the designers' creations and party in the night scene. Co-hosted by MEGA magazine, Privé has become the most successful fashion party series in the history of Philippine nightlife.

After two years, the owners together with partners MEGA, Channel [V] Philippines and organizers Leung-De Leon decided to pay tribute to the designers who have been part of this tradition. Privé Fashion Awards was born to honor the best and the brightest in the local fashion scene. Some of the categories include Best RTW Designer, Best Couture Designer, Best Jewelry Designer, Best Accessory Designer, Best Bag Designer, Best Muse, and Best Production.

I went to Members Only with my blogger-friends Ana and Honey after the Mary Kay event we went to last Wednesday so we can see the presentation of the nominees. Ava, Earth, Kookie, Stacey and Danah were also there. I certainly am glad I am not one of the judges; seeing all the nominees made me realize  how difficult it would be to choose who among them is the best for each category!

Now I haven't been to too many clubs, but can I just say that Members Only definitely tops my list. I love the interiors, the chandeliers, the elegant rustic feel of the club. (I never did like loud and rowdy clubs anyway.) Plus the strawberry iced tea I ordered is quadruple yummy ;)

Thank you Ana for this photo!
I swapped the floral waist belt I was wearing on the Mary Kay event to a pink skinny belt and wore my turquoise necklace so that I won't be terribly under-dressed. ;)
Special thanks to Ms. Jenny Yrasuegui for the invite.

I died and went to pink-heaven at Mary Kay's Pampering Party

24 March 2011

Yesterday I went to Makati Shangri-La Hotel with my girl friends Ana and Honey to attend a pampering party organized by Mary Kay Philippines. They also launched their newest additions to the TimeWise line, the TimeWise Moisture Renewing Gel Mask and the TimeWise Liquid Foundations.

TimeWise Moisture Renewing Gel Mask
The TimeWise Moisture Renewing Gel Mask (retails at P1,350) provides intense hydration to nourish skin whose moisture has been depleted during the day. This mask is scientifically formulated with ingredients to help quench the skin's  thirst overnight. It is formulated to add and hold in every precious drop of moisture. The skin will feel firmer, softer, healthier, and appear plumped from within.
TimeWise Matte-Wear Liquid Foundation
The TimeWise Liquid Foundations (priced P750 and will be available beginning April 16, 2011) make it simple for any woman to find her perfect match, with four shades to choose from, a choice of finishes for different skin types and the bonus of age-fighting benefits. The foundation features two finishes - Luminous-Wear and Matte-Wear - which cater to skin that is either normal to dry or combination to oily, and a formula packed with ingredients to help protect the skin from environmental aggressions that can contribute to the visible signs of aging.
We were promised an afternoon of pink desserts and pampering, but aside from that we also learned a lot about our skin and how to take better care of it. I am ashamed to admit that I don't take care of my skin the right way, that when we were asked to answer a questionnaire that will determine our skin's age, the results I got said my skin is 35 years old! Yikes! There's nothing bad about that if I was in my 30s already, but since I will just be turning 25 a couple of weeks from now I know I should be more conscious about how I treat my skin.

After a short talk by Mary Kay Philippines' Manager Mr. Tente Alday and Marketing Director Ms. Crissie Camacho, we were treated with the yummiest desserts, manicures, massages, and make up sessions. Want to see some photos? Of course you do! ;)

My favorites in this photo: PINK and DESSERTS!
Can you tell how happy I am in the photo?
Surrounded by Raspberry and Bell Pepper MacaronsMini Strawberry TartsPink Chocolate TrufflesRaspberry and Vanilla Mille FeuillePink Biscuit Sticks and White Chocolate, and Pink Lemonades
Us three ladies being treated to manicures and massages ♥
The manicure was not rushed at all! I was even treated to a peppermint hand massage by the nail technician who attended to me. For my nail shade I chose Gum Drop by Orly because I was in such a pastel colors-mood that day ♥
Design Your Own Cupcake contest!
Ana, Honey, Jam, me
BIG THANKS to Ana's classmate in college Jam for inviting her, and to Ana for inviting me ♥ These birthday pinks just keep on coming, and I am truly grateful.

With Mr. Tente Alday. Congratulations on a successful launch, sir!
Thank you for having us :)
I am already aware of how effective Mary Kay's products are, thanks to my former housemate Marsha who uses the TimeWise line. Now that I have more information about their products, especially the newest products they introduced, I cannot wait to try them out!

Thanks Mary Kay Philippines for this wonderful gift!
The gift box contains one tube each of TimeWise Moisture Renewing Gel Mask and TimeWise Liquid Foundation, a satin eye mask, and a satin pouch ♥
I am so excited to try them!
Please check back after a couple of weeks so I can write a more comprehensive review about how they worked for me :)
Isn't being a girl the best thing ever? Thank you, Mary Kay! I cannot wait to take better care of my skin.

Enjoying the digital lifestyle with PLDT myDSL WiFi + Modem

22 March 2011

You cannot deny that the Internet has already become an indispensable necessity. These days, access to everything - news, entertainment, shops, social networks, trivia, and even food delivery(!) - can be had by just a few clicks of the mouse. The world has suddenly become smaller, thanks to the world wide web that made everything within reach without the need of going out of the house. As PLDT AVP and head of PLDT myDSL Gary Dujali said, "The digital lifestyle isn't an option. It is what life has become, so it's important for everyone to have unrestricted access to the web at home whenever they want, wherever they want."

Personally, I love a good and solid Internet connection. I may not be a big techie geek but I  can't take a fast and reliable Internet connection for granted. I spend eight hours at work in front of a computer, then spend at least three hours more at home - either in my parents' or in my apartment - stalking people communicating with my friends, skimming news articles, reading the blogs I follow, and of course, updating this blog. I don't even watch TV anymore because everything I love (How I Met Your Mother, Glee, The Big Bang Theory, Survivor) can be downloaded or watched online! Plus, Fun Fact About Krissy #875: I cannot go a day without checking  my email. Honest. I live and breathe the Internet and I know I will have a terrible withdrawal syndrome if I as much as be disconnected from my online world for at least three days.

My desktop computer, my Lenovo Ideapad S10-2 Lady Fabrize, and my Samsung Corby Delphi Aristotle.
During the days I'm in my apartment I am free to use my netbook anytime I want to. Because I don't really know until when I will stay there I opted not to apply for a postpaid line anymore. I use a prepaid broadband USB dongle for Lady Fabrize, which can be frustrating at times because it's veeeery slow. Seeing as I have no other choice I just suck it in and wait for the kbps to download. Meanwhile, I love being in my parents' house because aside from the lovely meals my Mama prepares for me, I get to use a high-speed postpaid broadband connection. Happy happy joy joy for Krissy ♥

Recently though, I don't get to enjoy my Internet freedom as much as I used to. I have a younger brother who needs the computer for his school projects and a younger sister who aims to play every single game Zynga or offers,  you see. Suddenly my reliable high-speed postpaid broadband connection isn't so reliable anymore.

What to do, what to do?

Good thing PLDT has come up with myDSL WiFi + Modem! On the first week of March I was sent a unit to try, take a peek!

The package includes: WiFi Modem, splitter, microfilter, installer, ethernet cable, phone cable, and user guide.
The power of the new myDSL WiFi Modem:
  • Plug-and-play just like the regular myDSL modem.
  • Simultaneous connection via WiFi.
  • Enjoy up to 25 meters of myDSL WiFi connection.
  • It also has a 4-port hub for more connections.
  • Ultra sleek black design.
  • Savings of up to P1,500 since there would be no need to buy a separate modem and router.

Mr. Dujali said further, "We have to evolve our products to provide our subscribers with services that conform to their needs. It's all about making life current, convenient, and comfortable for everyone in the family." I couldn't agree more sir, I couldn't agree more. These days you can see the three Cruz siblings hard at work: my brother Ken in front of the desktop computer doing different kinds of stuff I know nothing about for his Electrical and Computer Engineering course, my sister Kyla using my netbook to further her level in Cooking Mama, and me on my phone checking my email and Twitter feed. I'm a happy big sister :)

PLDT myDSL WiFi + Modem costs only P2,200 for Bundled Plans 900/ 1299 (pay P550 for the first month and P340 for the next five months) and P1,000 for High-Speed Plans 999/ 1995/  3000.

For more details about PLDT's products and promos,visit their Facebook page or their official website.

PLDT myDSL - myPassion

Movies, music, games, shopping! Everything's possible when it's powered by PLDT myDSL.
As Rhian Ramos says, "Whatever your passion, there's no place like home."

PLDT also offers something new for its subscribers! It's really cool so watch out for it in my next post ;)

Birthday blues? More like Birthday pinks! ♥

20 March 2011

My birthday is coming up soon, and I am so excited! It'll be on April 6, and I took a two weeks-vacation from work! Admittedly I still don't have anything planned yet to celebrate my big 25th; I'm too busy these days to sit down and brainstorm for ideas, but I'm sure I'll come up with something. One thing's for sure  though, I'm going to have a give-away so please watch out for that! It'll be my first give-away ever so I'm really excited about it. I'm lining up cool prizes for you guys so watch this space! ;)

My birthday won't be for another couple of weeks but I've already felt some birthday love trickling in ♥ Aside from the shopping trips I've had for the last two days thanks to Oxygen, I also received these today:

A birthday card and a "Made in Hamilton" button pin from Ontario, Canada!
Thank you so much Nikolett! You are so sweet! ♥
I love the Tagalog words you wrote at the bottom-right corner! If ever you get to visit the Philippines, I'll definitely ask my Grandma to cook pancit for you :)

My Auntie Jean also arrived in Manila today with her husband Uncle Rico. They are based in Doha, Qatar where they work for Four Seasons Hotel, and only get to visit us and their five year-old son Jerico - whom we take care of while they work abroad - once a year. They stay in Manila for more than a month though so we make sure that we make the most out of each day they're here. This year we have planned out-of-town trips for the whole family :)

Here are the treats she brought for me:

Chocolates, MAC lipstick, skin care necessities, and a cute necklace
MAC lipstick in Girl About Town
I was so stoked when she gave me the lipstick. It's my first MAC lipstick you see ;p Thank you Tita Jean! ♥

Gosh, how fast time flies! We have eleven more days to go and it's goodbye March, hello April! April is going to be a busy, busy month for me, I just know it! So many things to look forward to! There's the give-away I'm planning to do, a beach trip with my friends from college, a concert(!!!!!!!!) I'll watch with my friends Mich and Jonas, and planning for and executing the celebration of my 25th birthday! Also, it'll be my blog-friend Mai's birthmonth as well and we have planned to set a day for a mini-celebration for the two of us :)

Oh April, I can almost feel you. Lead me not into birthday blues, rather bring more birthday pinks because I love them, I really really love them ♥

Fun dress up party at Oxygen's F/W 2011 Collection Exclusive Preview

19 March 2011

I had the privilege to be invited to the Exclusive Preview of Oxygen's F/W 2011 Collection held yesterday, so dressed in black as requested, I went to the Ascott Hotel with my fashion blogger-friends. I'm so glad I went because it turned out to be a very fun afternoon!

Ana, Pax, me, Vern, Ava and Aie.
Melai is missing in this photo x_x
Just picture this: a hotel room, access to clothes from Oxygen's upcoming collection, giggly girls trying on different outfits, and cameras clicking away. Do you imagine a big dress up party? It was exactly like that yesterday and more! Aside from mixing and matching the different pieces in the collection, we also had the chance to meet the brand managers, PR specialists, and other invited press and bloggers.

With Carina of Connect Agencie
We all had fun playing dress up and posing for photos. I wish I can show the photos now but we were asked not to show them yet, at least not before May 1. I loved everything I tried on yesterday even though they're not really the styles I normally wear. Still, it is always great to shake things up a bit, yes? Seriously, seeing all those clothes made me want to take them all home and do a major wardrobe revamp! The collection will also be showcased on Philippine Fashion Week, and we were already guaranteed invites! Eeek so excited!

After the event the girls and I together with my friend Ed (who invited us, thanks Ed!) trooped to Greenbelt to have dinner at Cibo

My Penne All'Amado (braised beef sauce, parmesan)
It is always fun to catch up with them even though we visit each other's blog almost everyday :)
For all you bloggers and readers based in Manila, Ana, Melai and Pax are cooking something up. I can vouch that it's going to be HUGE so watch out for that! I'm so excited! Ed talked to Ana about this project and he is willing to help. I'm happy that my friends have also become friends :)

After dinner and saying goodbye to the girls, Ed and I met up with Karlo whom - after assuring us that he would be comfortable to eat dinner alone at Max's - we left for a while so that we can go to the Oxygen boutique in Glorietta and use our gift cards.

Thank you Oxygen!
What's funny is that the rest of the girls were also there, choosing clothes to buy! It was another dress up-fest for us; it was so difficult to choose because I wanted to get everything!

After less than an hour, we went back for Karlo, then we went and met with Myk.

Ed, Myk, Karlo
They were attempting to do the "Krissy Pose" haha!
I will never get tired of you, Red Mango ♥
We capped the evening with yummy fro-yo while swapping stories about jerks we used to date. I had work early the next day but I didn't really mind having less sleep than usual since we don't really get to do this regularly. I love these guys :)

Oh, before I forget, here are what I got using my gift cards:

Goodies for myself and my brother await :)
I got a pair of shorts, a military jacket, a puffed sleeve blazer, a sexy dress, a cropped top, and cologne sprays and a shirt for my brother
'Til our next get together, girls! We have to set something up for April; it's my and Ava's birthmonth! And thanks again Oxygen for inviting us and for the treats! It was definitely a fun and unique experience!