A YM conversation

30 December 2008

This is Joner commenting on the I broke the heart of my "The One Who Got Away and I Was Too Stupid to Have Let Go" and got my heart broken by "The Biggest Twerp on Earth. No Scratch That, Make That The Universe" part from my previous post. I gave him the link to a private blogpost relating what happened between me and that biggest twerp and here is what he said...

joner: te
joner: isa kang intelektwal at magandang YOYO
joner: you deserve better
krissy: sexy
krissy: dagdag mo pa sexy
joner: sorry, kulang sa adjective
krissy: :))
joner: fashionable
joner: at isang 'treasure huntress'

Just wanted to share. Hey Joner, you're a friend! Ö

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