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31 August 2013

Wow, it feels like forever since I last posted here. My yoga practice took up a big part of my week; I attended classes every day and already I feel like it has affected my lifestyle a lot, in a good way. I have taken a more relaxed stance in life, I don't get food cravings as much as I used to, and I reach for my water bottle to hydrate more often. But then because of the scarcity of vans to Navotas I get home a lot later than usual so instead of writing here about how my latest practice went, I just follow what my body wants me to do: sleep.

Now, to catch up, I figured I would do a haul post because I haven't done one in a while and I missed doing it. I think haul posts are fun because showing what one spends his/ her money on can tell you a great deal about his/ her personality, yes? Or in my case, I think it just shows that I love shopping. Also, I think I've lost my blogging mojo so this is a good way to get on my blogging stride back again.

Here's a collective haul and gift post from the past week.

My Yoga+ membership card
I feel so legit.
After trying yoga for the first time, I got hooked and decided to enroll for more classes. I got this card by paying P1,000 for an unlimited-for-one-week membership. It ended last Thursday, and now I want to enlist for the unlimited-for-one-month membership that costs P3,000 but I am still waiting for my monies from my sideline job. I hope it arrives soon heh.

My Watsons haul that consisted mostly of girly things and dental care products
I spent more than an hour wandering the aisles of Watsons in SM North EDSA - The Block. I swear I feel like being lost in a time warp whenever I enter Watsons branches and bookstores - I could stay there forever! I am so proud because I only got P1.00 over my P2,000 shopping limit!

A closer look at my new makeup products from BYS. I got the Matte Liquid Foundation in Medium Beige (P679), Compact Powder in Dark (P249), and the Diamond Shadow palette (P399)
The main things I wanted to buy are a new liquid foundation and a new pressed powder. It was originally a choice between the L'Oreal Lucent Magique and the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse but the L'Oreal SA wasn't helpful at all. Meanwhile, a more accommodating SA swatched both the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse and BYS Matte Liquid Foundation on the back of my hand and my jawline and I liked the feel of the latter more so it ended up going home with me. Also, not minding the cheap-looking and flimsy packaging, I liked the Compact Powder and Shadow palettes as well. It was my first time to try BYS products so they're a great revelation to me - inexpensive yet gives a lot of bang for my buck.

Bags for my officemate/ friend Rica and me
Two for P750 from Impulse Co!
The dark green bag is Rica's while I got the yellow bucket bag.
I am such a big lurker in Impulse Co's Facebook page because Reesh's bag designs are all so pretty! When she held a Buy One-Get One for P750 promo, I jumped at the chance and got Rica to buy a bag, too (∩_∩) I know I have way too many bags already but this yellow bucket bag is such a happy color and after all the gloom the most recent typhoon brought, I could use a little more sunshine.

(Wedges from The Little Things She Needs)
Technically not a part of this week's hauls and gifts since I got them two weeks ago, but I just really love the color and stripey details of this pair! Comfy and easy on the feet, too!

Reesh was also kind enough to give me a sample of her newest bag design for free: Gram in dark blue!

I LOVE its nautical feel.
Gram also comes in light blue, fuchsia, purple, yellow, and dark green.
Visit Impulse Co to check them out.
They arrived last Tuesday and, well, receiving Gram amused me endlessly because it unintentionally yet perfectly matched my outfit that day!

Black and white stripes matching my top? Check. Dark blue matching my pants? Check. Brown straps matching the brown details in my boat shoes? Check.
Gram in dark blue and I are MFEO. 
My own set of carving essentials from Create by truelovefound
The Beginners Premium Set contains one colored Speedball Lino Cutter (I chose yellow!) with five blade-set, six pieces 1.75"x3.5" rubber erasers, one 6"x6" Blick Readycut, one A5 size carving mat, one handy tracing pad, one piece Color Kiss ink pad, and step-by-step instructions for only P1,285. I also ordered a set of four Color Kiss ink pads for P100 and a Speedball Cutter no.4 Square Gouge separately. If you remember, I took a stamp-making workshop in CraftMNL months ago. I found Create by TLF through Meream (who has an amazing #dailystamp project in her Instagram, check it out!); I can't believe it took me this long to buy my own set of carving tools but I am so glad I finally did it! I hope it won't take me x number of months again before I carve a decent stamp. I tried to carve a stamp showing a pumpkin with a face the other night but failed miserably haha.

Leopard print long strapped watch from Time Republic
This is a gift from Caycee, one of the sweetest and nicest girls I met in Bloggers United. She sells cutesy wristwatches and other accessories online, and they're all very reasonably priced! Exhibit A, this watch costs P170 only. Visit Time Republic now, I'm sure you'll see something you like. 。◕‿◕。

This Boo trinket was from a gachapon given to me by Ava because she knows how much I love Monsters, Inc. Thanks, Ava! o (◡‿◡✿)

Choco Cookie Butter from Gonuts Donuts
This is one of the many goodies our friends from the press and blogging community took home from the launch of SM Kids' Fashion Toon Fest held yesterday. I can't wait to try it!

Garfield sparkly top with cut-outs from SM Kids' Fashion (P549.75)
Amidst all the mascots, food, and fun activities in Megatrade Hall 2 yesterday for the said Toon Fest launch, I managed to do a bit of shopping myself. This particular top was sported by both Gabbie and Nikola in the Toon Fest campaign and I liked it so much so I was thrilled I got one in my my sister's size because I will share this her! Maybe. The Toon Fest will be open in Megatrade Hall 2, SM Megamall until tomorrow so make sure to visit with your kids, siblings, nieces, and nephews! There are a LOT of fun activities (and shopping!) in store for everyone as evidenced in my Instagram posts here, here, here, and here. You can also check out Sarah's, Jackie's, and Tin's Instagram posts from yesterday for a peek!

And that's it. Whew!

Today I woke up wanting to go to TriNoma and have my hair cut at FIX but now I'm already feeling too lazy to move and leave the house so, I don't know, maybe I'll just stay here and catch up on my reading or carve a stamp or two and then opt to have my hair cut tomorrow. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions.

Street style fashion around the world at SM Kids' Fashion Toon Fest!

25 August 2013

SM Kids' Fashion has prepared something HUGE, and it is all going to happen next weekend. Bring your kids, nephews, nieces, little siblings - bring all the children in your family because I am sure you wouldn't want to miss this!

Stylish apparel has just hit high gear for upbeat youngsters all over the country. This year’s SM Kids’ Fashion Toon Fest promises even bigger surprises for the young and young-at-heart with a host of fun-filled activities for all!

The SM Kids’ Fashion Toon Fest is an entertaining trade event where kids of all ages can meet and mingle with their favorite personalities and explore current trends in apparel. Favorites Garfield, Snoopy, Robby Rabbit, and Barbie, among others, debut with engaging images on clothes perfect for kids to learn and play in.

Aside from an exciting selection of toon-themed clothing, booths at the affair exhibit charming attractions. Young visitors can take a stroll around a thrilling Toon City populated by famous faces with various exhibits, games, and merchandise for both boys and girls.

In celebration of the funky street style theme, SM Kids’ Fashion is also hosting a Dream Photo Shoot Contest. Kids can come up with their most creative take on cosmopolitan wear for a moment in the spotlight, a personal photo session with a renowned photographer, and the chance to become the next face of SM Kids’ Fashion.

This year’s SM Kids’ Fashion Toon Fest will take place from August 30 to September 1 at the SM Megatrade Hall 2, SM Megamall Bldg. B. We will be there on the first day and although I already know what the hall will look like based on the studies sent back and forth between SM Kids' Fashion and my office (I work in a PR agency and they are one of our clients), I still can't wait to see what it would really look like!

Now, what to wear... What, just because I am not a kid anymore doesn't mean I don't get to join in on the fun, right? 。◕‿◕。

Just for {punches and} kicks

24 August 2013

I don't know what's gotten into me, but lately I found myself wanting to get fit again. I must have been bitten by a fitness bug or something, or maybe seeing my friends Ralph, Mike, and Sheila going to work with their gym bags on hand must have had some sort of influence on me.

As you know, I have started practicing yoga. A couple of weeks ago I also bought a jump rope (it's pink and purple!) plus I've been thinking of getting one of those elastics for endurance and strength training. Baby steps, yes, but as my job requires me to sit in front of my computer most of the time (except when we have events, of course) I need to add a little more physical activity to my daily grind and make sure the machine's well-oiled, so to speak.

Today, my carpool-mate and friend Sheila invited me to go as her guest to Fitness First in SM North EDSA - The Block. I gladly obliged.

It was my first time to go to Fitness First there and I liked it because it's huge and has a lot of amenities. If I can squeeze it in my budget, I think I want to apply and be a member. I just need to make sure that this is something I can be committed to and it's not just one of those hobbies I took up and spent a lot of money on but easily forgot about, like cross-stitching.

We were supposed to go to the 4-5 PM yoga class but we weren't able to make it because of the heavy traffic. All's well and good though because we were able to join the 5-6 PM combat cardio group exercise. It's like Zumba, except instead of dancing, you punch and kick. It was great; I felt tired after, but still pretty energetic. It "woke up" most of my muscles and got my heart pumping in a good way. One technique to try: imagine that you are punching and kicking your worst enemy so that you can give it your all, which I did, a lot. Kiddiiiiing. Not really.

I have low blood pressure so I wasn't able to try the sauna and steam room. I'll have a go next time, probably.

Obligatory tourist photo LOL
I'm carrying my Rootote ROO Shopper!
Post gym treat: Rabo Rainbow ice cream from Picket Fence
Tastes like vanilla, only happier! If that makes any sense haha.
It's sooo good!
With Ate Sheila
She introduced Yoga+ to me. And yup, she was also there when I showed how much I suck at badminton. I had a great time today! Thank you so much, Ate Sheila!

I hope to high heavens it won't rain and that I won't wake up with sore muscles tomorrow so that I won't have a hard time going to Makati to attend the 3 PM flow yoga class. It'll be my first time to go to one so I'm really looking forward to it.

How are you? Hope you're enjoying your weekend, too! 。◕‿◕。  

Zalora presents: Rootote X Tin Iglesias

Something new arrived yesterday *(*´∀`*)☆

Dun dun dun dun...

A ROO Shopper from Rootote! ROO Shoppers come in lots of designs but oranges are my favorite fruits in the world so I was thrilled to get this one. d=(´▽`)=b I love it because it's more convenient to bring on shopping trips especially now that plastic bags are banned in most of the places I go to.

It's also roomy enough to carry my essentials (extra change of clothes, contact lens case, and water bottle) for quick lunch hour yoga runs.

I also love that it  has a zippered compartment for stuff like my coin purse and keys.

The pocket where the tote bag folds into when not in use also doubles as an extra non-zippered compartment inside.

And, as mentioned, when not in use, just fold the bag into this mini little thing again. (^_−)☆

I am also proud to share with you guys that Japanese brand Rootote has collaborated with fashion blogger/ freelance fashion designer/ stylist/ illustrator Tin Iglesias for their DOODLE Collection! The bags she designed are exclusively available in Zalora and if you're thinking of getting one (or two!) you might want to hurry because stocks are running out fast.

Here are the bags still in stock when I checked the site now:

Rootote DOODLE X Tin Iglesias
Grande in Peach, Sky, Turquoise, and Grape
Rootote DOODLE X Tin Iglesias
Tall in Sky
Check out the other Rootote designs available here. Alright, gotta sign out now because I'm going to the gym for yoga and combat cardio. I'm really taking this seriously, you guys. TTFN! “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”

Yoga Chronicles: Experience is the best teacher.

23 August 2013

Before I decided to take yoga classes, I made sure to read up from a lot of different resources and FAQs available online to prepare and hopefully help make my experience as smooth sailing as possible. I was super conscientious when I was still studying you see, and I feel like I carried over this Hermione Granger-side of me even after I graduated #nerdalert. In almost everything I read, it said that we shouldn't eat at least three hours before class. I followed that to the letter and ensured I didn't eat anything until after the 6:00 - 7:30 PM class.

There was only one problem... I had roast beef, rice, and potatoes plus apple shake for lunch and I totally forgot that meat takes much longer to digest! #noobalert

That, my friends, is the reason why thirty minutes into my second time to do Hot Yoga earlier, I felt like throwing up to the point that I couldn't do any of the poses anymore and just proceeded to do either the Balasana or the Savasana. Our instructor Miss Dinah asked if I wanted to rest outside but I said I wanted to stay put. However, after fifteen minutes, I felt I was going to be sick again so I left. 

I feel so bad that I wasn't able to finish properly, but of course I didn't want to throw up inside the room. Miss Dinah was so thoughtful in checking up on me after the class and making sure I was okay. I told her that at least now I know not to do that anymore. As a famous Norwegian proverb goes, "Experience is the best teacher, but the tuition is high." Note to self: next time, eat something light.

Anyway, I still had a good time with my friends. And and and anddd, for P1,000 each, Rica and I signed up for a week of unlimited classes! We intend to go every day starting Monday. *(*´∀`*)☆

We go to Yoga+ in Tordesillas, Makati
I feel so legit.
Rica and me
Chum, me, and Emjei
I am also glad I was able to convince my friend/ carpool-mate Chum to try it together with her officemate/ friend Emjei. I am not sure if they would want to continue going to more classes, but I hope they liked their first trial class enough to consider it. 。◕‿◕。

We'd like to try other kinds of yoga next time so that we can see which one we like best. I can't wait!

Watsons Health Wellness Beauty Awards 2013

22 August 2013

I look forward to times when different retailers, magazines, or even online message boards come up with their own "awards" because it makes choosing new products to try much easier. With the wide range of things to choose from in malls and department stores, I appreciate all the help I can get! Now, I bring you great news from leading health and beauty retailer Watsons!
Watsons honors this year’s biggest and brightest brands in the Watsons Health Wellness Beauty Awards. Now on its ninth year, The Watsons HWB Awards 2013 recognizes the most outstanding brands in terms of sales, promotions, customer service, and overall product excellence.

Watsons continues to live up to its promise of bringing more to the lives of our Filipino customers. Aside from great savings, exclusive member privileges, and freebies, it recommends the most effective products for your daily health and beauty needs, assuring you with the best possible care. Watsons holds the annual HWB Awards to help consumers choose only the best health, personal care, skincare, cosmetics, and hair care products, thus getting more value for their money.
Among this year’s beauty winners of the HWB Awards are the following:

Mascara Brand of the Year : Maybelline
Acne Care Brand of the Year : ProActiv
Shampoo Brand of the Year : Dove Hair Care 
Bath Soap Brand of the Year : Kojie San
Oral Whitening Brand of the Year : Colgate
Prestige Fragrance Brand of the Year : Ralph Lauren
Men’s Grooming Brand of the Year : Nivea Men

For Health and Wellness categories, some of the winners are:

Adult Vitamin Brand of the Year : Myra-E
Children’s Vitamin Brand of the Year : Ceelin
Cough Remedy Brand of the Year : Ascof
Slimming Brand of the Year : ATC Redoxfat
Whitening Brand of the Year : Belo Glutathione

I personally use some of these products, so yay! Congratulations to all the winners of this year's Health Wellness Beauty Awards! To spot the winners, just visit any Watsons branch and look for the Watsons Recommends Seal of Excellence.

Helpful links:

Happy shopping! ;)

{Blog Tour} Interim Goddess of Love

21 August 2013

I am so excited because this is my first time to join a blog tour but to be honest I am not really sure how these things go. Here is my review of the three books in Mina V. Esguerra's Interim Goddess of Love trilogy. Hope you like it and make sure to also join the giveaway! ;)


Book 1 - Interim Goddess of Love
Good Reads | Amazon | Smashwords

College sophomore Hannah Maquiling doesn't know why everyone tells her their love problems. She's never even had a boyfriend, but that doesn't stop people from spilling their guts to her, and asking for advice. So maybe it shouldn't be a surprise when the cutest guy in school tells her that she's going to have to take on this responsibility -- but for all humanity.

The Goddess of Love has gone AWOL. It's a problem, because her job is to keep in check this world's obsession with love (and lack of it). The God of the Sun, for now an impossibly handsome senior at an exclusive college just outside of Metro Manila, thinks Hannah has what it takes to (temporarily) do the job.

While she's learning to do this goddess thing, she practices on the love troubles of shy Kathy, who's got a secret admirer on campus. Hannah's mission, should she choose to accept it, is to make sure that he's not a creepy stalker and they find their happily ever after -- or at least something that'll last until next semester. (As if she could refuse! The Sun God asked so nicely. And he's so, well, hot.)

Book 2 - Queen of the Clueless

If you've been feeling neglected by the Goddess of Love lately, don't worry -- Hannah Maquiling, college sophomore, is in training to take over. The Original Goddess is missing, but Hannah is Interim Goddess now, and she should figure out how to solve humanity's love problems soon. Quin (God of the Sun) is still her mentor, still really hot, but apparently isn't as honest about his other earthly relationships as she thought. It's frustrating, and enough to make her check out possibilities with Diego (God of the Sea) and Robbie (Cute Human).

In the meantime, she's decided to spend some of her precious training time helping to break up a relationship, instead of putting one together. Why? Because the girl in question happens to be her best friend Sol, whose boyfriend is stealing not just from her, but from other people on campus. Sol didn't exactly summon the Goddess, but this is what power over Love is for, right? Surely it's not just about matchmaking, but ending doomed relationships too. (Even when it's not what people want.)

Book 3 - Icon of the Indecisive

College student Hannah Maquiling, also temporarily working as the Goddess of Love, has had enough of everyone asking for her help when it comes to relationships. It's her turn to find romance! She deserves it, after serving as matchmaker and confidant to everyone else in Ford River College for the past year. She's had a crush on handsome senior (and God of the Sun) Quin forever, but he's destined to fall in love with an extraordinary mortal woman, so she's figured her chances with him have pretty much dropped to zero.

It's not like she doesn't have any options for a classic college romance though. There's Diego, God of the Sea and Quin's best friend/ enemy. And regular guy Robbie is stepping up, making sure she knows how he feels about her. How hard can it be for a goddess to find someone to love, and be loved in return?

As the {interim} goddess of love, Hannah took it upon herself to fulfill her mission: make the world less lonely. She intends to do that, one "project" at a time. As months pass by she is able to learn the full extent of her powers under the other gods' training, and she is able to grant multiple wishes - like learn if this love is unrequited or not, or if one's crush likes him or her back, or even if it's time to move on already or not - simultaneously. As far as these projects go, they go more complicated than the one before it; first there was only the case of pairing two people who like each other but can't seem to let the other know, next it was a case of stealing and abusing one's power over others, and then it was teenage pregnancy. But as expected, Hannah gets through them with as much grace as an {interim} goddess of love can muster, with a lot of lessons along the way.

The story is a bit confusing at first because of the shifting points of view and scenarios, but as I read it I found myself enjoying it more. I've always been fascinated by mythology in general (a huge chunk on my bookshelves are occupied by books on mythologies from different parts of the world) and I have always found fictional works with a healthy serving of gods and goddesses' mischief interesting. The Interim Goddess of Love trilogy demonstrates what will happen when gods and goddesses meddle with human lives, only with a lot less malevolence like in IliadHercules, or Neil Gaiman's American Gods. You'd think these beings have more pressing matters to attend to than the love affairs of college students, but I guess one shouldn't question the omniscience of Bathala

I liked how the author wrote the characters because even though Hannah is the main character, I feel like the others can stand on their own. I share my friend Alex's sentiments when she said Diego should be given his own spin-off series. How about it, Mina? ;)

If anything, this trilogy makes you realize that love isn't really just black and white. There are a lot of intricacies involved, even without all these gods and goddesses intervening.

So who will Hannah end up with? Why did the Original Goddess of Love go missing? What is Quin really on about? Do the gods and goddesses feel human emotions like (gasp!) jealousy, too? Why doesn't Vida want Hannah to be the Goddess of Love? And the most important question of all, can I have my own Robbie please? It is not enough to read just one book out of the three - you have to read all of them to know. And if you join this giveaway, you might just win yourself free copies! Also, don't forget to check out the posts of the other participants in this blog tour by clicking here. 。◕‿◕。 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Mina V. Esguerra writes contemporary romance, young adult, and new adult novellas. Her young adult/fantasy trilogy Interim Goddess of Love is a college love story featuring gods from Philippine mythology. Her contemporary romance novella Fairy Tale Fail won the 2012 Filipino Readers' Choice award for Chick Lit. Through her blog Publishing in Pajamas, she documents her experiments in epublishing.

When not writing romance, she is president of communications firm Bronze Age Media, development communication consultant, indie publisher, professional editor, wife, and mother. She created the workshop series "Author at Once" and #romanceclass for writers and publishers.

"Because, though I'd seen and felt just a fraction of all the love in the world,
I knew that when people thought of love they thought of moments. Whether or not a marriage worked out, or if they stayed together after graduation, or if they did go to the big dance together, the story's end mattered less, and the highlights in between mattered more. These are what lingered, and what people can go back to, even when they had nothing left."

My tarot reading session with Master Hanz Cua

19 August 2013

I've always been intrigued by esoteric/ occult practices and although I don't see myself reading tea leaves or interpreting dreams anytime soon, I've often wondered about the many different divination techniques there are. I have wanted to have a reading for so long now but I guess was too scared to see something I wouldn't want to see.

But then, what harm could come from dipping my toe a little bit in it, right? I mean, I've always trusted my gut instinct, but if anything I think it would be great to have a little more insight.

Last Saturday, I went to Shangri-La Plaza for a reading with Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua.

After introducing himself and his achievement and credentials to me for a bit, he asked me to get I-forgot-how-many tarot cards from his deck.

Our 30-minute session covered my life, career, relationships, and family. He also gave me a chance to ask three questions after, and then at the end, interpreted to me the last three cards remaining from the pile I picked. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first, but after he confirmed with me things from my childhood that he wouldn't have had any way of knowing, I was blown away.

In here I am going to share with you some of the things he told me the best way I can (I tried to record our conversation but the recording came out really garbled. Too bad.), while some I plan to keep to myself (like the letters from the name of the guy he told me I will end up with. Sorryyy.) Please note that these are bits and pieces from Master Hanz's reading to me; I type the words as I remember them.

Master Hanz said I am very smart and I should stop feeling shy, and that I am better off working and living abroad as my fortune lies outside the Philippines. Master Hanz asked me about an opportunity I let go, and I told him I had a chance to go abroad before but I didn't take it because I was too scared to leave my boyfriend leave my family and friends live alone in a foreign country. He said another opportunity will come and when it does, I should go grab it.

I should also be careful about possibly having some of my stuff stolen.

In addition, he asked me to pray more as he was able to sense that my spiritual faith was not as strong as it used to be.

My last relationship ended because the guy had someone else. One of my ex-boyfriends was my soulmate but we will not get back together anymore because our "energy line" has ended. I haven't met my Ted Mosby (that's code for "The One") yet but I will. I hope he's carrying a yellow umbrella so, you know, he'd be easier to spot heh. I should also be careful about a possible pregnancy. My eyes almost popped out their sockets with this one.

Something good has happened recently career-wise (and he was right: I got a raise, yay!) and he said I am really happy with my current job. However, I should be careful about involving myself in some issues in the workplace and if it doesn't concern me directly I should just not meddle. He said he can see me being famous for doing what I love, and I wonder what that is because I like doing a lot of things. Will I be famous for writing? For watching movies? For watching the sun set? For lurking on Twitter? What?

Apparently, the cards were very persistent in pointing out that there are better opportunities for me outside the country.

Sorry, but I am keeping them to myself. 。◕‿◕。 

The last three cards just reiterated what Master Hanz had been saying all that time: the one telling me to go to another country to work, the one telling me about the man destined to be my lover (I don't feel comfortable typing that, as if it's a concept very foreign to me. Oh god how long has it been since I last fell in love? It seems like I already forgot how it feels like.), and the Death card, which according to Master Hanz signifies a new beginning. I like that.

After the reading, I bought a crystal bracelet from their store. I like crystals not only for their colors or connections with the occult, but also for their metaphysical and healing properties.

It has Rose Quartz, the crystal for love, and Amethyst, which can help relieve stress and make sleeping easier. Master Hanz cleansed it for me before I wore it and I haven't removed it since.

I am thankful for my session with Master Hanz Cua because not only did he give me some of the answers I was looking for, I was able to prove that some of the things he told me, I already knew all along but I was just searching for some kind of validation. But then, as what anyone will tell you, divination should only serve as a guide and not the definitive answer with which to build your life around.

Master Hanz Cua's booth is located in Level 1 - Hallway of Shangri-La Plaza, in front of Zara. His services include Feng Shui, Bazi Chinese Destiny Reading, Tarot Reading, and Face Reading. You may visit his website or Facebook page for more details and to book an appointment. Thanks to Rica for the recommendation.

Meeting Manix, Part Two

17 August 2013

Surreal. Today I got to see a dear friend I haven't seen for a long time, had my fortune read by a feng shui master, and saw my idol/ favorite local comic book artist Manix Abrera again!

I will share more stories about my feng shui reading on my next post. Right now I just want to go full fangirl-mode hee.

I was expecting to feel sore after an intense hot yoga class last night, but after an uninterrupted and dreamless sleep I woke up feeling more refreshed and energized than ever! I should do yoga more often. Anyway, I was looking forward to today because it's the planned release date of Manix Abrera's collaboration with clothing brand Solo for its Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia Series! I figured since I've already had all my books signed by Manix, I won't go to the Meet & Greet anymore and just get a piece from the Kikomachine collection from another branch. However, when I got to TriNoma before I met with Michelle, I was disappointed to see that they don't have the complete collection there yet. The SA advised me to go to Glorietta instead but I said I don't know whether I can go or not.

I liked this pair of shorts with the main Kikomachine Komix characters but I wanted something I can wear to the office.
Meanwhile, this catch-up date with Mich was long overdue as the last time I saw her was at BU5 but I was too busy selling that day that we didn't really get to talk that much. I missed her so much so it was really nice to see her again! She went with me to Shangri-la Plaza where I had my reading, and then she persuaded me to go to Glorietta for the Meet & Greet. I am so glad she did!

When we got there, I was disappointed yet again to see they don't have the complete collection as well. I was advised that all merchandise will not be ready for another week or so. I felt like a kid chasing around for a golden ticket to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory!

I saw my idol though, so everything's good.

After dilly-dallying for a bit, I gave in and bought the smallest size of a man's shirt just so I can join the line of people who will get a free autographed Blg.9. I figured I can just wear the shirt to yoga class if it's too big, you see.

Child's play in comparison to last May's slot numbers 88 and 89 ^_^

After less than half an hour, it was my turn!

And guess what? He remembers me!!! I wanted to introduce myself as the girl who messaged him about my blog post telling about how I waited for more than six hours in Fully Booked, but he beat me to it! What an awesome fella, right? He's one of the most humble and down-to-earth persons I know!

Because all my books have been signed already, I asked him to sign my free Blg.9 for my friend Mich instead.

He also signed my shirt.

"Awesome" is such an overused word, but really, what an awesome day it was! I couldn't wipe my stupid smile off my face long after I got home.

I also saw Dian, Fashion Marketing Executive of Solo, Freeway, and Ensembles.

After a quick gelato break at Bono and a long bus ride home, Michelle and I parted ways. I hope it won't take us long before we get to have another catch-up date again.