26 November 2008

My baby Elixir died. Ruther sent me an SMS earlier today, saying he found Elixir floating, dead. He surmises it is because he is a different specie of fish; he is an angelfish while Phantasmagoria, Serenity and Chaos are all goldfishes, even though they are from different families. Now I need to buy a blackmoor goldfish later so that Phantasmagoria will have a companion, otherwise he might die on me, too.

Sad sad sad.

I will be back to the apartment later today, and then I will watch Twilight. Work again tomorrow, and then time to glam up for the Holiday Kick-off Party. My dress is ready and I have the sexiest shoes. But I am still clueless about makeup.

Sigh. I cannot get over Elixir's death. He was the most beautiful of the lot, and he's too young. He did not deserve to die.


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