Soul Sisters in the Success Story workshop

19 November 2008

Oh wow I haven't posted anything in a while now. Blame it on my busted PC, who until now sits in her busted-ness. Ugh. I need a new one so bad, but funds are low at the moment, so I am getting by through my beloved Tito's computer and the office's cybercenter.

So, some updates I guess... I had a blast at last Saturday's Creative Writing Workshop: Writing a Success Story at Powerbooks Megamall with my soul sister Anagon. The workshop was organized by PinoyWriters group with the help of some sponsors and was facilitated by Mr. Jude Catalaba. He discussed lots of things and gave us tips on how we can write our own success story. We were also asked to write some outputs (since it was a workshop after all and not a lecture) and I am happy to say that I was able to come up with some nice articles, if I say so myself. Ö First activity was to write a lead on either Arnel Pineda's or Charice Pempengco's success stories. Second was to write a lead on a success story of someone we know. Last was to write a success story based on an on-the-spot interview with Ms. Vanessa Suquila, a member of PinoyWriters. My favorite Vanessa Suquila quote? "Being a writer does not go away." Niceee.

Having only three "students" (Anagon, me and Jovee from Proudly Filipina) made for a more relaxing and focused atmosphere. Jovee will not attend this week's workshop so I do not know whether there would only be me and Ana there. I hope more people will come, it would be great to meet new friends. Ü This week's topic is "Spotlighting a Travel Piece" and I am a bit reserved about it since I have not written travel pieces before. This is something new for me so this should make for an interesting afternoon.

Here we are after the workshop:

Ana, Krissy, Jude, Vanessa and Jovee

After the workshop Ana and I had dinner at Sbarro. We wanted to have coffee originally but SM Megamall does not have Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (I still cannot believe it until now) and Starbucks is full. Since we were starving already we just chose Italian pasta.

I love it that even though we met online only, Ana and I never ran out of things to talk about. Our topics ranged from Twilight to Kikomachine Komix to Batman to other stuff. It was so fun! We really are soul sisters!

And she's so sweet, she gave me this:

My Bella's bracelet

If you haven't read the Twilight series yet, this is inspired by the third book in the series, Eclipse. So nice! I love it!

And I love that we were sporting funky-colored nail colors!

Funky colors unite!

And... Ana and I came up with a VERY good plan while we were texting a day before the workshop. It is an absolutely brilliant idea, I cannot wait to start it! It would be our brainchild. Ü No details yet, we would not want to jinx it, would we? ;)

Soul sisters Ü

Today is Wednesday. I cannot wait for Saturday! Ü

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