Christmas rush shopping

22 December 2008

I went el-cheapo shopping again today in 168 Mall. This time I went with my Mom. You won't believe the throngs of people. People literally came in droves! But I guess that gives Divisoria its unique flavor. You would always equate "throngs of people" with Divisoria. Just think how boring and unchallenging it would be if it is not that crowded.

Shopping is always a nice bonding experience with Mama. It was fun looking at stuff and seeing how much she can haggle. And my Ma can really throw the punches when it comes to haggling! She bought a blouse for her aunt at 160php, originally priced at 280php! Ö

I'm happy that I was able to accomplish shopping for gifts for my aunts and uncles, godchildren, and friends/ officemates. I am almost done; I just need to buy gifts for a couple of people in the office, plus the wish of my Kris Kringle "baby". I was shocked at how many days there are (two!) left before Christmas. The days passed by in a blur and I was not able to stick with my plan of shopping for Christmas presents early to beat the holiday rush. I am the world's best procrastinator. Or worst, depending on how you look at it :D

And of course, I bought lots of stuff for myself as well. I promised myself I will not buy anything anymore but who can resist at such bargains? The stuff I bought are resting at home though and I am here at my uncle's house using their PC so I don't know whether I'll be able to post some pics. Maybe I'll try tomorrow, together with one major update for the week that was. And a wishlist. I want to create a wishlist teehee.

So, Krissy is signing off now. Kisses!

On a different note, I've already uploaded pictures from our Tagaytay trip to my Multiply site. Click here♥♥

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