Review: Baumann Living Bread Maker + Recipe for Basic White Bread

03 September 2023

I love kitchen equipment that is no fuss and easy to use, and lets me do anything else while it's doing its thing. You know how the reason why I love my Instant Pot is how it makes me look like a cooking expert but in reality it just lets me dump the ingredients on it so it could work its magic? My new favorite, the Baumann Living Bread Maker, also functions this way.

J got me this Bread Maker (because I asked him to) at the height of the pandemic two years ago. That time, high off the hype of my Instant Pot, I was gung ho on experimenting with other kitchen tools and equipment. The Bread Maker caught my radar because of the reviews I found online. I was enticed by the idea of having freshly baked bread any time I want without needing to knead. I have weak arms you see, so even though I had been wanting to try making my own bread ever since I learned how to bake, the prospect of putting my arms to work put me off.

So J got me the Bread Maker, but you see dear reader, working with yeast intimidated me so. Thus the Bread Maker just got kept in storage for two freaking years.

Last week I tried to bake pupcakes using my oven, but they came out severely undercooked. After four years of being my main workhorse, I think my oven has decided to conk out on me. :( But because I was badly craving bread, a lightbulb moment came and I took my Bread Maker out of storage.

I wish I took it out of storage earlier, because my goodness, I had been happily making bread for a week now and I am looking forward to trying out more recipes!

Lemon Loaf

Banana Walnut Loaf

My favorite so far -- Japanese Milk Bread

It's so fluffy and delicious! Perfect even with just butter. Top notch when eaten with scrambled eggs!

I can't stress enough how easy it is, but I can demonstrate by sharing a recipe of a 1.5lb Basic White Bread.

270ml water + 2 tbsp oil

1 tsp salt + 2 tbsp sugar + 3 cups bread floor + 1 tsp yeast

Set the Bread Maker to 1 for Basic Bread, choose size (I chose 1.5lb), choose crust color (I chose Medium), then press Start.

Here is the finished product after about four hours (including warming time)

My perfect pairing with the Basic White Bread is cream cheese and strawberry jam. YUM!!

I love that the Baumann Living Bread Maker has a clear window that lets me check if the ingredients are being mixed and kneaded properly without needing to open the lid. 

My favorite thing about my Bread Maker is that I can have warm and delicious freshly baked bread any time I want. I could do other things while the machine does the mixing, kneading, rising, and baking for me, without having to wash several mixing bowls and baking pans! And because it's homemade, I am always assured of the quality of the ingredients I used. 

I am so in love with my Bread Maker. My only regret is that I wish I used it earlier. 

Get your own Baumann Living Bread Maker here. This is not a sponsored post as my fiancé got this Bread Maker for me, but I will get a bit of commission if you click and buy using my affiliate link. :)

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