Freeway presents: Abdulmari Imao

29 May 2016

Freeway's National Artist Collector’s Series launches are always wonderful to witness, so I make it a point to go whenever my schedule permits me to. Art, history, culture, and fashion literally collide as Freeway continues to revolutionize the meaning of fashionalism, this time by showcasing the works of the first and only Moro honored as National Artist of the Philippines to date, Abdulmari Imao.

Named National Artist for Sculpture in 2006, Imao worked not only as a sculptor but also as a painter, ceramist, photographer, film maker, and writer. He was a patron of Philippine Muslim Art and Culture and is known for his unique adaptation of traditional Muslim motifs in his works such as ukkil, sarimanok, pakorabong, and naga. Imao’s artworks exude a strong sense of nationalism and passion for his culture and heritage, a fine example of unity through diversity.

I went to the launch with my friend Alex and my boyfriend Miah and we had a ball checking out the National Artist's sculptures and artworks on display alongside the works of his son Toym Imao.

For your techie adventures

26 May 2016

My job requires me to be online all the time and so my phone has become an appendage that I dare not leave unattended lest I miss important messages or phone calls, so I need to make sure it's properly taken care of. Last week I went to Digital Walker to get a new case and screen protector for my iPhone 6. It was definitely an upgrade from my old hard case that may have looked pretty but didn't really do a good job in protecting my phone against the elements. I also upgraded from my old screen protector that I got for really cheap. It was a lesson for me because cheap almost always equates to low quality.

I got a pink Speck Candyshell Grip case and Momax Screen Pro+ screen protector and oh boy, what a difference they made! The Speck Candyshell Grip case has raised rubber ridges that provide a no-slip grip, dual-layer military-grade protection, patented raised bezel screen protection, perimeter port, camera, and responsive button protection, and lab-tested durability. I really like the color, too! Meanwhile, the Momax Screen Pro+ screen protector has Nano Technology Coating that is water, oil, and fingerprint resistant and HD ultra-clearness. My phone feels like it's brand new all over again!

You also have until the end of the month to check out the special offers by Beyond the Box and Digital Walker!

The Best of the West encourages you to explore, eat, and experience!

25 May 2016

I live in Navotas and the farthest part of the metro that is acceptable for me to go to regularly is my boyfriend's house in Bicutan. I veeeery rarely go to the South — in fact I can count on both hands the number of times I've been to Alabang in the last five years. When the invitation for a Food Trip in the South came, I had to say yes because, well, why ever not?

One Saturday a couple of weeks back, my Little Prince together with my boyfriend and I braved the traffic going to the South to have our stomachs filled.

Visiting far away asteroids! Yay!
Our first stop was Brown Bag, a catering service owned by Carla Sevilla located in a residential area in Alabang.

In hindsight I guess we should've weighed ourselves first before trying anything
I wonder how many pounds we gained that day. Heh.

Bloggers United Strikes 11!

23 May 2016

Eleventh? Where has all the time gone? Seriously?

The perfect way to end your summer, Bloggers United continues their mission to bring together your favorite fashion bloggers in one venue this coming Saturday, May 28, from 10am to 7pm, at Green Sun Hotel, Makati.

Robots and pizza? Let's.

22 May 2016

One of his hobbies that Miah has successfully rubbed off on me is toy-collecting. Not on his level of collecting (he's hardcore), but one look on my desk in the office and you'll get the picture. I mean, I had a lot of toys before but even with my expansive collection of Barbies, Polly Pockets, Sailor Moon figures, play kitchens, paper dolls, and doll houses I don't think I'll even come close.

He introduced me to building Gundam model kits and was able to convince me to get my first set.

His Gundam Gusion Rebake (doesn't it remind you of bread??) and my cutie-patootie Wing Gundam
It didn't take me long to build it, but only because it was tiny. Heh. Still, the first model kit I ever built was BB-8 and I think that came out A-okay.

Review: L'Oréal Paris Color Riche Collection Star Velvet Pinks

21 May 2016

I've lost count of how many lipsticks I have in my collection (at this point I don't think I even want to know, heh). "Why do you need so many?""But the colors look the same?", "Surely you need just one color from each color family?" — are just some of the statements I field whenever I open my traincase, but I try to explain that each tube has its own merit and nuance, however imperceptible they may be. Only a true lipstick lover would understand. So, yeah, I change lipsticks depending on my mood and the occasion, but on days I feel I need a little cheering up, I always reach for pinks.

Last month the most beautiful package arrived for me, and damn if it didn't cheer the gloomiest of my moods then nothing ever will.

Following the success of their Color Riche Collection Star Matte Reds (swatched and reviewed here), L'Oréal Makeup Designer/Paris introduces their newest lipstick line: the Color Riche Collection Star Velvet Pinks as their answer to the age-old question, "What is the perfect shade of pink for me?" Each shade is custom-made to fit every Filipina skin tone to complement the natural pink shade of their lips.

Camelia | Fuchsia | Iris | Jasmine | Nymphea | Primrose | Rose Lotus
Like the Matte Reds, L'Oréal's beautiful endorsers also handpicked their own lipstick shade to represent them, and this is shown by each ambassador's signature on the cap. This can also serve as a helpful guide when lipstick-shopping, as you can instantly choose the lipstick picked by the star whose complexion matches yours the most.

I swatched and reviewed all seven colors for you. ♥

Gigi Hadid for Penshoppe

20 May 2016

The biggest news in the local fashion scene this week is Penshoppe's unveiling of Gigi Hadid as the newest member of their superstar-studded roster of brand ambassadors that already includes Lucky Blue Smith, Sean O’Pry, Kendall Jenner, Sandara Park, and Mario Maurer.

For her first campaign with Penshoppe, Gigi serves as the face (and body) of the new Penshoppe Power Stretch Jeans, a line of specialty pants that promises to take its wearer to more places with the use of soft stretchable material that provides absolute comfort plus a snug and flattering fit. Her photos were shot on location in sunny Los Angeles by top fashion and celebrity photographer Yu Tsai, who you may know if you watch Asia's Next Top Model.

So, why Gigi? Penshoppe's Brand Director Jeff Bascon says it's because of her naturally relaxed fashion style that is mainly composed of skinny pants, a crop top or t-shirt, and cool sneakers — exactly like those in her campaign photos.

Review: Maybelline Vivid Matte by Color Sensational Lip Collection

09 May 2016

So the election's done and we're just waiting for the final results. I'm hoping for the best but from the partial and unofficial results that have been released so far, I'm already expecting the worst and praying I'm wrong and feeling anxious over nothing.

I couldn't silence my mind enough for a nap, couldn't concentrate on the book I'm currently reading, couldn't even enjoy my afternoon tea. So what do I do?

I play with lipsticks so bright I hope it drives the gloom away --- the Maybelline Vivid Matte by Color Sensational Lipsticks.

Summer in the Philippines is in full swing and these bold, bright, and vivid lip colors are guaranteed to be perfect complementary colors to celebrate summer with. After all, what better timing to show off your colorful lips than while having fun under the sun, yes?


08 May 2016

Tomorrow I'll do my part as a citizen and vote in the national elections that will decide the fate of our country not only for the next six years but for all the years that follow. I can only hope that whoever gets elected performs according to a sound moral compass, a critical and intelligent mind, and a kind but just heart. 

The past couple of months have been extra stressful with majority of the people in my social media feeds spewing negativity and noise online, so today was a nice break from all those.

Today, we honored mothers.

Happy Mother's Day, Mama!
You are our queen. We love you!

Review: Maybelline Super BB Cream

03 May 2016

I used to be just a powder-and-lipstick kind of girl but now that I am more exposed to the ever expansive beauty industry and need to make sure I look presentable due to the nature of my job, my everyday routine now includes more non-negotiables: a clean base, groomed eyebrows, a little blush, and a light sweep of highlighter.

For events and special occasions I rotate L'Oreal Lucent Magique Light Infusing Foundation, Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation, and BYS Matte Liquid Foundation, but for everyday use I stick with either a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. BB creams are excellent because they provide light to medium coverage and lends a dewy/ not too made-up look on your face. They're also more friendly to our skin. Imagine being in full makeup in this heat and humidity. Terrible, right? In this post I will review the new Maybelline Super BB Cream and finally announce the winners of my Super BB contest!

The Maybelline Super BB Cream is Maybelline's first BB Cream that offers high coverage and high SPF protection. I used to have the Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream and BB Stick but they broke me out so I was a bit apprehensive towards this new product, but it's a good thing I tried it because otherwise—as with other things in life—I wouldn't have known how awesome it is.

Walker Madness 3

02 May 2016

I don't think I can ever last a day without my trusted earphones. Whether I'm listening to the Magic Morning Show on my way to work, watching the latest episode of my favorite TV shows or listening to Spotify using my phone on the way home, or even trying to block out office chatter, my Urbanears Bagis has proven to be a dependable friend who supports my need for personal space.

My work desk, ladies and gents.
It's starting to look more like a toy store, really.
I found the need to mention this because Digital Walker is holding the Digital Walker Madness 3 Summer Sale. What better time to check out the wide variety of gadget accessories they have on offer, right?

Greatest Hits: April 2016

01 May 2016

Hello! How are you?

I haven't been diligent in my Currently updates because I've been too busy with work and stuff and commuting to and from our new office every day drains me that I barely have energy for my other hobbies when I'm home, and that makes me sad. And so, it's the first day of May but I feel like I have to write this for posterity. Besides, April is my birthday month and I did a lot of things and went to a lot of places that I would like to look back on years from now.