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A nice compliment

A YM conversation earlier today with Joner, a friend and college classmate:

joner: how do you do it
krissy: what?
joner: gettig good finds for a cheap price
joner: must be a gift huh
joner: :p

I believe he was referring to my bargain-shopping skills as shown in my Divisoria shopping trip I blogged about Ü

As I mentioned in my previous post, my Ma and I went there again yesterday. Shopping haul post coming up!


ChinkyGirLMeL said…
Hey kris. Speaking of mad shopping skills.. Davao recently opened it's branch of 168. Have you heard of that? I think the main branch is from manila.Anyway...OVer the Christmas break I decided to have a look at 168. And to my surprise everything was really affordable and nice looking. I bought cocktail rings @ P25/each (i bought 6 ) , then there were these really nice handbags @ P100/each (bought two, one black and one yellow...yellow is supposed to be in this year), and i got a bunch of dresses all below P250. I will be posting pictures soon. But anyways...I'm sooooooooo glad i stumbled upon your blog. =)
krissy ♥ said…
Davao has 168 mall na rin? Cool! Yep, I believe the first 168 is the one located in Divisoria. You should come visit it! It's a treasure trove of bargain finds! :D Yes, please do post pics! And thanks so much, that's so sweet. Kisses! ♥♥

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