01 September 2014

Be your own heroine: Heroine Make launches in Manila

The beauty scene in the Philippines is getting more and more exciting as various brands from different countries have started coming in. No more having to travel abroad or wait for a friend to visit just so we can score much raved about products and see for ourselves whether they're *really* HG-worthy!

Last Friday, I went to the launch of Heroine Make held at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel. The theme of the event was high tea. Rightfully so, as the brand's very own heroine, Elizabeth Himeko, was introduced to us that day.

My thought bubble says, "I want to take this vanity table home."

"Heroine Make is a Japanese-manufactured makeup line with ten years of history that turns women into princesses since 2005." This brand is known as having launched a revolutionary range of eye makeup in Japan and has become a familiar sight to shoppers in Hong Kong and Singapore. I saw some of these products when I last went to Singapore a couple of years ago, but didn't get anything because I wasn't as interested in makeup then, heh.

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧  Everything's so pretty, I seriously wanted to take everything home.

A 'trinket buffet' was set up by the entrance, which was a really nice touch.

K is for Krissy. And kooky. And kisses. ( ˘ ³˘)♥ 
After quick speeches by the executives of Mandom Philippines who brought Heroine Make here, we were graced by the presence of Elizabelth Himeko, who sang and shared inspiring words about how every woman deserves to look beautiful, always.

Through the help of a translator, Japanese makeup artist and beauty counselor Sayuri Igarashi also did a makeup demo using Heroine Make products for day-time and night-time looks. She is so animated that she was very fascinating to watch and listen to!

The brand claims that you don’t have to worry about your makeup once you leave the house - perfect for girls who always get lazy to retouch, or girls who are too busy working on different projects to worry about makeup, like me! Heroine Make promises that your makeup will endure no matter what state you are in, much like the crying, laughing, and swooning expressions of Elizabeth Himeko on the packaging. Long-lasting, hassle-free, and affordable makeup? Count me in!

Aside from learning more about the brand, it's fun to attend events because you get to meet new people

... like my girl crush Joyce Pring! 
It's also fun to see other old friends and catch up about non-blog stuff even for just a while.

With Chalk's Elaine Carag
Really enjoyed my eyebrow-talk with Jes and Tellie
With twinnie Tellie
I am SO glad I was able to stay until after the event ended and I didn't have to rush to go to another meeting after. 。^‿^。

I went to my orthodontist last Saturday and was out for a workshop with my sister all day of Sunday so I wasn't able to take product shots and test my new Heroine Make stuff. I'll make sure to find time for it this weekend, though. Here's my loot!

Their three bestsellers include the Long & Curl Mascara (P595), Smooth Liquid Eyeliner (P595), and Quick Eyebrow Pencil (P345). Hooray, I have everything here!
As what I learned from Pixy, don't ever let the cutesy packaging fool you! If you look past the carton, the tubes actually don't have kawaii-themed stickers on them. Heroine Make was named as one of the best eye makeup brand in Japan and as Japan is recognized for their eye makeup ranges, then it just goes to show that we have a keeper here. Watch out for my reviews of these products!

Heroine Make is now available at Watsons branches so check out the one nearest you and hoard stock up! You may also visit their Facebook page for more information.

Have you tried Heroine Make before? What did you think about it?

30 August 2014

Making handmade paper

I love stationery and have already spent a pretty penny amassing an extensive collection of paper, pens, stickers, cards, and the like. I also love crafting and have enrolled myself in various workshops, watched and read countless DIY videos and step-by-step instructions, and embarked on many hobbies and projects. When I did a little spring cleaning in my room last month, I found this:

The Easiest Handmade Papermaking Kit
My fingers tingled!

I got this from Papemelroti around four years ago but never got around to using it. The kit contains a mould and deckle (the frame without the screen) and an instruction booklet that also tells a brief history of handmade paper, alternatives to some steps, and other fun projects to do. I thought I'd use it one of these days, and that opportunity came during the break last long weekend. 

The steps felt familiar because I already did this before; my classmates and I made our own handmade paper for a Home Economics project when we were in high school. (-‿◦☀)

For this project, I used old press kits and credit card statements. It's an excellent way to de-clutter without feeling too guilty about dumping your trash, yes?

When it comes to making handmade paper, the most important part is the paper slurry, which is the mixture of blended 1/3 parts paper and 2/3 parts water. Since I don't have a blender specifically for non-food items at my disposal, I just soaked my torn paper in water overnight and pounded on the pieces with a pestle.

After almost half an hour of pounding and grinding, I was left with exhausted arms and this sorry looking pile of discarded wet paper:

I know I could've done better, but by that point my arms were already too tired I didn't care anymore, heh. This is difficult, you guys!

Add gawgaw to your mixture to serve as binder, and dip and scoop up away! Just make sure your basin is bigger than your mould and deckle to make it easier.

Dip mould and deckle into the basin to scoop up pulp, lift frames up and let water drain back into tub, separate deckle and lay mould upside down on folded sheets of newspaper, and separate mould from the sheet. It is important to shake gently to distribute the fibers evenly and to soak up excess water with a sponge.

Let the paper sheets dry for a day. Or in my case, for five days because it rained here all week and the sun barely shone.

I checked them this morning, and was pleased that they're finally ready!

I was able to make 16 sheets of [uneven] handmade paper on this batch. ( ⋂‿⋂’) Some sheets are a bit lumpy thanks to my not having an extra blender but I'm happy with how they turned out. I have yet to find a use for them but I'm sure I'll find something to do with them on one of my craft projects.

As pleased as I am with the results and as satisfied as I feel at having completed another crafting project, I don't think I will make my own handmade paper again anytime soon. ✖‿✖ It took so much time and effort that I think I'm better off buying ready-made handmade paper. Let me get a blender and give me more sunshine and maybe I'll change my mind. I might even do some of the suggested fun projects like embedding flowers on leaves on handmade paper! That would be hella cute. (◡‿◡✿)

What are your favorite DIY projects?

28 August 2014

Quick and easy with Pixy

Last weekend, I shared with you guys how the launch of Pixy went. This time, I'm giving you a closer look at the products I got as well as some quick notes on some of them that I've actually tried so you can decide whether you'll be interested enough to check them out at Watsons.

Pixy group photo ♥
Pixy UV Whitening Two Way Cake and Pixy Ultimate Makeup Cake
Both are housed in durable plastic with a full-sized mirror inside. I actually dropped the Pixy Ultimate Makeup Cake as I was rushing out of the event to go my meeting that I got scared to take a peek and see crushed powder and mirror inside, but I was so pleased to find everything intact. Yay!

Pixy UV Whitening Two Way Cake in Honey Beige
Lightweight powder foundation with oil-free formula covers skin imperfections with matte and sweat-proof finish. Clinically proven non-comedogenic, suitable for oily skin. Enriched with Extract Kanzo and antibacterial to prevent acne-causing bacteria. The 2-Way Whitening formula, from combination of Natural Whitening Powder, Vitamin C derivate, and Sunscreen protects skin against sun rays and makes your skin fairer.
Pixy Ultimate Makeup Cake in Natural Buff
Completed with Light Diffusing Powder which covers imperfections and makes skin look naturally smooth as well as an Oil Absorbent Formula which enables perfect makeup up to 8 hours.
I liked this powder because it doesn't feel heavy on the skin. The shade also matches my skintone perfectly. You can use this either wet or dry but I prefer using it dry using the sponge provided. Sometimes, when I'm not feeling lazy, I use my mini kabuki brush to blend it in.

Pixy Volumizing Waterproof Mascara and Pixy Perfect Eyeliner
Pixy Volumizing Waterproof Mascara in Black
Makes eyelashes look fuller and each strand thicker. The waterproof formula keeps its intense black color stay longer and not fade off easily.
When it comes to mascara, it's always one of two things: either it works or it doesn't. The Pixy Volumizing Waterproof Mascara does everything it claims to do: makes lashes look fuller and thicker, and stays the same from the time I applied it to the time I remove it at night with my eye makeup remover.

Pixy Perfect Eyeliner in Black
I have to admit I am not that adept when it comes to eyeliner application, especially when it's in liquid formula. I never know when it's dry enough for me to open my eyes so I always end up with some liquid eyeliner on my eyelids! -_- I wasn't really sure when I tried this one, but whoah, it gave me the perfect lined eyes I wanted! See photos on my sample look below. 

Pixy Eye Shadow in Sparkling Gold 09
The micro-pearl ingredient produces a soft texture to naturally blend colors. The two-color combination of each variant is easy to use and can be freely combined with colors from other variants.
The eye shadows were just okay for me, nothing to be really excited about. Though not necessarily chalky, you might still want to use a primer first before applying these to make the colors pop. 

Pixy Blush On in Passion Roses 04
Gives a softly-blended, natural highlight on cheekbones. Choose from our collection of brown, pink, or purple shades for your desired look.
Now this blush, I liked. A quick look at my makeup case and I realized that all the blushes I currently have lean on coral shades, so this color is unique. I also liked its tint on my cheeks.

Pixy Silky Fit Lipstick in Autumn Apricot, Pixy Silky Fit Semi-Matte Lipstick in Misaki, and Pixy Lasting Matte Lipstick in Peach Delicacy
Pixy Silky Fit Lipstick in Autumn Apricot, Pixy Silky Fit Semi-Matte Lipstick in Misaki, and Pixy Lasting Matte Lipstick in Peach Delicacy
Aaah, my favorite part - the lipsticks! I loved Pixy lipsticks because they fit the criteria I have for lipsticks lately: natural-looking and not too loud. These all look dainty and perfect for everyday wear. Suitable for students and for those who work in conservative offices! 

Pixy Silky Fit Lipstick in Autumn Apricot
Pixy Silky Fit Semi-Matte Lipstick in Misaki
Pixy Lasting Matte Lipstick in Peach Delicacy
These lipsticks are all worth checking out because they're extremely affordable, wearable, and very easy to wear. They're also non-drying on the lips. Of the three, the Silky Fit Lipstick in Autumn Apricot is easily my favorite because it's almost a perfect match to my own lip shade. MLBB material alert! As for the Lasting Matte Lipstick, well, I was actually expecting it to be more matte judging by its name but I'm afraid it fell short. My Revlon Matte Lipstick in Pink About It is more matte than this. Still a pretty color, though. 

Meanwhile, I made a super quick and easy everyday look using Pixy products. My face went from looking like this:

Completely makeup-free Krissy
to this:

Pixy'd Krissy
What a difference a few products make, yes? The second photo has me looking a lot more polished than the one above it, heh.

I used the Ultimate Makeup Cake in Natural Buff on my face, the light color of the Sparkling Gold Eye Shadow as lid wash and the darker color as brow powder, Volumizing Waterproof Mascara and Perfect Eyeliner, both in Black, Blush On in Passion Roses on my cheeks, and the Silky Fit Lipstick on Autumn Apricot on my lips.

See what I mean about the eyeliner?

I wish I looked like this on college, heh. I don't like putting a whole face of makeup on on ordinary days so unless we have client meetings or events, I just look like this almost all the time. Maybe I'll try Tokyo Kawaii and Tokyo Glam as well?

I hope these photos and notes have been helpful. Tell me if ever you decide to check these Pixy products out at Watsons! ♥

25 August 2014

"Head in the clouds but my gravity's centered."

I literally just stepped inside my house from a day swimming trip with my friends when the rain poured down so hard that I was reminded that summer does end. We were supposed to go the beach with our other friends but that's what happens to plans when you make them months in advance - they get cancelled.

Anyway, doesn't it feel like forever since we last went to school or the office? I really enjoyed the long weekend because I got lots of rest, watched a couple of movies, finished reading Love, Rosie, finished the first season of Arrested Development, got to hang out with my friends, and made handmade paper. I got to make 16 sheets but I'm still waiting for them to dry (something that this rain is making it more difficult to happen), so I can't say yet whether my attempt at recycling was successful. So, yes, I got lots of rest and I cherished not having to worry about work for the last couple of days, but now [at the risk of sounding like a total dork] I'm also excited to go back to work. I've already prepared my bag, making me feel like an excitable teacher's pet on the night before the first day of school LOL.

This was meant to be a quick post so pardon my rambling, but I only just meant to share this song with you guys.

Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood

That voice. Those eyes. Those tattoos. The way he seems to make out with the mic. I mean, Fun.'s still my ultimate favorite band and I still want Nate Ruess to marry me but come on. That voice. Those eyes. Those tattoos. The way he seems to make out with the mic. I also love their Say My Name/ Cry Me A River mashup. I love you, Jesse Rutherford. ♥

Cue accompanying photo.

I took this photo one rainy afternoon a couple of weeks back. Fitting, yes?

Wishing you a great week ahead, hopefully not one filled with flooded streets and terrible traffic jams because of the rain. (◡‿◡✿)

24 August 2014

Book review: Love, Rosie

So I noticed that most of the books I read lately deal with depression or some other forms of psychological disorder and that it was affecting me more than it should. (I get affected way too much by fictional characters, I think.) I decided to stop reading Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar halfway through and look for a more "cheerful" book to read in the meantime.

Since the Love, Rosie movie is coming up soon and I absolutely adore Lily Collins and Sam Claflin, I thought I'd give it a go. The only other book of Cecelia Ahern that I have read is The Book of Tomorrow and I must admit that was quite a hit with me. Meanwhile, I have seen [and cried buckets over] PS I Love You but I actually haven't read the book yet. 

Published nine years ago in the UK as Where Rainbows End and then printed as Love, Rosie in the US, the book tells the story of Alex and Rosie, their entanglements, and all the many ways fate played with them. They have been best friends since they were five and discovered they're in love not soon after, but as with other friendships with the same dilemma, they are both scared to lose what they currently have. Besides, Alex had to move to another country and Rosie got pregnant just before she was supposed to follow. What now?

I wish I read this book sooner.

Written in epistolary structure, readers follow what happens to them through a series of letters, emails, IMs, and newspaper clippings shared and sent among them and their family and friends, making the story feel even more personal; it was so conversational that it felt like I was one of the intended recipients and I should send a response about what's been happening with my life! The format worked and the novel wouldn't have been as effective if not told this way.

I have to be honest: the book can get frustrating at times especially when you just want them to 'fess up and end up with each other yet it seems like something always gets in the way, but I LOVED it, I really really loved it. It's funny, witty, endearing, and filled with a set of charming and believable characters and the missed connections just makes you appreciate what happens in the end.

I found the way Alex deliberately spells 'know' as 'no' freakishly adorable, and the way Rosie's daughter Katie adopted the same practice in her letters is a nice touch
I also got giddy when my country was given attention as one of the countries Rosie's parents visited on their cruise
Rosie goes through a lot and [understandably so] almost surrenders to despair lots of times, but her character is so strong. I loved rooting for her and I loved that she has friends and family rooting for her. There are no real villains in this story, aside from fate maybe. Fate indeed works in mysterious ways.

I wish I read this book sooner. Still, I'm glad it only took me nine years to finally get to it.

I've seen the trailers over and over and I am looking forward to watching the movie. From the trailers, I have a feeling there will be some drastic differences from what happens in the novel. Still, I hope they don't make it into another silly and mindless rom-com because we already have more than enough of that. It will be such a waste of actors if that happens.

More than Alex and Rosie's love story, I loved reading Love, Rosie because not only did it make me appreciate my friendships even more, I also identified with Rosie so much; particularly whenever she wonders and asks her sister Stephanie when she can expect to feel she has grown up. It's true what she said: When you were a kid you wished you were a teenager so you could be wiser. When you became a teenager you discovered you're none the wiser and wished you were an adult because maybe then, you could make sense of life. But then you grow up, and you realize that even adults don't really have a clue.

Read the book if you like stories with missed connections, destiny, and best friends transitioning to being lovers. Love, Rosie is perfect when paired with a rainy afternoon and a cup of hot chocolate.

Have you read this book already? What did you think about it?

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