The new Scribe at Glorietta 4

11 October 2017

Scribe is one of those stores I can spend a long time in just ooh-ing and aah-ing at the stuff available for sale, pestering the sales assistants with endless questions about this and that, and taking a mental note of everything I wanted to add to my insatiable wish list. I was saddened when their Glorietta 5 store closed and got really excited when I got the invite to their Glorietta 4 store opening!

And it's a lot bigger with more merchandise to ooh and aah at!

The new look of Scribe and its owner Marian Ong
What immediately struck me with the new store is its updated look, starting with the logo. They ditched their longer name Scribe Writing Essentials and stuck with just Scribe and gave it a more modern, sans serif branding but still retaining its identity with the nib serving as the "i" on the logo. The interiors also have a more industrial and open feel to it, giving it a fresher and a more inviting vibe. Marian told me they're also planning to update the look of the other stores soon so watch out for that in the Scribe stores near you!

I thoroughly enjoyed tinkering with the products on display and I'd like to share some of the things I saw that might be of interest to you.

My Digital Walker Madness Sale Haul

09 October 2017

J and I managed to catch the last day of the Digital Walker Madness Sale at the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 3 yesterday and snagged a LOT of deals! Christmas came early, indeed!

It was my first time to go to one of these and ohmygollygoodness everything was at 70% to 90% off!

There was still a long line outside when we got there but it being the last day already it was not as crowded inside and we didn't have to wait in line that long to pay as compared to the previous days. But then a lot of the premium items were sold out already so I guess if you really plan to hoard and shop it still pays to be there early.

Still, we are very pleased with our loot!

ComicCon Asia 2018: Tourism, Entertainment, and Homegrown Talents

02 October 2017

The year's not over yet, yet I'm already looking forward to March 2018! It's because ComicCon Asia, a newly-formed regional convention that aims to go beyond your average fan experience, is slated to happen on March 24 and 25, 2018 at the SMX Convention Center.

I took J to the Bloggers' Night hosted by the organizers of ComicCon Asia last week and we were given a brief introduction on how the event was conceptualized as well as a short teaser on the attractions that will be offered for us fans during this two-day shindig.

Backed by the combined expertise of PSL and Nam Entertainment Group, ComicCon Asia is being spearheaded by Event Producer Pauline Sofia Laping, Business Development Consultant and StartUp Village Founder Jay Bernardo, and Program Director/ multi-awarded writer and cartoonist/ Filipino creative advocate Hugo "Boboy" Yonzon.

When asked why they felt they needed to create another event seeing as how our country has been enjoying a lot of other conventions lately, they answered it is for tourism, entertainment, and to showcase homegrown talents. According to them, ComicCon Asia was "created as an event to showcase Filipino, and Asian, talent, and apart from international and regional celebrity guests, there will be plenty of industry panels. It is not just a meet-and-greet with famous actors and actresses, it is also a proper industry con where one can learn from the people behind the scenes: the artists, creators, and producers."

Review: Happy Skin ♡ Sanrio Liquid Matte Lippie Set in Twinkle Twinkle and Star Wand

26 September 2017

I am a strong, independent woman who is currently on a year-long lipstick shopping ban so imagine my glee when my boyfriend offered to get this for me during the pre-selling period as a gift for our 27th month together.

How could I say no? I simply didn't have the heart. Heh.

Happy Skin ♡ Sanrio Little Twin Stars Liquid Matte Lippie Set in Twinkle Twinkle and Star Wand
I'm so thankful he got it for me when he did because of all the Happy Skin ♡ Sanrio collection, this set is the first one to run out. That was fast!

Gift Gate was one of my favorite haunts with my Mom and even though Hello Kitty and Keroppi are the more popular characters, I always gravitate towards the Little Twin Stars shelves because I feel a particular kinship with Kiki and Lala. My very first diary was a Little Twin Stars diary with padlock and key from my Aunt Jean, and it was one of my most treasured possessions.

Pretty packaging and nostalgia aside, it's not difficult for me to like these because I'm a big fan of Happy Skin in general. I have a lot of their Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies in my stash already. As for the Liquid Matte Lippie, I have one from the Glam Squad collection, specifically the shade they collaborated with Mickey See with. It's what I wore to a friend's wedding and it really delivered! My lips stayed pigmented and it stayed put on my lips with very minimal transferring and no bleeding. I also liked its matte finish that didn't dry my lips at all! Color me impressed.

As expected, these liquid lippies are A+++! Also, how cute are those names?? UGHHH. 

Read more to see the swatches!

Almost October

25 September 2017

Hello, friend. I am alive and well, but I have been either too busy or too lazy. There are so many posts I wanted to write before September crept in, but before I knew it the month is almost over.

I know no one's looking for an explanation, and I might disappear for days/ weeks again anyway, but here it is just the same: I'd really like to produce more fresh content for my blog but lack of time and motivation derails me. My original goal for putting up this blog is to share stories and document my days but somehow I feel it has been lost in a flurry of marketing initiatives and sponsored posts. Still, I intend to be authentic and be my true self in that I only write about things I genuinely care about and believe in.

And I believe in love

and being your own hero

{A little context for those who have no prior knowledge of Ever After High: Darling Charming is the daughter of King Charming and she is destined to be a damsel-in-distress, but instead she becomes a hero and ends up rescuing the other fairy tales}
and the confidence boost the perfect lipstick can bring

and finding beauty in the simplest of things.

I believe we're all mad here

but it doesn't matter anyway

When I can be mad with this guy. ♥

J brought me to a special date in Alice Tea Salon, a dessert-and-tea place in Pasig, and we even brought my doll Madeline Hatter and her pet dormouse Earl Grey with us. What a guy, this guy.

In other news, I'm now taking a different medication for my myoma and I am happy to report that I don't feel the same heavy feelings as I did with my previous meds. I believe in the strength of prayer and the power of healing, and I'm positive things will work out well.

Thank you for reading. My heart is full.