05 October 2015

Currently Vol. 40

05 October 2015
On my previous post I mentioned that I'm sending Sadness somewhere else for a makeover and that I am so excited to see her new look.

Well, that makeover hasn't happened yet, but it will. In the meantime, she's back with me and we're having more adventures together!

What kept me happy today: double-ended markers/ highlighter pens and durian yema from Davao thanks to my friend/ officemate Cheers. Meanwhile, Sadness had a bad case of the Mondays.
She's taking over my life. I think I need help. Hahaha.

Here is this week's Currently!


The #StrangeLit Incredible Truths bundle that also contains my short story A Sky of Wishes. Actually, I messed up and overlooked something on my manuscript that I didn't think would be that noticeable, but so far it has been pointed out to me by the two people who reviewed my work. Thankfully, John of Buqo agreed for me to send him an edited manuscript, so new purchases from today onwards will contain this new version. Yay! Thanks, John! (Meanwhile, those who have already bought their copies now hold in their hands a limited edition version. When I get famous, that'll be a collector's item. Heh.)

Nothing at the moment, but Miah and I conceptualized a couple of plot bunnies that I would love to turn into stories, so I better work on them soon before the idea flies away.

Nate Ruess forever and ever. I just remembered how awesome his album is, and so I have been listening to it on loop on my way to and from work. I don't even know why I bother with a Spotify Premium account when I don't really get to maximize it, heh.

Of possible giveaways for the people who will join our Book Launch [in Recession Coffee on October 24] and buy our ebooks!

What do you think of postcards with these prints?
I also commissioned Ana to make me accessories that I can also give away during the launch. So excited to get them!

Thankful and happy because I saw this nut earlier after work.

Thankful and happy because the two reviews I have gotten towards A Sky of Wishes so far have been positive and encouraging.

Thankful and happy because I got featured on When in Manila's list of "14 Artsy People who Inspire Us on Instagram on a Daily Basis." It's the first time I got featured because of my art! And because of Sadness, LOL.

More people to buy our book Incredible Truths. Come on, people, while it costs P90 only for the ten stories! Grabbity-grab now before the price goes up to its regular price of P250!

A new wardrobe. We have a ton of events happening in the next couple of weeks and a new selection of clothes would be awesome.

That everything that concerns work goes smoothly. My stress levels are very high recently, to be honest.

Oh well. I hope that wherever you are, you are happy and loved. Take care of your hearts. ♥

02 October 2015

Sadness Adventures

02 October 2015
So yeah, I've been pretty much obsessed with Sadness ever since I saw the Disney-Pixar film Inside Out because, really, how could you not?? She's adorable! And look, even if I did a terrible job, I even painted her! I liked her so much that I wanted to get at least one collectible toy but all the toy stores I went to didn't have stocks anymore.

I finally got one from Collecticon last Saturday, and I've been having so much fun with her since then!

It's a Funko Disney POP!

Last Tuesday, we went south of the Metro for a meeting and check out Wingstop which opened in Alabang Town Center this week.

Sadness enjoyed the day-out but was pretty bummed that we were too early for the Wingstop Takeover where they gave away FREE wings to everyone who was in line from 5 to 8 PM! They do this whenever they open a new branch and I've always wanted to go and join the fun!

Last Wednesday, we had a mini event with Max's where bloggers and select guests got to try the Max's Classic Chicken Bundle.

Sadness wanted so badly to try the Classic Chicken Burger, Ube Creme Decadence, and even the Caramel Bars. Too bad she doesn't have a functioning digestive system nor a mouth. Heh.

Friday promised laces to go to, people to meet, food to eat... But all I wanted to do was stay home and sleep.

But we couldn't.

Instead, we had a mile-long to-do list at work in preparation for the numerous events we'll have in the next few weeks, so we sucked it in and just did it. As a treat for surviving the week, my officemates and I just got a dozen chocolate cupcakes from Dimpy's Kitchen!

My plans for Friday night were cancelled so we went home instead, but we're raring for a drink and all I could offer Sadness was a yummy-smelling faux Virgin Mojito.

If it isn't obvious yet, I'd just like to say that I'm having so much fun with her.

I think I will have more fun the next time I present her to you guys again. I sent her somewhere for a makeover, and I am so excited to see how she will look like after! Eeek I can't wait!

30 September 2015

The #StrangeLit bundles are out!

30 September 2015
Earlier today, while I was busy drowning from work, my notifications and feeds exploded because of two things: the StrangeLit launch has been set (partly assisted by yours truly, heh) and will happen very soon (I hope you can come!), AND the StrangeLit bundles have been released in Buqo!


The newest additions to my Buqo library
In case you missed it, back in August I joined StrangeLit, a Paranormal/ Paranormal Romance /Urban Fantasy online writing class sponsored by Buqo (who also sponsored our YA class) and spearheaded by Mina Esguerra through Bronze Age Media. At the end of the class, stories with at least 5,000 words would be grouped into bundles and distributed by Buqo. We had mentors Kate Evangelista, Marian Tee, Budjette Tan, and Paolo Chikiamco who shared their knowledge and expertise with us, and the environment was very encouraging and interactive thanks to social media. Track our tweets via the #StrangeLit hashtag!

Are you in Buqo now? Great! Our books should be in the New Releases section, but if you have troubles locating it, you may also search StrangeLit and our bundles will be displayed!
I conquered this challenge, and now they're here!

This is my second book but I am just as thrilled, if not more, because I was able to prove Once Upon a Sticky Note is not a fluke and I can do it again.

For your reference, here are the rest of the bundles:

There will also be a blog tour; I will be posting details about it once I get it, and I hope you guys can join.

I will write a more comprehensive post about Incredible Truths and my story A Sky of Wishes next time, but for tonight I would like to leave you with a book trailer from the incredible Anne Plaza.

Beware the tale that distracts you with the telling -- it's planting a truth in your mind, and you may find yourself believing in the incredible too. Sit back and let it happen while reading.

I will also be sharing more details about the launch party soon, but for now I can announce that it will be held in Recession Coffee by Digital Walker at the 3rd level of Eastwood Mall. I am so excited I just might spontaneously explode!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a LOT of new books to read.

28 September 2015

Currently Vol. 39

28 September 2015
Along with changes in our office structure came new developments in practices and standard operating procedures. My favorite addition is probably our weekly pow-wow held every Monday where our boss Jenny asks a question that each one of us have to answer. It could be anything — about work, personal goals, career aspirations, et cetera, and it's always fun because we get to learn about our workmates outside of work. It's always a good way to catch up with everyone and ease into another busy week ahead.

Earlier today, our activity included writing a letter to our future selves that we will all open and read come our Christmas party. I do the same every year in that I send an email on Christmas eve that my future self will receive on Christmas eve of the next year, but it was the first time I did it outside the routine I am used to. It was a rude awakening, realizing that the end of the year will come in three months! What could we possibly aspire for and hope to achieve at that timeline, given that our schedules are busy enough as it is?

And then, I am reminded to start small. I've been mulling over the fact that my Currently entries have become an avenue for me to complain about how exhausted I am, about how tiring my work gets, about how I need rest. It gets annoying, yes? So, yes, I will start with improving how I view my week and hopefully it will trickle over other aspects of my life. It's just the 39th entry, anyway. It's not too late to begin, is it?


Planet Panic by Pam Pastor. I've taken to buying a lot of anthologies and collections of essays lately because with the very limited time I can devote to books, I've been needing my readings bite-sized.

Nothing of note at the moment, but I have two plot bunnies I wish to explore soon.

The Eraserheads. There's just something about their music that takes me back to carefree high school days, and since my barkada and I had a mini reunion last night, this just seems appropriate. Their music feels like home.

Of things I can possibly do in preparation for the launch of our StrangeLit bundles. I have so many ideas but I need more time to execute them.

Thankful. When I complain, I fail to be thankful. I am changing that.

More money? Because being thankful doesn't mean I stop recognizing the need for more money, yes? Heh.

To curate my makeup kit and just have stuff in there that I really need and use.

For good feedback for my StrangeLit story, A Sky of Wishes. I wrote that in a rush and I wish it doesn't come across.

There. That wasn't so hard, was it? So, yeah. I hope that wherever you are, you are happy and loved. Take care of your hearts. ♥

27 September 2015

Estee Lauder x Project Vanity Beauty Workshop

27 September 2015
My goal in life is to never be complacent. I'd like to make the most out of this limited time I am given, and so I try to learn and experience as much as I can. 

When Liz invited me to go to her Estee Lauder x Project Vanity Beauty Workshop, I said yes straightaway! Well, right after I cleared my plans for the day, but you get the picture. I took the Personal Makeup module from Maquillage Professionnel two years ago, but of course refreshers are more than welcome.

At the workshop held in her home yesterday, Liz talked about the proper way of washing our face, removing our makeup, day-to-night makeup, eyebrow grooming, and contouring. She also made us try Estee Lauder products and shared quick reviews about them. She was very attentive and hands-on, and I appreciate that she really knows what she's talking about! I do believe Liz is currently the most credible beauty blogger in Manila, and it was a joy seeing her work her magic on us.

I got to be the model for the day!
Thanks for the photo, Pat!
I also finally got to meet her dog Snaps in person!
So adorable!
As mentioned, I already took a Personal Makeup module two years ago, but I still learned a lot from this workshop.

My favorite is that tinge of metallic turquoise. It stayed on all through Collecticon and didn't smudge on me one bit! I think I'll get all colors, heh.
How'd you like my look? I was planning on using Maybelline Velvet Matte Mat 6 on my lips...
... but changed it to Mat 12 instead.
What do you think about this look on me? I liked it, and so did my boyfriend. ^_^ 

I got more than a refresher that day. I learned a lot and met new friends! In case Liz holds this workshop again, I highly recommend that you reserve a slot right away. Incidentally, I learned to paint when I went to Liz's watercolor workshop one year ago today

It does not look it, but Sadness is actually very happy with our loot.
Now I want to go through every item in my traincase and get rid of stuff I know I will never use and instead get the products I used during the workshop! Wish me luck!

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