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05 November 2008

My planned reprieve has been interrupted. My TL texted everyone of us asking us to go to Trinoma tomorrow for our team building.

It kinda sucks because I planned on going to the office tomorrow straight from home and not return to the apartment until after work tomorrow. Now I have to go to Trinoma and meet up with my teammates (two of which I am not in good terms with because of two keywords: liar and cheating face) and hobnob and return to the apartment afterwards.

I had my period this morning and you know the lazy feeling you get when you have your period? Like you would just want to lie down or laze around in the house all day? I am having that feeling right now. Which I cannot oblige because I have to go out.

After that I got another text from TL saying that if we are not complete then the team building will be cancelled. I have a teammate who cannot go because he has an appointment for a medical check-up, which was already set before the team building was planned. Now what do I do? Should I go to Trinoma even though there is a chance that the team building will not push through because we will not be complete? I asked my teammates who are at the office right now and apparently the team building will push through. BUT if someone will not come then it will be cancelled. So I guess I will know later. Once I am already there. Instead of resting at home. Ugh.

And then, just when you thought it could not get any worse than that, it looks like it is going to rain. Ugh ugh.

Ruther told me before that I tend to stress myself over the littlest things, and yeah, he's right. I am feeling very stressed. Add to that the fact that I have post-PMS symptoms right now. I know I am probably magnifying it and am just making a bigger deal of it than I should. Blame the hormones. I am so not feeling like a very happy camper.

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