Halfway through 2017

30 June 2017

Huh. I feel like we just welcomed the new year and now we're already halfway through. 


What a packed month, this month, and I missed writing so I thought I'd do a month in review, especially since aside from celebrating our second anniversaryone of my biggest childhood dreams came true this June.

We started the month with a BANG through Oxygen X Bieber. 

Oxygen continues to creatively evolve with the latest trends, especially given the worldwide resurgence of street style fashion, and I am SO PROUD to work with them. This time, the homegrown brand has done it by rolling out exclusive licensed merchandise featuring the international music icon that has taken both the music and fashion world by storm—Justin Bieber.

Models, celebrities, and Beliebers flocked to the launch of the coveted Oxygen X Bieber collection, which was unveiled in an exclusive shopping party at the SM Mega Fashion Hall. I witnessed a LOT of fans clamoring for the merchandise on the weeks leading up to the event, and it was amazing/ heartwarming to see them lining up outside hours before the mall opened even though the collection wouldn't have been available for them until 1 PM!

Released in partnership with Bravado and MCA Universal, the collection features street wear staples including pullovers, bomber jackets, coach jackets, caps, bags, and shirts that all draw inspiration from Bieber’s hit album, Purpose. I wore my Maybelline Loaded Bold Matte Lipstick in Pitch Black during the shopping party and it was a hit!

The first few days of June were also a hit for my artistic sensibilities. Featured above are mementos from a packed #BU13 and #BatCon and a Monday spent with talented artists Julienne, Mika, and Rian.

And HERE! The day I've been waiting for since I was 12 happened this month!

Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes they sing and dance on stage and inspire you that if they can get through 2008 and look fabulous doing it, then you can get through anything. Britney Spears has been my personal hero since I was 12 years old and seeing her perform live last June 15 is definitely one of my life's highlights. The concert exceeded all my expectations and then some. I was SO HAPPY I cried on my way to work the next morning, you guys. I waited for this for so long, I'm still emotional even now.

24 months at the 12th day of the 6th month of the year

13 June 2017

Hello, world wide web! Jumping off from my last post, I would like to say I am alive and well. I started taking medication yesterday and I'm positive the steps I have been taking to make sure the myomas will shrink will work.

Thank you very much for your support and prayers.

Another big event happened, and I got a PANDORA charm to commemorate the occasion. It's doubly special, because it was a gift. Jeremiah and I celebrated our second anniversary yesterday, and he gifted me with a Vintage K Charm.

It's beautiful. ♥

More than the gift, I am so happy we got to spend the day doing things we love.

We had lunch at Café Lidia with his parents and his sister Chelsea, and then went to different places after. Our first stop was the Book Museum cum Ethnology Center.