My two favorites got together...

04 November 2008

I admit that I am a nerd. I devour books and I am a total trivia junkie. I have an assumed love affair with words and I am perpetually amazed at how a string of letters can construct - and deconstruct - words.

And of course, it is quite obvious by the over-all look of this site that I love the color pink. Almost all of my stuff are in pink; pink phones, pink glasses, pink cases, pink shoes, pink Havaianas pairs, pink everything! I even wanted to have a shirt made with the statement "Everything I touch turns into pink." (No copying, please!)

So you could just imagine how I want to have this:

Pink Scrabble

I saw it in the Certified Pink Lover site which features - you guessed it right - everything pink. This Special Edition of Scrabble is made for the funding of Breast Cancer Research and "includes pink board, pink tiles, pink tile racks, and a pink bag, all inside a pink box!"

I hope they release something like it in the Philippines as well so I could get one. This would be a perfect match with my pink and blue Chess set (yep, pink and blue, it's very nice, actually I might post a picture next week. It's not here at home because I brought it to the apartment).

The Scrabble Special Edition can be purchased here.

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