See you on Saturday?

31 May 2012

First of all I'd like to thank everyone who keep on visiting my blog even when my posts have been pretty irregular and wayward these past couple of weeks. I'm still trying to adjust to some of the changes that have been happening in my life lately and my offline life has been eating pretty much a huge chunk off my energy that I don't get to blog as much as I would like (although I'm still active on Twitter so, follow me maybe?). Some event invites have also slipped by because I can't seem to keep track of the date and time these days. Tsk. Thank you for sticking around :) I will host a giveaway soon that will involve us meeting for an afternoon filled with sweets and fun conversation so I hope you'll watch out for that :)

Right now I just wanted to steal a few minutes off my offline life and talk about something I'm sure we're all excited about: the third Bloggers United Bazaar happening on Saturday at the Grandview Events Place in Makati!

I've spent the past week preparing for this - I sorted out my closets and book shelves in both my room and my apartment and got super excited about the things I've unearthed! The thing about having two different houses, you tend to forget which house the item you want can be found. And the thing about having way too much stuff, well, you tend to forget which pieces you already have so they just lie inside your closet. I personally think that's just sad, so I fully support letting go of some of our stuff so we can easily usher the new ones in! Although of course, it can be really hard to let some of our favorite pieces go but because of some unexpected circumstances *cough*gained weight*cough* I have no other choice but to let them find someone who will care for them, lest I let them fade away into oblivion, forgotten inside my closet also known as Narnia.

Look how excited I am, I even bought supplies ;p

I spent my Wednesday drowning in a sea of people buying school supplies from National Bookstore. Turquoises and pinks are my favorite color combination ♥

Meanwhile, here's a sneak peek of some of the items I will sell:

Titles in hardcover like The Devil Wears Prada and The Nanny Diaries for only P75!
How to Walk in High Heels, The Time Traveler's Wife, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and Yes Man for only P150 - P200!
Paperbacks like Nancy Drew, Goosebumps, and RL Stine for only P20 each!
Sleeping Beauty trilogy by Anne Rice. Each book originally costs P295 but I will sell the set for only P300.
I outgrew my Twilight phase already so I'm selling this set of hardcover journals with tin can case for only P400! Original price is P700+.
[Never used] straw hat with bow for only P50.
Black lace cardigan topper
I really love this pretty cream lace dress but it's a little too big for me. Selling for only P180!
I will be very sad to see this Betty shirt from Kamiseta go. Very sad.
High-waist camouflage print skirt. Very flattering!
Brown stiletto booties. Size 7. Used once. Selling for only P300!
Assorted long necklaces.
I haven't actually finished packing yet but I will be selling more clothes, bags, and accessories! For those who visited my booth last time, I will be selling some brand new bags from Fabric in Style (much like the ones I am using in most of my Postura Project posts) and bag organizers again.

We are encouraging love for Mother Earth, so please bring your own eco-bags! For those who don't have one (or for those who will be needing more if you are planning to shop a LOT), I will also be selling eco-bags there for only P50 each! Free eco-bags will be given for every P500 purchase :)

No matter how stressed and exhausted the preparations are making me, I'm sure this is nothing to the levels of stress the organizers are feeling, so really, I should just pause, breathe and relax. Life's good ♥

See you on Saturday? Please don't forget to drop by my booth! I'll be sharing booth space with Ava and Reg.

A makeover-date with KATE

29 May 2012

For me, the worst thing about having to wear glasses all the time is not being able to play with eye makeup that much. I have contact lens now, but that doesn't mean I would just go ahead and wear them every day. It's just not practical for me, and my eyes do tend to get irritated after a few hours. I can always put makeup even with my glasses on, of course, but if they just remain hidden, then what's the point, right? Maybe that's also the main reason why I put off learning how to do my own eye makeup until after college. I've always loved watching tutorials on Youtube though, and I think it's even better if I can see it in person so that I can use the tips and techniques on myself when I need to doll up for events, business meetings, or special dates.

Two Sundays ago, I met up with Angel and Rovie for a mini makeover at the Kate by Kanebo mall animation set up at the SM North EDSA. Who wouldn't be excited at the thought of makeup, colors, eye shadows and lipgloss?

We were primarily invited so we can try out the new Real Create Eyes palette, a five-shade eye shadow palette with clear soft-transmitting colors and deep monotone colors for creating deeply contoured eyes.

Real Create Eyes comes in five groups of shades.
I was also intrigued by this mascara. It has a unique brush and it was my first time to see mascara being applied like that hee.
Yummy, pretty colors.
Radiant Angel after her makeover.
Thank you for tagging me along!
This is my BEFORE photo.
And this is my AFTER photo.
I didn't ask for full face makeup since I wouldn't be going anywhere special that night.
The PK-1 palette that contains pink toned shades (it's the second one from the top left on the photo of eye shadows posted above) was used on me. It was my first time to try pink tones on my lids (I always do either smokey eyes or bronzy eyes) and I must say I liked the effect. I remembering reading in a beauty magazine before that girls who wear eyeglasses must wear shimmery eye shadows so that they can still show. I used the same palette on a meeting I went to last Monday (I was wearing my glasses the whole time) and the effect was very nice! It provided just the right amount of shimmer without being too crazy on the glitter, just the way I liked it. 

My camera couldn't quite capture it, but...
Shining, shimmering, splendid lids ♥
I have naturally long lashes that remain hidden because of my glasses *sad face*
I also liked that the Real Create Eyes palette already contains its own primer. No need to apply and blend separate primer on lids! The gel primer is also already teeming with micro-shimmers, so that's like hitting two pigs with one angry bird.

With Miss Yannie of Kanebo.
Group photo grabbed from Rovie.
It's so fun to play around with colors and makeup! Now I can't wait to flash you my pink, pretty peepers heehee ;)

Here's to hoping, here's to coping.

26 May 2012

There's nothing else I would love to do more than just sit in front of my computer and write something. Which I realize I'm doing right now but not really, since I'm using my cousin's computer heh. The past week has been an emotional rollercoaster for me, and I know the next couple of weeks will also be crazy, so I am foreseeing a lack of regularity in my posts. In days I would want to write something but can't go online straightaway, at least my phone or journal is always there to document what I want to express.

Yesterday was pretty eventful for me; after work I went to Makati for an important meeting, and then I had to miss Oxygen's show for Philippine Fashion Week as I realized I haven't seen my family for a week and I missed them. I spent a good two hours and twenty minutes on the looong commute home so I'm hoping I could find a place to stay nearer if some of my plans push through. And then my brother had to be rushed to the hospital because his tummy has been aching for a few days now. He still needs to have more tests taken, but he said he's feeling a little better now, thank God. Because they went to the hospital, I just stayed home and missed a mini-reunion with my barkada from high school.

As for today, well, I slept the whole day away. I was feeling pretty low because I had to miss Lifehouse's concert. Too bad, a friend is offering me Patron tickets but because I had no one to go with, I declined it (with a very heavy heart). Oh well. Who knows, maybe they'll come back after a couple of years.

So there, I just wanted to say I'm still alive, and if my posts rarely come that means I'm busy going after my dreams. I still have a lot of backlogs and I hope I can get around to posting them once I get the time. I've started preparing the stuff I will be selling at the Bloggers United Bazaar Part Three and hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in a sneak peek within the week. See you there! ♥

Catching up, missing you, and the new American Idol

24 May 2012

Hello everyone! Oh my golly, I feel like I haven't blogged for ages!!! Told 'ya this week's going to be crazy. Did any of you guys miss me? *bats eyelashes* A quick recap is in order.

Sunday. I got a mini makeover sponsored by Kate by Kanebo (and learned more tips about applying eyeshadows) with my blog-friends Angel and Rovie, then super pigged out at Kenny Rogers and Red Mango with them and Catch and Pao. It was fun talking to these guys, but I had to leave early because I had work early the next day.

Monday. I decided (at the last minute) to go to a workshop sponsored by Raffles Design Institute. I learned a lot about things to remember when doing bazaar stints, and although I am not an entrepreneur per se unlike my blog sister Ana, I know I can put all those 'trading secrets' to good use when I set up my booth at the Bloggers United Bazaar Part Three! I'll be sharing a booth with my pretty fashion blogger-friends Ava and Reg, so make sure to pass by! ♥ After the workshop, I also got to hang out with some of my favorite people from the interwebs: Ana, Aisa, and Paul. Aaand roamed around TriNoma with pretty Kira, where we, again, pigged out at Red Mango. A joint giveaway with her (and my favorite fro-yo place!) is happening soon, so watch out for it ;)

Tuesday. I went to Bonifacio High Street again for the launch of new intimates and shapewear by Jockey held at Aria Cucina Italiana. I looove that restaurant with all of me so it doesn't matter what kind of launch it is, you CAN make me go there heehee. We were given gift cards that I used today, and I love everything I got! I can't wait to share them with you. But of course you won't see outfit posts here of me stripped to my undies. That would be scandalous haha.

Wednesday. There's nothing much I can say about this day except that I felt so giddy in the morning because I didn't have any plans to go anywhere after work so I just went straight home and slept. From 3:30PM to 5:22AM the next day. With just quick breaks in between to pee or check my phone. Yes.

Today. Thank God for supportive officemates ♥ My friend Jam agreed to swap rest days with me just so I can go to the live screening of the American Idol finale held at Greenbelt 3 Cinema 1 at 7AM today. I admit I haven't really been watching these past few seasons (but I was a big fan from Seasons 3 to 8) but I got to watch marathons at StarWorld when I'm home. And c'mon, could I really pass up on the chance to see powerhouse performances - not only from the finalists, but from guest performers as well - on the big screen? That would be just like watching a live concert! And I was right! Everyone who were there were all cheering, clapping, and stamping! I loved the audience's reactions almost as much as the performances shown on screen! And of course, watching it with my friend Ed made it even more fun (you should hear our side comments on different things whenever we get together haha). Jessica Sanchez might not have won, but with talent like that, she is still a winner! And Philip Phillips is just so charming! But the biggest winner of them all? Rihanna! Best in Legs! Haha. Thank you, Greenwich and StarWorld for inviting me!

I also won American Idol earphones in the raffle! Weeeeh!
After the show, I went to Centris where I (as mentioned above) used my Jockey gift cards. I then went to my Aunt Jean's house in Valenzuela, then accompanied her to SM North to shop for appliances and furniture. Went to all these places with a swollen right eye, and I don't know why. I am (understandably) exhausted, and I can't wait to crash into my pillows tonight.

Tomorrow. Is a brand new day and I'll do something that might change the course of my life forever. I sound so dramatic, but it's true. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and I hope you can all wish me luck! ♥

PS: I promise to write more comprehensive posts about the events I mentioned above once I get the chance.

Postura Project: Red, White and Blue

20 May 2012

Dress - Regatta | Wedges - Parisian | Bag - Accessorize

The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.
- Henry Ward Beecher

In this case, happiness is wearing navy blue and white stripes. And red wedges ♥ I wore this to the Fashion Roadtrip I joined (and the three-hour non-aircon bus ride I took after) last week, and it's probably one of my favorite outfits ever.

Postura [noun]
Literally, it translates to posture. But colloquially, “posturang-postura” is an expression used
when someone looks very well dressed. We chose the name because we want
the Postura Project to showcase proud Filipinos garbed in local fashion.

Official Website | Like us on Facebook | Follow us on Tumblr | Twitter hashtag: #PosturaPH

This coming week is going to be crazy busy. Happy Philippine Fashion Week!

Belated Happy Birthdate!

18 May 2012

One of the most amazing people I met in the interwebs is Mimai. A little backstory: we met in August 2010 when she left a message in my old cbox. I visited her site, then BAM! We're friends! Last year we started our annual tradition of meeting in April for our birthdate (since it is our birthmonth) and I really enjoyed it! This year though, it was very challenging for our schedules to meet thus the veeery late birthdate. But as they say, it's better late than later! ;)

She doodled this in my planner earlier!
Last year she brought me somewhere I've never been, so this year it was my turn to bring her to a restaurant she hasn't tried yet: Yabu!

One of the things I like about Mimai is the fact we have the same 'weird' eating habits. For one, we both don't like dipping our food in different condiments and sauces. We also don't like mayonnaise. We also eat veggies but we don't like vegetable salad. And we both prefer yakult-based drinks than milk teas heh.

For Yabu though, we made an exception. We had a lot of fun dipping our chicken katsu in the special sauce :)

Sesame seeds for the sauce. Smells so good! This is always my favorite part whenever I eat at Yabu.
Chicken Katsu

Mimai is also a very good photographer! Visit her site and see for yourself :)
We were so full, but one thing you should know about me, there's ALWAYS room for dessert!

She brought me cupcakes from Sophie's Mom so we ate it there. So sweet :)
Cupcake toast!
We roamed around Megamall a bit, but since she needs to go home early because she'll travel to Quezon tonight for an assignment for When in Manila (she's a contributor), we decided to have another round of dessert at The White Hat before we part ways.

People of the interwebs, meet The Strawberry Dream. I am in love.
This, on the other hand, is Mimai's Peanut Butter Ball.
I also ordered a cup of frozen yogurt topped with cherries, almond clusters and cashews just because.
Mimai alternating eating and doodling the drawing above hehe.
We had a great time just catching up and swapping stories, it's like we've known each other for a loooong time. I am thankful for easy friendships like this ♥

And look what she got me! A mini leather-bound book necklace with a tree pendant :) It's so pretty! I love it so much!
Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. Here is a photo from last year's birthdate:

And this is us a year later. Different hairstyles and hair colors but still the same food-lovers and geeks:

 I really enjoyed our birthdate, thank you so much Mimai! May this tradition long continue, and my heart is hoping you can also join us next time, Meream

Swimming in Shoes

16 May 2012

Alternatively titled: My Kind of Trip!

Before I went on my solo roadtrip to Tagaytay to follow my officemates for our teambuilding last week, I went on a little roadtrip with my fashionista friends! I almost didn't go because the thought of going out of town on my own scared me, but the invite was too cool to pass up!

And I had a really great time, I didn't even mind that I rode a cramped non-aircon bus for a three-hour trip (in a long dress and heels) after. Here are the things we did:

We gathered at the Cookbook Kitchen in Eastwood Mall for lunch
where I had the CBK Chicken
and a slice of red velvet cheesecake.
Piece of heaven, I tell ya.
After having our fill, we went to VNC where some of us who got the "Don't say goodbye to summer just yet!" placecards got to choose their own pair of shoes from the Summer Collection.
While they were choosing what to get, I roamed around the shop and took a few snaps of the shoes I liked.

After we've had our first fill of shoe-gasm, we walked to The Little Things She Needs where we were greeted by
A Fuzzy Little Garden collection
and walls
and endless racks
upon endless racks
of shoes!
I got this card, which meant I could choose any pair I liked
I had a hard time choosing, but finally decided on the pair I liked most :)
The surprises didn't end there! We were led outside, where a coaster was waiting for us to bring us to our next pitstop
and I felt like one of the contestants from Miss Universe or America's Next Top Model heehee.
The coaster was filled with animal sounds from all of us vying to win the "Guess from what movie?" contest, but the Oink team won.
At The Flat Shop, we were treated like luau queens.
The mango shake was perfect ♥
I couldn't resist ;p
We feasted our eyes on these candy brights from TKEES and D'Boy,
Anthologie flats,
Palladium boots (which are not really my style, but I found myself liking),
and more D'Boys/
We posed for more photos. Lots and lots of photos.
So you should view the album here :)
Here's my loot.
Would you like to see what's inside?
New heels from The Little Things She Needs,
rubber Down Boy flipflops from The Flat Shop,
and foldable FlexFlop from The Flat Shop as my prize for being the early bird :)
Thank you so much, VNC Paradigm Image! I had such a great time, it was totally worth the three hours I spent travelling to Tagaytay. And of course, I looooove my new shoes and slippers :)