One of the best Christmases I've had

30 December 2008

Indeed, Christmas 2008 was one of the best I've had. Everything felt so festive and merry and bright that it was impossible to release my inner Scrooge.

I spent half of the day at the office because I had work and then followed Papa to Malabon City after ny shift. Meanwhile my Ma and younger sister went to the airport to fetch Tita Jean who is in the Philippines now until the 14th of January 2009.

I can still feel a warm glow when I remember the fun we've had.

However something happened that dampened my spirits... Mommy Terry, my officemate who is also one of my closest friends there, lost her baby twins. They - specially Steph, her daughter - waited for a child for 10 years. They were really happy when they learned that instead of one, God will be giving them two. However they were delivered prematurely the other day and did not survive the incubators. They were dead within 12 hours...

Goodbye Marcus David. Goodbye Lucas Daniel. As Justin said, this is so tragic, but God did not plan it. He might have permitted it, but He did not plan it. I just wish Mommy Terry's family will not hurt so much.

My prayers are with them. We would appreciate it greatly if you could pray with us, too.

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