Christmas rush shopping haul

23 December 2008

These are the stuff I got from my latest trip to bargain-shopping mecca Divisoria with my Ma Ü

Two pairs of jeans that are absolute perfect fit! The one in the left with the purple patch cost me only 200php while the one in the right was for 240php. Unbelievable right? They are such big steals! They are lying in my baby pink fleece blanket I bought for 120php.

Ankle-length white dress with pretty pink floral print for 150php. You can wear it as a tube dress or you can also tie the straps in such a way that it will be a halter dress. Or you can always wear it in the conventional 2-strap way.

Slim glittery headbands (black, pearl white, turquoise, yellow) 25php each

Cellphone pouch (50php), hot pink waist belt (120php), and pink snakeskin purse with keyholders, coin purse and card compartments (90php)

Not included in the photos are my pair of black leggings I got for 120php and my craft puncher that makes star-shaped holes. I got it for 35php.

Not bad for someone who did not intend to buy anything for herself in the first place right? Ü

Fabulous pieces with prices that will not create big dents on my budget? Absolute, pure LOVE.


  1. sis ang mura nung hot pink waist belt!!! mdami nian sah SM and sah multiply di ba, puro 350++++ nila sell! haha grabe overprice XD btw i luv the belt and the snakeskin purse :) and ang cute nun tube dress, andme pwede gawin.

  2. oo nga nagulat nga ako eh, next time marami ako bibilhin, iba-ibang colors Ö and thanks! Ü


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