Food probs

05 December 2008

Tomorrow is the last day of the Powerbooks' Creative Writing Workshop series I have signed up for and it will be about How to Write Delicious Food Articles and Restaurant Reviews. Now, I cannot reiterate this enough; I am probably the most undomestic goddess I know and this workshop terrifies me. Seriously! For one, I am not that big on eating. I love food, but really, if you ask me to pick which I like better, books or food, I would pick books anytime of the day. And besides, my vocabulary for describing taste is limited to the basic taste adjectives sweet, sour, salty, bitter and spicy!

This might be a problem, but whatever. I will just make the most out of it. I will be with Ana, and if it proves too much for my undomestic self then it would be too easy to walk out and just go shopping.. Hehe.

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