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Alliterations are amusing. Chandeliers, cheesecakes, and charm bracelets make me happy. My blog aims to spread pink, positive thoughts and pretty little things. Send me some love and kisses via mail@krissyfied.com.

Review: Happy Skin x Disney Frozen Moisturizing Matte Lippie Set

Third post on the third consecutive day? Wow, I'm on a roll. Yay, me!
Hello, everyone! Today I'm sharing my review and swatches of the Happy Skin x Disney Frozen Moisturizing Matte Lippie Set that my boyfriend got for me. Yep, he went to a Happy Skin store alone and surprised me with lipsti…

Make Me Smile Mondays // 111416

One thing I love about my job is that I can actually work anywhere so long as there's a working Internet connection. I still need to go to the office 40 hours a week though, but we are not required to go on overtime and I am almost always out of the door before 5:15 PM. That's especially h…

Challenge accepted: Human Nature's Sweep Challenge

I've come to the point where I'm more mindful of the products I use and put on my face, especially those that might be absorbed by my body. With all the chemicals floating around in our food, in the air, and in the products we use, we can never be too careful. Environmental concerns is als…

The iPhone 7 Midnight Launch at Beyond the Box

My current phone contract is due to expire early next year but I'm low key hoping it happens very soon because gosh darn have you seen sample photos online using the iPhone 7? It's like a photo shoot each time!

For you folks who have extra money to burn and a hankering to get a new gadget,…

Another sunset

One day, you said to me, "I saw the sunset forty-four times!"
And a little later you added: "You know-- one loves the sunset, when one is so sad..."
"Were you so sad, then?" I asked, "on the day of the forty-four sunsets?"
But the little prince made no reply.

My friend Ed

I met Ed the summer of 2004; a few weeks shy of our sophomore year in college. I was part of the Student Council as the College Representative, tasked to guide new students as they were interviewed by the College of Mass Communication; he shifted courses, transferring from the College of Engineeri…

Hey, remember that time I rushed myself to the ER?

Yesterday I rushed myself to the Emergency Room of St. Luke's Medical Center in BGC. I only meant to go home earlier than my official time-out from work but my boyfriend said to go to the hospital and so that's what I did. It was my first time to go to the Emergency Room of any hospital ev…

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