Linens and Things

31 July 2011

I am very happy to tell you that I am still very much alive and I didn't fall off the face of the earth ;D

It was my online social life that died the past week, no thanks to Lady Fabrize being busted and my Globe line being disconnected because of sheer negligence. Thankfully I have an extra phone and a Smart SIM so I was still able to get in touch with my friends and family. Now my Globe line is back to normal, and hopefully I can find time this week to have my netbook fixed at the Lenovo center.

Anyway, all my plans for last week didn't push through, but I am still happy because I got to spend me-time at the mall last Friday buying - wait for it - new things for my new apartment, which will now be lovingly referred to as Camp Krissy from hereon (big thanks to Meream for giving it a name! You are now officially my apartment's godmother hehe).

Calling the home-making fairies! Here is a photo of some of the things I lugged from my old unit to the new one:

I had to make it black and white so it won't look too messy haha!
Clothes and shoes and bags and other knick-knacks have accumulated throughout the six months I stayed in my old pad! I have already organized most of them into their right places, but I think I need more drawers or boxes to put the others in.

Let me describe Camp Krissy to you. I think it is spacious enough considering that I live alone. The paint is old and looks dirty so I want to paint or put wallpaper over it. I don't have a TV there, which is okay since I don't watch local shows anyway (I get news updates from the Internet) and the TV shows I do watch I get off the Internet as well. Fastfood and the nearest tapsilog house are my friends because I don't have a stove. My kitchen cupboards are stocked, not with canned goods or groceries, but with beauty and bath products LOL.

I am determined to make it as cozy as possible though, thus the trips to the Home sections of SM and TriNoma. I spent a little less than P2,000  not on clothes or shoes, but on new stuff for Camp Krissy, and I am so excited to buy more! I missed a bloggers' event for this, but I wanted to take advantage of the Interior Zone sale in SM North EDSA (that ended yesterday) so I went there after work and got these:

I got pillowcases in different designs and colors but with with the same theme: polka dots!
And look, a blanket in my second favorite color!
I looove my soft pink mat, and my black and white animal print furry house slippers!
(Look at the wall, that's what I meant when I said I want to paint over the walls.)
In the photo are a black and white polka dot mat for my side table, strawberry-vanilla scented candle and ceramic coaster, and bottles of Curious and Fantasy by Britney Spears ♥
I made sure to pick things in my favorite colors and prints so that looking at them will be instant happiness-boosters for me. I never knew shopping for the home is so much fun! I also bought a new shower caddy, bed sheets (also with polka dots all over LOL), and other things I neglected to take photos of. Right now I'm thinking of more things I want to buy, like beautiful framed prints, pretty lace curtains, a huge cork board, a new shoe rack (because all my shoes are currently scattered lying on the floor), beanbags, and a full-length mirror :) I've been browsing Pinterest for ideas (and my boards are now full of inspirations I would want to incorporate), and ohmygosh I wish I have more than enough funds to burn so I can make Camp Krissy pretty ASAP!

I'm sick with the flu because of the weather, thankfully I'm now in my parents' house where my Mama has prepared the most delicious meals. I hope to be better tomorrow because work resumes again on Tuesday. Leaving you with this pretty picture:

One of my life's little luxuries: lighting a scented candle and just basking in its beauty, scent and warmth.
I hope you all have a great week ahead! Be safe!

Talk about random.

25 July 2011

Blogging without any specific topic in mind. Letting the stream of consciousness direct me. Saying whatever the heck I want to say. It has been a while since I've done a post like this and I kinda miss it, so let's begin :)

The silver bow necklace in my new banner came from this photo.
I got it from Penshoppe during the shopping spree they gave us bloggers :)
I was supposed to go back to my apartment today but wasn't able to because of the President's SONA which was held at the Batasang Pambansa. For those who didn't know, my apartment is actually located across COA which is the practically the next stop right after Batasan. Going there would eat hoursss of my time, what with the rerouting scheme implemented for today and the number of militant groups that gathered for rallies and protests. I wouldn't want to spend the whole afternoon waiting inside a non-moving vehicle, or worse, walking. So yeah, staying home is the best option even though I admit I an still scared about leaving my parents' house very early tomorrow morning to go to work, no thanks to the mugging incident I experienced last May (which I am still traumatized about). Besides, I still wanted to stay here at my parents' so I can use my computer because...

My beautiful, white, beloved netbook Lady Fabrize is still very much busted :( I am not exaggerating, I find it hard to go to sleep without getting online first! Internet withdrawal symptoms alert! Thank God for smartphones, I now check my social networking sites using my HTC ChaCha (which I named Zooey ChaCha hehe) and Globe's SuperSurf. The connection's great and all, but it uses up my phone's battery really quickly. Also, I prefer blogging using my netbook so I don't know when I'll be able to post again. Prolly next week when I come back here to  my parents' house. I really hope I can have her fixed this weekend, that is if I develop enough guts to take her out (still very scared of bad people mugging me and stealing my stuff, you see). When I still can't sleep, I read Kindle eBooks and play with the apps installed to my Galaxy Ace Sheldon. It's amazing, yet scary, how I've become this dependent on technology x___x

Speaking of my new apartment, it's not really pretty actually but I love how it's much bigger and more spacious than the old one I lived in. It looks old and the paint's chipped and all, so I am hoping I can redecorate it and make it look more home-y and cozy. I want to buy new wallpaper, curtains and linoleum in my favorite color schemes to make it more "me", plus maybe get a new bed and bean bags so my guests will have something to sit on hehe. I love how I sound so ~mature~ thinking all these. My new home will serve as venue for team buildings with my officemates and a makeshift photography studio for Mae, thus my goal of prettifying and Krissyfying it. Would you like to donate some of your old furniture to me? Kidding! Not really ;)

Addicted to Harry Potter-mode is still very much switched to ON. My free hours here were spent ogling at the cast's old photos, not to mention the fact I have begun rereading the series from Book One. I was also supposed to go with a friend and watch it yesterday for the fourth time but I woke up really late after my weekend out-of-town trip so I missed it. Tsk. 

The coming week is going to be busy with plans to go back to Liquid Bar with my friends from the office on Thursday, a bloggers' party on Friday, and the aforementioned team building on Saturday. I might also go with my friend Ed to SM Pampanga on Sunday to support him as he auditions for GMA's new singing show. I'm also crossing my fingers about watching Incubus' concert *crosses fingers really hard with eyes closed to demonstrate how bad I want it*

Are you guys on Pinterest? Gaaaah that site is so addicting! Go check out my boards here, and let's follow each other! ♥

Have you guys checked out the newest posts in Fashion Compass? Why not??? Go here and be updated! ♥ The latest post talks about the fashion revolution by Oxygen: Reversible Jeans! I really, really hope my budget can accommodate it, because I am seriously eyeing the gray washed jeans!

Okay. So part of being home with the 'rents is following them. My Mama has been popping up behind me for the last half an hour, bugging me to sleep already because I "need to wake up early tomorrow" for work. I won't be able to sleep yet though because I still need to pack the stuff I will be bringing back to the apartment tomorrow (I really should name my apartment. Calling it apartment sounds redundant, not to mention tiring. Apartment.) Random post ends here, good night folks, and I wish the rest of the week will be fabulous!

PS: My bestfriend Jerome and his twin Jonas will celebrate their birthday tomorrow! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JONAS AND JEROME!!! Cheers!

Awesome 3some!

My weekend was spent surrounded by great friends, lots of laughter, and foooood!

It all started with this...

Not for the faint of heart ;D
Invite made by my friend Ed.
We went on a road-trip to Tagaytay for a triple celebration for Dewi's and Karlo's birthday and Kenneth's despedida. It was great that a lot of us were able to make time for this since we don't really see one another as much as we'd like :) We left Glorietta (our meeting place) at around 6PM, passed by Cavite to pick Myk up, and reached Tagaytay at around 8PM. When you spend two hours in the car laughing and yelling at your other friends who were in another car, you could  already tell that it's going to be a fun night!

BUT BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE, thank you Kenneth for my new lipstick! ♥
Kenneth gave me a tube of L'Oreal Color Riche in True Red.
We headed straight to Leslie's where we also had our 2009 year-ender dinner.

Dewi, me, JV, Myk, Kenneth, Ed, Mines, Khel, Eden, Paula, Marky
Pancit | Grilled Tuna Belly  | Bulalo
Chop suey | Crispy Pata | Kare Kare
Goldilocks Mocha Cake
Our orders amounted to more than P5,000 LOL we were that hungry! The pancit was a little too dry for our liking, but we liked everything else, especially the tuna belly.

More photos:

Oops, wait, Dewi and Ed are not yet ready!
There! Much better! ;D

Picture perfect pose face-off!
After dinner, we drove around Tagaytay looking for the perfect drinking spot where we parked two years ago, but we couldn't find it anymore. So we settled for one of those mini cottages that can be rented by the hour - where we swapped more stories and laughs over bottles of Tanduay Ice.

Cheers to friends!
I got home at 6AM (big thanks to JV for dropping me off at Jollibee where I stayed for at least an hour waiting for the sun to rise) and crept to bed with a big smile. During idle moments I remember the things we did last weekend and couldn't help but laugh all over again. Oh man, our jokes will never grow old ;D

There were so many funny stories shared that wouldn't be as funny if you weren't there with us that night, so I am just reserving those for the comments in the album I uploaded in my Facebook account. I just want to save the memories of this epic weekend in my heart foreverrr. These guys mean so much to me, and I am so grateful to them for keeping me sane in this world riddled with phony "friends" and disposable relationships.

Happy birthday Dewi and Karlo! Wishing you more years of love and laughter! And Kenneth, I am going to miss you but I just want to say, go for the gold sister! ♥

I love you friends, let's do this again soon ;)

Top - Oxygen | Inner white top - SM | Gray shorts - Oxygen
Bag - 168 | Sandals - Manels


24 July 2011

My blog-turned-real life friend Honey left the country last Wednesday to go to Kuwait and stay there for good. While I am happy that she is now with her family, I couldn't help but be sad as well because I am going to miss her. Actually no, scratch that, I miss her already. Even though I met her on the latter part of last year, she has become one of the best friends blogging has brought me, and I bonded with her really well during the few times we've spent in each other's company.

We're now divided by miles, oceans, deserts, and time zones, but good thing there'll always be Blogspot, Twitter and Facebook! ♥

Thank you for your friendship Honey! Please don't forget me! Be safe, and we are looking forward to your visit the soonest time you can ;) Love you!

Photos by Frank Ruaya.

Lady Fabrize is busted.

22 July 2011

I am typing this entry using my HTC ChaCha so I am not sure whether this post will come out okay or not (when it comes to alignment, etc.). I just wanted to say my netbook Lady Fabrize is busted and it's causing a great deal of inconvenience for me, especially as I am one of those who find it hard to sleep at night without getting online first.

I was supposed to write a post last night about how happy I was about moving to a much bigger apartment and how tiring moving all my stuff had been even with both my mom and dad helping me (while lecturing me on how many shoes and bags I have haha). After a quick shower I prepared to relax in front of my netbook, checking emails, Blogspot, Facebook and Twitter, when the screen suddenly froze and then went dead. Then an error message appeared saying the boot disk crashed. Thinking it was just a one-off thing I shrugged it off and tried to restart it, but it wouldn't open! It just said the same thing! Now I'm sad and distraught because I'm not sure if I was able to put a partition in my drives. If not then all my files and photos would be deleted because Lady Fabrize needs reformatting :( Such an unneccessary and unexpected expense :(

To think I have been so excited to finally be able to surf the Net again with ample time at my disposal, after attending to a flurry of activities last week. Sigh. I don't even know when I'll be able to have her fixed. =/ I have a PC at my parents' house, but when I'm in my apartment I need my netbook =/

Hope your day's going better than mine.

Shoppin' at Penshoppe

20 July 2011

Penshoppe launched their newest boutique in SM North EDSA yesterday so they invited some fashion bloggers to attend their opening party!

A little side-story. I cannot reiterate this enough: I have the most supportive bosses in the world! I was supposed to have work yesterday and was not supposed to have been able to go because the event was scheduled at 10AM - 1PM (I get off work at 2PM) but my bosses fixed my schedule just so I can attend ♥

My blog sisters and I had fun ogling at all the pieces Penshoppe has in stock. I have always been a big fan of this local brand (do you still remember when they got Mandy Moore as an endorser? I still have the paperboy cap she was wearing in the old Penshoppe paperbags in my closet!) and I always make sure to visit their TriNoma and SM North EDSA-Annex branches during paydays to check out new items. It's good to know that they added a new boutique to add to my must-visit places, especially since SM North EDSA is so near my office and apartment!

Take a load of these:

I wish I can wear shades, the purple pair I tried on is so flattering!
Denim Lab
I just so love ribbons and bows ♥

It's not a shopping party without some shopping! Penshoppe was so generous in giving all of us P3,000 worth of giftcards each so we can pick our favorite pieces. Before I show you what I got, here are the two other pieces I'm eyeing, but didn't "make the cut":

Gray-green jersey ruffle dress and khaki biker jacket
Here are the items I did get. Very rarely do I get to find jeans that fit me perfectly. Most of the time they hug my hips perfectly, but are too big for my waist. I am so glad the two jeans I tried on fit me perfectly. SCORE! I didn't let these go anymore ;)

I love the cut, the length and the fit.
My favorite denim jeans from now on!
I love this! Black skinny jeans with silver studs.
I am such a sucker for stripes and bows, so this billowy nautical top is perfect!
I couldn't resist the silver bow necklace (P159.00) and this mustard cuff (P179.00)
Thank you Penshoppe, I love everything I got! See something you like? Visit the nearest Penshoppe branch now! Or, go to their newest boutique at SM North EDSA (it's in the main mall, ground floor level) so you can see their new look!

Aside from the shopping spree Penshoppe gave us, the yummy lunch sponsored by Yellow Cab and BonChon Chicken, and the raffle draw where lucky winners got more Penshoppe and The Spa gift cards and even a digital camera, we also had a Blogger Styling Challenge. Ana, Ava and I teamed up and here's the look we came up with:

The Hippies!
I love how our mannequin has a little bit something of each of us: Ana's bohemian vibe, Ava's mojo for layering, and my love for flirty, floaty fabrics. Please help us win by voting for our entry! All you have to do is Like Penshoppe's Facebook page here, and then  Like our entry here. Voting ends on 22 July 2011. THANK YOU SO MUCH! ♥

I really love it when local brands step up. It was such a proud moment for the Filipinos when Penshoppe was able to get THE Ed Westwick as a brand endorser!

Oh, to get lost in his piercing stare ♥

Ed was interviewed by senior correspondent Anjali Rao during his highly-publicized trip here in the Philippines (which was actually his first visit to Asia. Cool huh?) as lead endorser for Penshoppe's 25th anniversary. Highlights of his interview will be available online at after the first airing that will be today, 20 July 2011, at 5:30PM with replays all throughout the week (see show schedule for more details). For more information, you can visit Tune in and be charmed!

Gosh, there are still so many pieces I still want to buy, like the flats, that biker jacket, the maxi dress... Must. Wait. For. Payday. Because I would gladly work for clothes and shoes ;)

Top: Genevieve Gozum | Skirt: thrifted | Corset belt: YRYS
LOVE necklace: Anagon | Chainlink bag: Tomato | Mesh booties: PILL

SM Department Store Women's Plus Model Search

18 July 2011

Are you proud to be big and beautiful?

Get a chance to win a modelling contract, an all expense paid trip for two to Asia's top shopping destinations: Bangkok, Macau, Hong Kong, with shopping money, gift certificates, and a chance to be the first full-figured model of SM's Plus Department!

Click here for more details ;)

Good luck!

Epic End of an Era

16 July 2011

ϟ My Harry Potter Film Wizardry book, my premiere night tickets, and the Harry Potter glasses from Ana ϟ
Today I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 for the THIRD time. The other times I saw it were: with Ana [read her account of it here] in Glorietta at the advance screening last July 13 thanks to my friend Dewi; and with my friends Jonas and Joner on the first regular showing day last July 14 at the IMAX theater in SM North-EDSA. I even requested for a half-day shift for Thursday just so I can catch the first screening for the day which was at 10:30AM. Today, I saw it in SM Fairview with my friends from the office Frank and Terry with her daughter Stephenie.

I don't think I am over-acting, but I didn't tire of the movie even after seeing it thrice. I still teared up at most of the scenes (tears all around from the point Professor McGonagall said "Potter, it's good to see you."), and the funny little moments still never failed to make me smile. Who here didn't tear up at the panning long shot of the trio the morning after, knowing that it is the last time we would see them that way? Whose heartstrings weren't tugged at the Epilogue? Who here didn't admire Neville Longbottom, especially at his speech towards the end (which I have already memorized)? Only a true Potter fan would understand.

I won't post a review yet because I don't want to spoil the movie experience for some who have yet to see it. I know that the ending wouldn't come as a surprise anymore especially for those who have read the book, but we got to admit there were a few instances where the director took liberties with how a scene would turn out just to make the transition from book to film smooth and easier. I just wanted to say though, "RUDDY BRILLIANT!"

*Pause and deep breath* It just feels surreal that it has already ended. I am one of the millions of fans who feel sad that there will be no more books and movies to look forward to in the coming years, yet I still feel grateful that I have been born in this generation - for if I weren't, then I wouldn't have known all about Ron Weasley, and Hogsmeade, and Patronuses, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It would have been cool to wear petticoats and pretty dresses like they did in the Victorian era, but thanks but no thanks. I love my Android apps, my Internet, and my Harry Potter books, so I wholeheartedly embrace being born in the late 1980s.

I know I am not being very original here, but I just want to quote another of my favorite authors Liz Gilbert in her book Eat Pray Love, that "in the end, maybe it's wiser to surrender before the miraculous scope of human generosity and to just keep saying thank you, forever and sincerely, for as long as we have voices." Thank you Warner Bros. and David Heyman for producing these films. Thank you Chris Columbus, Alfonso Cuaron, Mike Newell, and David Yates. Thank you Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson, for being the perfect Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Thank you, Joanne Kathleen Rowling, for sharing with us this wonderful world of wizards and witches. Our childhood would have been a lot less magical without your stories.

*Make Love, Not Horcruxes*

47 Years of Manels

12 July 2011

Two things you can never have too many of: good friends and pretty shoes ♥

Last night my blog-sisters and I were invited to Manels' Private Sale held at their SM Megamall branch as a preview to [and to get first dibs on] their Anniversary Sale.

I'm not gonna lie, I haven't been inside a Manels shop for a couple of years now because when I hear of their brand before, "safe school shoes" [read: boring] immediately come to mind. I am so thankful I got invited to this event because it totally wiped away all my misconceptions!

Rows and rows of shoes, bags, and belts!
Espadrilles and flats
Aside from carrying a wide array of shoe designs for both men and women nowadays, Manels branches have also undergone a complete transformation! Instead of using boring colors in the interiors, they used bright pink (for their high-fashion women's brand Catch) and bright blue (for their men's casual line Maphisto). Cool, huh? Even more amazing is that this year, Manels is turning 47 years old! Their 50th year in the business is coming in three years so these "facelifts" are just some of the things they are doing to be stronger and fresher than ever!

To celebrate their 47th anniversary, Manels has cooked up a five days-event that will surely be enjoyed by EVERYONE:

From July 13 to 17, Manels will hold a special anniversary sale that will let you grab anything - and I mean ANYTHING - at 50% OFF! Awesome deal, right? It doesn't stop there. Anyone who will shop for five or more items will be entitled to 55% OFF on ALL items! Awesome-r! Hurry and visit the Manels branch nearest you because from what I experienced at the private sale yesterday, stocks will be going really fast!

Aside from that, you can also join Manels Nation! Click here to read more about it.

It ain't a blog event without photos with my pretty blog-mates, so:

Sarah, Ana, Pax, Reg, Honey, me, Melai, Jonver, Earth
We're the three winners of HTC phones from the Smart - HTC event I blogged about here and here :)
With Mr. Mark Siggaoat, VP for Operations
Shirt - gifted | High-waist camouflage print skirt - bought online | Purse - 168 | Boots - PILL Footwear
Here is what I took home:

I chose flat sandals just to be different this time around ;D
But I seriously want this as well:

I hope you will be mine as well! ♥
Go and reward yourself with a new pair of shoes (or a new bag, or a new belt, or new slippers... the list goes on), pop into any Manels branch nationwide from tomorrow until July 17 and prepare to be tempted to buy another one. And since everything is being sold at 50% off, then you won't have any problem shelling out for another one. And another one. And another one ;)

*All photos were taken by Frank Ruaya except for the photo of my new sandals.