Holidays are coming

02 November 2008

... and HSBC will have a Holiday Kick-off Party!

The event will be held on 27 November 2008 at the PICC and will have "Super Nightclub" as the theme. I only have 24 days left to prepare, and I NEED to find the perfect outfit! I bought a very nice metallic slate gray dress from Freeway last week, but I have yet to decide whether it is THE dress or whether I will find something prettier.

Here is what I wore to this year's Holiday Party. Theme was Discovolution:

Dress by Hann Asoy, silver Grecian heels from Itti, silver vintage clutch from my aunt, accessories from SM Department Store
Styled by moi. Hair and makeup by moi.

Hopefully I will be able to put together an outfit even better than this one. Ö

Must schedule shopping trips! I need help. What do you think should I wear to the party? Ü


  1. I wanna cry. Actually, I might start crying now. I miss everything in HSBC, minus the sad part with Joms. I miss Discovolution. :( Your Octoberfest, dapat nandun ako but it was my birthday and I was in Tagaytay. Now, ayan (if and only if pwede yan to invite friends, di rin ako pwede dahil birthday naman ng kapatid ko, lol).

    Gosh, I miss you all. :(

  2. Aww I miss you too, Kisty..

    I was also not able to go to the Octoberfest kasi I slept the whole day Ö

    Maybe you can visit sometime? Ü


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