New Year's Must do's

31 December 2008

So many things have happened to me in the past year. I've learned, laughed and lived a lot. No one can accuse me of living idly; I was always on the move, making the most of the years I have here. You see, I've always believed that I will die young. Morbid much? Not really.

I have made countless mistakes and every time I think of my regrets I want to kick myself but then again there is nothing much I can do about it right? So I just try to recall this quote I read somewhere, "Think only of the past as its remembrance gives you pleasure." I cannot do anything to undo the things I did so I just make sure I've learned the lessons each experience taught me, and then move on.

Year 2008 is almost gone, and the air reeks of excitement for the coming 2009. In line with my resolve to make the most out of my life, I came up with a list of must do's. Notice that I did not call them New Year's Resolutions. I don't know, "Resolutions" sounds like a big word, and we all know the luck it had with other peeps; they are observed religiously in the first few weeks and are ignored for the rest of the year. New Year's Resolutions are just that, for the New Year.

Manage finances wisely.
This is perennially on top of my list. I have always been an impulsive buyer and relentless shopper. Now I have more clothes and more shoes than I can wear. I bought 12 pairs of Havaianas this year for godssakes. I NEED to shape up and save up. I was inspired by Ruther who was able to put his money to good use. He was able to take care of his savings and was able to have enough dough left over to buy his new gadgets. I now say, no more shopping for new clothes for the next few months. I still have clothes I haven't worn yet and clothes I haven't gained enough mileage out of (since I wear them just once and then they get set aside so I can wear the others). And no more shopping for new Havaianas! Unless it's my dream LE Batman pair, of course.

Pamper myself more.
This is kinda embarassing, but I have never had a facial in my life. And I have virgin legs (meaning they have not yet experienced being waxed, or shaved). I am also very ticklish so I tend to veer from massages. Now I promise to enlist the help of the pros for my skin, body and hair care. I started the other night; I got a new haircut and hot oil treatment. And I need to gain weight! I have been underweight all my life and I would want to be healthier by normalizing my BMI.

Rediscover my passion for writing.
The writing workshops I took are a stepping stone. They were very inspiring and enriching and I would want to act on my dream of being a writer, even a freelancer one. I am thankful for blogs like this, which help me tap into my inner creativity and reach out to my stream of consciousness.

See more of the world.
Ruther came up with a wonderful plan of going around our beautiful country to take part in various celebrations of festivals. Today the Philippines, tomorrow the world.

Discover new passions.
I would really like to take up a new hobby. I've started nail art recently but I want more. My bestfriend Jerome recommends photography. Any recommendations? I would also want to take a short course on web design. And more writing workshops please.
Keep in touch with old friends.
This is self-explanatory. I wish all my friends have blogs so it would be a lot easier to know what they are up to.

Utilize my Belle de Jour Power Planner.
I promise to use my planner and not let it go unnoticed. It's too pretty for that, look.

My BDJ power planner with the pretty pink box

what's inside

My Philosophy by Mikaela discount card

My must do's are not really difficult to follow. They take just a minimal amount of effort, and the returns are very helpful. The reverberations alone are enough to encourage me to see them through.

And I leave you with the opening words in my Belle de Jour Power Planner:

Live with intention.
Walk to the edge.
Listen hard.
Practice wellness.
Play with abandon.
Choose with no regret.
Continue to learn.
Appreciate your friends.
Do what you love.
Live as if this is all there is.
- Mary Ann Radmacher

2009 offers new opportunities, new experiences, and new options. It's not too late to be the difference you want to see in this world.

A prosperous new year from me to all of you!
Kisses from Krissy! ♥♥


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