Krissy's Kris Kringle

04 December 2008

With the coming of December comes the requisite Christmas parties! And I love it because it gives me another excuse to go shopping tee hee Ö I must say that the Christmas season is my favorite; aside from the lovely snoozy weather, it is also the time of giving (and receiving) gifts. Yeah yeah, I know the spirit of Christmas is not about commercialism and materialism but you get my drift right? Ü

Our team will have a Kris Kringle, a tradition where we would each draw lots for our "babies" and give him/ her a present. But it was modified since we would actually have a wish list so it would not be hard for our "Mommies" and "Daddies" to think of presents.

So... I haven't thought of what to wish for yet. I am stumped.

Hmm, I wonder what to wish for? Ö

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