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Alliterations are amusing. Chandeliers, cheesecakes, and charm bracelets make me happy. My blog aims to spread pink, positive thoughts and pretty little things. Send me some love and kisses via mail@krissyfied.com.

{Blog Tour} Buqo YA Bundle 1: Taking Chances

Hello, how's your hump day coming along? Are you excited for the long weekend? I'm looking forward to resting, painting, watching movies, and writing.
If you're a first time visitor of this site, thank you and welcome! Early this year, a group of new authors and I wrote a Thing each, a…

Review: Shiseido Perfect UV Protector SPF 50 WetForce

Another long weekend is coming up, and for those of you who are planning to go to the beach or hike up a mountain or basically do any outdoors-y stuff and get exposed to the sun a lot, here's a hardcore sunscreen I recommend.
What a mouthful! For the purposes of this review, let's just cal…

Currently Vol. 17

You, probably: Are we done talking about Buqo YA now? I hope we're done.
You, probably: Ughhh.
LOL sorry guys, but the effect of last Saturday's launch hasn't worn off yet. If anything, it reverberates even more now that the initial comments from people who were the first ones t…

It was a beautiful day for dreams to come true.


Yesterday was a particularly bookish day as I went to two launches: Mina Esguerra's book launch for the nationwide release of Welcome to Envy Park, Never Just Friends, and The Harder We Fallin Powerbooks Greenbelt, and the launch in Greenfield District of the buqo YA bundles that contain t…

Mi Sale on Lazada

In this age of smartphones and needing to be online constantly, powerbanks have become extra valuable to extend the battery life of our gadgets. For someone like me whose one of work's biggest requirements is to be on the loop 24/7, a powerbank became another extra appendage.
Great news! Lazad…

Currently Vol. 16

Last Friday, we had a meeting with a new client in their office. Guess where their office is?

It's in Fully Booked in BGC, one of my favorite places in the world!
Oh man, I could just imagine going to work there and walking between endless aisles of books, art supplies, and DVDs every break-ti…

Sticky Notes in Tiny Letter

Hello. This morning, as I was running along MoA's Ocean Drive for the Watsons Challenge: Color Manila Run, I decided I will make a Tiny Letter account. I have been mulling over this for so long as, really, how many social media sites do I really need? But then, I thought that hey, this could b…

Movie Review: Paper Heart

"Has anyone been in love?" "Have you ever been in love?" Associate Biology Professor Matthew Craig said, "I'd also want to be careful not to get so scientific about it that we forget about just the pure joy of the mystical aspects of love. There's something there tha…

SM Ladies' Night (oh what a night!)

Who would say no to shopping? Who would say no to shopping at 50% off? Keep calm? Who could keep calm at deals and discounts as huge as these?

At 6PM to 9PM only for five Wednesdays, SM Woman and GTW by SM are treating us women by offering EVERYTHING on the racks at 50% off! Note…

Currently Vol. 15

Today my emotions ranged from being spontaneously happy to sad to WTF? to excited to furious to elated to every little feeling in between - not necessarily in that order. Unlike Ron Weasley, I do not have the emotional range of a mere teaspoon. It was a wild ride, and it's only Monday.


Krissy Makes

#KrissyfiedMakes is the hashtag I use on Instagram for my watercolor paintings and various DIY projects. And because I'm all for saying your dreams out loud, here it is: someday I'd like to put up a stationery brand with this name and sell products that feature my art. I just need to improv…

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