Second teaser: SM Accessories

31 October 2012

The SM Accessories team has something rolled up their sleeves and I'm sure you're all excited to know what it is! This is the second clue!

Can you figure out who the handsome fella in the video is?

The big reveal will happen on November 16 so if you want to know more, just visit the official Facebook page of SM Accessories here. Prizes up to P100,000 are also at stake so keep on checking the page!

Watch out for the third teaser video next week ;)

Looking for Halloween parties to go to?

30 October 2012

In the mood to party this Halloween? In my opinion, one of the best things our American friends taught us is the All Hallow's Eve celebration because it lends more color and flavor to an otherwise activity-less long weekend (well, aside from visiting and remembering our dearly departed, of course). Either garbed in the most elaborate of costumes or not, here are a couple of Halloween parties you can enjoy.

at the

October 31st from 9pm at COVA (22 Jupiter Street, Makati City, Philippines)

Games + prizes / Drinks + treats / Complimentary Tarot card readings all night / Up to 40% off on NTICE and Found by NTICE

Costumes appreciated but not required


Il Terrazzo
Fright Night
This Saturday, November 3 8pm, we invite you to Fright Night at the Il Terrazzo Ariato Function Center to celebrate both the living and the dead by dancing and drinking the night away! We have made sure to make it a spook-tastic night as we also invited DJ Lady Trinity to shake your souls to thrilling tunes. 
Don’t forget to come in your best costume this Friday! Your costume will be your ticket to free entrance. If not, we’ll be selling tickets at the entrance for P350 a pop. You can also get a free ticket by exchanging a single purchase receipt from any of the participating tenants, or you can also get as much as two free tickets by sharing the Fright Night photo on your Facebook profile timeline. See details below: 
a. Like the Facebook page of Il Terrazzo.
b. Click ‘Share’ to share the poster for the event “Fright Night” on your Facebook wall.
c. If the image gets 150 or more likes on your wall, you can get two free tickets to the event.
d. A maximum of two tickets will be given to a person. 
Il Terrazzo is located at 305 Tomas Morato Ave. cor. Scout MadriƱan St., Quezon City, Philippines. For inquiries, call (02) 374 8378.
Are you going to any of these two? Or both? Don't forget to take photos and share them with me, okay? (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 Although amidst the festivities, please do not forget to light candles, offer flowers, and say your prayers for your beloved friends or family who've already gone to rest on the other side. ♥

Made up by Make Up For Ever

"There are no ugly women, only lazy ones."
 Helena Rubinstein

One of job's perks is being able to experience cool things I normally wouldn't have been able to. Case in point: for events I would usually do my own make-up (primer, foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and blush) and be done 15 minutes tops. But as part of the firm who organizes the Style Series in Prive, my make-up last Thursday was also done by the Make Up For Ever team when they did the models'. After all, we are representing the company so it only follows that we had to look good that night - or much better than we usually do, anyway ;)

They set up a temporary vanity area in one side of the club and immediately got down to business.

So many gorgeous colors and foreign-looking (at least to me) make-up tools!

It was also great to see them convening on which products to use after being shown the models' peg for the night (near-nude eyes and face + deep berry or plum lips). Meanwhile, us ARC ladies were given normal party-ready looks.

Pat working on Nikki
... and then on Shamee while our graphic artist Far looks on.
Models for the night Patricia and Shamee, after having their make-up done
I loved that the MUA Kristel Matias asked the color and style of my dress before did my make-up so she can determine what color palette she would use.

My Before and After photos
The products Kristel used (all from Make Up For Ever, of course!):
Cleanser - Cool Lotion
Face Primer - HD Primer (White)
Concealer - Undereye Corrector
Foundation - Mat Velvet #35 and #40
Eyebrow - Eyebrow Corrector #2
Contour - Sculpting Kit #2
Blush - Eyeshadow she didn't know what number, though
Eye Primer - Lift Concealer #3
Eyeshadow - four different shades but no numbers indicated
Lipliner - Aqua Lip 2C
Lipstick - Lipstick Palette No.6, #220
Compact Foundation - Mat Duo Powder #205 (Face) and #203 (Under eye)
Setting Spray - Mist & Fix

Wow, that's a LOT! It's a good thing she was there to help me as I (even after being an avid reader of beauty blogs for years now) wouldn't have been able to know where to put which!

Ooh, she also used falsies on me!
It's my first time to wear them! It felt kinda weird at first but I got used to them after a while.
Two Kristels :)
You may visit her Facebook page here or email her at
Make-up artists that day: Pat, Kristel, and Mary Ann
Once the photos of the models are up, I'll be including the link here so you can see more of the their works in action.

If I have the moolah, I'll have a MUA come and do my make-up for every event I will be going to in the future haha. Special thanks to ARC PR and Make Up For Ever!


29 October 2012

Let the weekend that has passed be known as the weekend I went to a party for two consecutive nights.

On Thursday, I went to Prive with my officemates for the Style Series featuring NTICE. The firm I work for has handled several installments of the Style Series already but it was my first time to go to one. I was not really required by my bosses but I just wanted to go to support.

NTICE is all about being laidback, relaxed, and having that just-rolled-out-of-bed look. Here is what I wore:

Dress - bazaar | Lace gloves - SM Department Store | Earrings, bangles - SM Accessories
Belt - ForMe | Shoes - Rajo! for Parisian

I was given a makeover by Make Up For Ever earlier in the night, and I'll share with you more photos about that on my next post. Now I know I didn't exactly look like I just rolled out of bed, but I wanted to put in a little more effort that night as I haven't been in a club in a while. I regret nothing ;)

On Friday, I went to Republiq for the final leg of the Miss Sixty and Energie Jeans party nights. I guess it's safe to announce now that I was chosen to be one of the influencers of the brand, so you'll be seeing more of me in Miss Sixty garb very soon.

I wanted to look a bit edgy yet still girly that night, so this is what I wore:

Dress - Oxygen | Accessories - SM Accessories | Tights - Leg Love by Kate Torralba
Shoes - Rajo! for Parisian

Yes, I wore my TAO boots (which I lovingly refer to as my Batman/ Catwoman shoes) to both nights. I love how they look so dangerous yet my feet stayed comfortable on them throughout the night, considering I am no longer used to wearing heels. I. LOVE. IT.

With fellow influencers Ana, Arnie, and Kelly
I actually didn't party party during these two nights as I wasn't really in the mood, but it's nice to dress up every once in a while. I did realize that partying is not really my thing, though. My friends have also been inviting me to different Halloween parties but I have not committed to anything because I don't feel like going. I just want to stay home and rest... Shucks, I must be getting old.

How about you, going (or have gone) to any interesting Halloween parties lately?

Photo credits: Luther Abcede for photos from Prive and Arnie Villanueva for the photos from Miss Sixty

If only I had the hair to style this way.

28 October 2012

It is human nature to want what one doesn't have. Such an appropriate and relevant thing to say because while in the event I am going to talk to you about, I suddenly missed my long hair that I think I might grow it again this time.

Last Wednesday I went to a Pink Box party that promised an end to bad hair days. It is one of my favorite events I've been to in a while because a. it was a PINK party and b. it was held in my favorite restaurant Aria Cucina Italiana.

If heaven really looks like the idea of heaven presented in the movie What Dreams May Come, THIS is what my heaven would look like: pink and with lots of girly and frilly touches!

After filling ourselves up with delicious Italian food (Juvy, my favorite waitress there even prepared a special Rucola pizza for me by putting pine nuts and arugula on slices of Four Cheese Pizza ♥) the Pink Box team presented a quick demo on how to use their newest hair weapons: the Donut Bun and the Hair Puff (don't you think they sound yummy?)

One of my frustrations in life is not being able to do this hairstyle (#meandmyproblems). I just think it's such a quick and easy way to look chic; all you need is a swipe of red lipstick and you're good to go! This is perfect for relaxed days like when running errands or even for more formal and dressy events - just pair with an LBD and pearls a la Audrey Hepburn. I've never been able to put my hair up in a bun even when it was longer because it's too thick, so everything falls off the tie before I've even finished doing it. Hopefully the Donut Bun will make the job easier for me.

Now this, this is something I can manage, I just need a couple more inches of hair. I love how it easily adds a certain flair to your look. I wish my hair grows longer soon so I can give this hairstyle a try!

Both the Donut Bun and Hair Puff come in different sizes so you can find which suits your outfit and mood for the day or your hair length.

After the demo, it was time for us to try it for ourselves.

The Pink Box team passed baskets of hair goodies around and the girl who came up with the best look using either the Donut Bun or Hair Puff went home with a full-length mirror with compartment for accessories inside! Spoiler alert: I did not win haha.

Blogger love all around! Momma Sarah helping Ana :)
My seatmate Carizza :)
In the end, Kim won. I don't have photos, but no one could have competed with the intricate way she did her hair. Some other snaps of pretty faces all around:

Phoebe and Kira
Bambi and Kira
With Paul
I love these two beautiful ladies! ♥
With Pink Box's Brand Consultant Liz
Thanks for inviting me! ♥
Another bonus of the day --- while on our way to BHS, I read off Twitter that my blog-friend Mimai was also in the restaurant adjacent to Aria so I immediately sent her a text. We've been meaning to go out again after our belated birthdate but our schedules wouldn't meet, so I was really glad to see her!

Photo grabbed from her.
Can't wait to hang out again really soon, Mimai!
I really had a great time. Now I'm praying to the hair gods to make my hair longer faster so I can rock new hairstyles soon ♥

Keeping these in storage for the meantime ;)
Ladies, these would also make excellent gifts for your girl friends! ♥ For more details about Pink Box's products and branches, Like their Facebook page.

PFW S/S 2013: SM Kids

27 October 2012

My tasks for this week culminated with the SM Kids' show on Philippine Fashion Week earlier today. ARC handles the PR for SM Kids and I've seen how the weeks leading up to this day have been stressful for my officemates, but I'm sure seeing the fruits of their hard work in the runway earlier made it all worth it. :)

It has been a crazy-busy week for me, too. I can't wait to laze around the house and do nothing! For the meantime, here are some snaps from today:

Press kit for SM Kids and my backstage pass
I was tasked to man the registration area for bloggers
Thanks to Kira for taking this photo ^_^
I couldn't even begin to tell you how charming and adorable the kids who modeled were! Earlier after eating at the pantry, we passed by the meeting room where makeup was being done and wow, it felt like there was a riot inside with all the kids buzzing and chattering about excitedly! So cute!

The kids captured my heart! I was not able to take runway photos because I don't have a camera, but here is one I grabbed from SM Kids' Facebook page:

So pretty!
When I was a child, my mother used to make me wear dresses all. the. time. How I wish these dresses were available then!

These looks are from the catalog. Who said kids can't be fasyon? I wouldn't mind dressing my future kids up with these:

Crib Couture
BGS | Bradley
Girls Edition | Hello Kitty
Dude | Modern Prince
Blush | Little Miss
I really, really wanted that white/ purple/ yellow polka dot dress from Little Miss that I went straight to SM Mall of Asia's Department Store after the show to get one for myself (yes, I can still buy clothes from SM Kids ♥) but sadly they don't have it there. I'm looking forward to visiting other SM branches so I can get one, and yes I am serious heehee. Now even though what I originally wanted was not available, I still managed to walk away with these:

Pretty lilac-colored headband and sheer blouse
Both from the SM Kids section.
I can't wait to wear them! :)
Trying out these cute pearl cat ear headbands with Rovie
Press gifts: mini Birkin (mehehe) and Hello Kitty plushie
So cute!
I got to unwind a bit with my blogger friends at French Baker after.
I loooved my crepe a la mode.
What a great experience. Thank you so much ARC PR and SM Kids! I can't wait to raid the racks of the Kids' section at SM Department Stores again ♥

We were asked to wear black and here's what I wore
Top - YRYS | Skirt - Ensembles | Shoes - schu