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Alliterations are amusing. Chandeliers, cheesecakes, and charm bracelets make me happy. My blog aims to spread pink, positive thoughts and pretty little things. Send me some love and kisses via mail@krissyfied.com.

Welcoming Alister

I indulged myself yesterday and ticked one off my wish list: a new phone. I finally got a Nokia 3120 classic and I love it! It is in graphite though because the mobile phone shops in SM Fairview do not carry it in other colors. That's fine, I will have it G-masked anyway. Ü


My baby Elixir died. Ruther sent me an SMS earlier today, saying he found Elixir floating, dead. He surmises it is because he is a different specie of fish; he is an angelfish while Phantasmagoria, Serenity and Chaos are all goldfishes, even though they are from different families. Now I need to bu…

It is November 25 so...


I am so excited to see it.

And even though I have

The complete 4 books from the Twilight series
A gray shirt with "I've Fallen for Edward Cullen" text in magenta bought from Nicole
A black shirt with "Cullenista" text at the front and the Cullen crest …

Quick quotes #3

The only way to grow is to have the initiative to get out of your comfort zone and do things you thought you couldn't do.

Stream of Consciousness

I finally bought the aquarium I have been dreaming to buy, and I am so happy!

Ruther, Asther and I went to Bioresearch at SM North EDSA yesterday to buy my aquarium, fishes and all the other what-nots. However for the aerator we were able to buy that at Under the Sea since Bioresearch did not have a…

The spotlight is on Spotlighting a Travel Piece

I went to Powerbooks - Megamall last Saturday for the second module of the Powerbooks' Creative Writing Workshop series. The topic was Spotlighting a Travel Piece. There was a slight improvement with the number of attendees (five this time as compared to last week's three): the staple works…

Soul Sisters in the Success Story workshop

Oh wow I haven't posted anything in a while now. Blame it on my busted PC, who until now sits in her busted-ness. Ugh. I need a new one so bad, but funds are low at the moment, so I am getting by through my beloved Tito's computer and the office's cybercenter.

So, some updates I guess...…

Just some updates..

I am posting this from the office, just some quick updates... My computer has broken down beyond repair. It needs a new motherboard, processor and memory. Might as well buy a new PC, yes? My TL and manager were able to arrange my schedule so that I would be able to attend Powerbooks' writing work…

Tidbits and tra la las

My computer is under repair once again :( I'm in a computer shop right now, uploading pictures from last week's team building to my Multiply and Tranche 5's Friendster accounts. Ü

Some pictures from the said event:

enjoying my fresh buko juice

with my friend/ housemate Ar

first time EVER th…


I take back everything I said yesterday (about the stress part). The team building we had yesterday was SUPER FUN! Everyone from Team Jimmy was there, and I even saw my bestfriend Jerome with his twin brother Jonas and friends Jess and Ramil! Lots of good food, hearty laughter and great conversatio…

I am smiling now Ü

I could not stay unhappy for long. I am not the type who broods and dwells on sad thoughts and I do not want to let unhappiness get the better of me. I talked with my officemates by phone and by YM conference and I am feeling much better now. I will go to the team building later and I will bring my…

Smile Krissy, smile

My planned reprieve has been interrupted. My TL texted everyone of us asking us to go to Trinoma tomorrow for our team building.

It kinda sucks because I planned on going to the office tomorrow straight from home and not return to the apartment until after work tomorrow. Now I have to go to Trinoma …

My two favorites got together...

I admit that I am a nerd. I devour books and I am a total trivia junkie. I have an assumed love affair with words and I am perpetually amazed at how a string of letters can construct - and deconstruct - words.

And of course, it is quite obvious by the over-all look of this site that I love the color…

Busted computer unbusted!

My PC's up and running again!

Big, pink thanks to my Tito who repaired it! That was fast! Ö

Busted computer

Of all the days in a week, my computer chooses the two days I am at home to break down on me. I am only able to use her every Tuesday and Wednesday since I stay at my apartment in Quezon City the rest of the week. I am only able to catch up on my emails and accounts on these two days. I am only abl…

Holidays are coming

... and HSBC will have a Holiday Kick-off Party!

The event will be held on 27 November 2008 at the PICC and will have "Super Nightclub" as the theme. I only have 24 days left to prepare, and I NEED to find the perfect outfit! I bought a very nice metallic slate gray dress from Freeway last…

Today is November 1

The gloom normally associated with the commemoration of the All Saints' Day was further enhanced by the gray, cold and very rainy weather. I'm on leave from work for today until tomorrow to observe the family tradition of going to the cemetery. The flowers and candles have already been prep…

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