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Alliterations are amusing. Chandeliers, cheesecakes, and charm bracelets make me happy. My blog aims to spread pink, positive thoughts and pretty little things. Send me some love and kisses via mail@krissyfied.com.

Eat Plan Love 2019

I was sick last Saturday but I couldn't have missed Eat Plan Love 2019 for the world. It's a planner party organized by The Philippine Planning Society and it was my first time to go. I didn't think I would be able to get a slot but I did! I already have planners for 2020 but it's …

“You don’t need a vacation when there’s nothing to escape from.”

I read this post on Facebook and thought it too beautiful not to share. I'm also lifting the post in its entirety and reposting here for posterity so that I can look back at it every time I need to. I hope you get inspired as well.

Self-care is often a very unbeautiful thing.

It is making a spr…

Review: blk Cosmetics Multi-Tasking Color Stick in Merlot

When putting makeup on I love playing with different color combinations and checking which colors go best with which. I like rotating my palettes and products so I rarely do the same look more than thrice. While this is the ideal scenario, most days, I am too busy and pressed for time that I can b…

Flip through: Belle de Jour 2020 Power Planner

A blink and a sigh, and we have barely two months before a completely new decade descends upon us. If you're in the market for your 2020 planner, may I suggest that you check out Crazy About Paper for Viviamo's lineup of planners for every planner personality? In this post I'll give a f…

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