Busted computer

04 November 2008

Of all the days in a week, my computer chooses the two days I am at home to break down on me. I am only able to use her every Tuesday and Wednesday since I stay at my apartment in Quezon City the rest of the week. I am only able to catch up on my emails and accounts on these two days. I am only able to read the blogs I follow on these two days. I am only able to cull interesting tidbits and thingamajigs on these two days. Heck I am only able to online shop on these two days. And she decides to fail me. C'mon, I know life is not fair but can't she oblige me a bit? Can't she break down on Thursday? That way she can be repaired and then be ready again for use when I come back home the next Tuesday.


So I am at a computer shop now, renting.


I am so not smiling.

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