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05 November 2008

I could not stay unhappy for long. I am not the type who broods and dwells on sad thoughts and I do not want to let unhappiness get the better of me. I talked with my officemates by phone and by YM conference and I am feeling much better now. I will go to the team building later and I will bring my camera!

There's only one problem, I do not know what to wear because almost all of my pretty clothes are at the apartment.

Moving on, I haven't done this for quite a while now. Let me spread some holiday cheer and materialistic vibes (haha!) by sharing some stuff I ordered online.

Girl Power charm bracelet from Sis Tine of pinkyblings
*picture taken from her site

This is from her Reel Life collection which consists of charm bracelets inspired by movies. The main inspiration of the Girl Power charm bracelet are - what else? - chick flicks! It is made of "glass beads, two layers of chain (intertwined), US-made pewter charms (mask, clapperboard, film camera, gilded heart, Hollywood sign, antique car) and locally-bought charms (stiletto, flower, handbag, cherries)".

Strawberries hoodie from Sis Malou of theclosetqueen *picture taken from her site

This is from her Fruitilicious Hoodies and Cardigans album. Sis Malou always comes up with very pretty and unique stuff to sell. I think that she is the online seller I've bought the most from. Whenever she has new uploads I just could not stop myself from buying. And she is super friendly and accommodating! Check out the album, there are other yummy stuff there like the Cherries and Apples cardigans.

Havaianas Logo Jelly in Soft Violet from Sis Beth of princessjuicy25
*picture taken from her site

I have sworn I will never buy another pair again. I am even contemplating of selling the pairs I have not worn yet. But Sis Beth uploaded the Havaianas 2009 collection earlier today, at rock-bottom prices (with an additional 5% discount) and I could not resist. So there, I got myself this one. I was also tempted to get the 4Nite Black Grey Skulls or the Slim Peacock in White or the Slim in Light Lilac but I was successful in stopping myself. Credits also to my officemates and friends Frank, Mich and Watcher whom I was in a YM conference with earlier today. Ö

There is nothing like retail therapy to chase the blues away. Ü

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