It's December!

03 December 2008

Oh wow time flew by so fast.. Where have all the days gone? Anyway, it's December, and you know what means right? Aside from it being the Christmas month, it is also the time when bonuses are being handed left and right. I splurged on myself a bit last week when I bought myself a new phone, and the 13th month pay has not even been given to us yet, so more money for us! Ö

Now before I go all-spendiriffic again, I need to pause and put things in perspective. With all the financial crisis and credit crunch going on, I need to learn to prioritize and spend on things I really need.

Like what? Well, I really need to buy a new computer. I am using my Tito's computer in the two days I am here at home, I am thankful of course that at least I am able to use this as an alternative, but it would be much better if I have my own again. Besides my two sibs are studying, so it is not practical to be without a computer these days.

I guess the digital camera and portable DVD player would have to wait. It might be cool to have a credit card and just swipe every time I see something I like. But for a shopaholic like me, a credit card might cause my downfall. I do not have a credit card even though I work for a bank. Maybe because customers calling us with thousands of pounds of debits have scared me off. I don't know.. I pay for everything in cash, and it has worked for me. A bit anyway. If what I want to buy is way over my budget, I don't buy it. But that is not the end of the story; I find ways on how I can get it. Borrow from my Mom perhaps? Better than a credit card, since it is guaranteed 0% interest! Ü

But of course I would want to indulge myself a little bit, since I have worked hard for this for a year. Hmm.. Maybe the new phone is enough? I could just jazz it up. Or a new pair of Havaianas perhaps? Maybe not. I indulge myself every month anyway. I guess I would just have to save the money and then spend some for Christmas gifts for family, friends and officemates. My savings account needs some plumping up Ö

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