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On conquering my Achilles' heel: Make-up

So I've confessed here that I am totally clueless when it comes to make-up. I used to just be a powder-and-lipgloss kind of girl and cannot be bothered about any other beauty products before. My philosophy (being a total shoe-addict that I am) was "I don't care if I don't have make…

Yes, I am a Doll

I was awarded/ tagged by pretty Amynaree a couple of weeks ago. Sorry it took me this long to post this! It's just that I wanted my post to be well-thought of :)

Here it is!

You're a Doll award

The rules are:
1. Remember to link back to the person who awarded you!
2. Select 5 more bloggers that …

MMSM - Kiddie Birthday Parties

Yay for Mondays! That is the battlecry of this serial. If you were not able to read this post, I said there that I want to start a regular fixture in this blog that will be known as Make Me Smile Mondays, for the sole reason that I want to make you find a reason to smile on a day that you (may or m…

I see red, people.

Okay, I am sorry for that terrible pun. I should be ashamed of myself. I apologize and I will try to think of a more creative title next time :D

I was tagged by Meream to post 7 red things in my home. I was hesitant at first because I did not have too many red stuff (since most of my items are in pi…

Tags and Awards Galore Part 2

You can really tell by these posts (this and Part 1) that I don't  have anything productive planned for today :D

Anyway, here's Part 2! :D

I got this award/  tag from my pretty blogfriend Cha!

Over the Top award

There's only one simple rule for this award  tag: answer the following question…

Tags and Awards Galore Part 1

I was supposed to go somewhere today but the dark cloudy sky loomed menacingly so I scrapped my plans and rescheduled it for Friday. Left with a LOT of free time in my hands I figured I would do some overdue tags. :)

So yeah, Tags and Awards Galore! (I decided to divide them into sections so it won&…