On conquering my Achilles' heel: Make-up

29 January 2010

So I've confessed here that I am totally clueless when it comes to make-up. I used to just be a powder-and-lipgloss kind of girl and cannot be bothered about any other beauty products before. My philosophy (being a total shoe-addict that I am) was "I don't care if I don't have make-up, as long as I have my shoesss." And frankly, I don't have problem skin so there's no need to cover anything up.

But then, I realized I also want to learn how to apply make-up in case I would be needing it in the future. There's nothing wrong with being a powder-and-lipgloss girl but you have to admit that there are some instances where you really have to be presentable (like job interviews) and all-dolled up (like parties). Besides, how can you not love all those gorgeous colors?

In a little over a year, I am happy and proud that I've already learned (at least a little) how to apply my own make-up, thanks to the beauty blogs I follow as well as the endless magazines I pored into. :D

For the photoshoot I had with my friend and classmate-from-college Karlo for Project Barbie, I did my own hair and make-up. (I am so excited to post the rest of the photos but I do not want to spoil the fun :D)

Here are the products I used:

Yes, it takes a lot of products to have the natural, no make-up look :D

For the face:
Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Liquid Foundation in W02 Natural Buff
Ellana Minerals Premium Blend Foundation in Cafe Mocha
Ellana Minerals Oil Absorbing Mineral Finishing Powder in Pumpkin Pie Latte
Ellana Minerals Silk Glow Illuminating Mineral Finishing Powder in Pumpkin Pie Latte
Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Face Powder in Natural

For the eyes:
Ellana Minerals Powder Concealer in Whimsy
F21 Single Eyeshadow in #06
Nichido Eyeliner in Black
in2it Colourline Eyeliner in Black Glitter
Brown Shimmer and White Shimmer in Eyeshadow Pallette
Avon Mascara

For the cheeks:
Colour Collection Triple Treat in Infinite Peach
Ellana Minerals Powder Blush in Happiness
Everyday Minerals Blush in Back to School

For the lips:
Ellana Minerals Lip Treatment in Strawberry Kiss
NYX Round Lipstick in Louisiana
Ellana Minerals Liquid Lip Color in Tease

Tools used:
Ellana Full Powder Brush
Everyday Minerals Eyeshadow Brush
Ellana Baby Buki Brush
Ellana Concealer Brush
Non-latex sponges

What's with make-up and their long names? :D

Sneak photos from the shoot:

stolen shot

ready for the camera

Krissy's note: No editing done in the photos except for the Vignette effect and Round Edges frame. :)

Project Barbie will be on February 3!! Click here to know full details ;)

I know I still have a long way to go, and I am excited to learn more!

Now if only the next thing I can learn is how to cook. :D

Yes, I am a Doll

26 January 2010

I was awarded/ tagged by pretty Amynaree a couple of weeks ago. Sorry it took me this long to post this! It's just that I wanted my post to be well-thought of :)

Here it is!

You're a Doll award

The rules are:
1. Remember to link back to the person who awarded you!
2. Select 5 more bloggers that you think are dolls and link them at the bottom.
3. Tell about a character from a book/ movie/ drama that you like most.
4. Post the picture and title on your blog  permanently if you like.

I originally thought of choosing one of my fictional heroines, Rebecca Bloomwood from Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series. Like her, I also cannot control myself all the most of the time when I am out shopping (or even when I am in the convenience of my own home, doing online shopping). I find her really funny (the books have lots of LOL moments), and think it's awesome that (like all romantic comedies) everything turns  out all right for her in the end. And of course, she always has her boyfriend-turned-husband - the gorgeous Luke Brandon - by her side. It was turned into a movie last year (which in my opinion should have been given a different title seeing as how it completely deviated from the events in the book. Isla Fischer did a great job portraying the role though.) and Ms. Bloomwood's name (and reputation) became even more famous.

"That moment. That instant when your fingers curl round the handles of a shiny, uncreased bag - and all the gorgeous new things inside it become yours. What's it like? It's like going hungry for days, then cramming your mouth full of warm buttered toast. It's like waking up and realizing it's the weekend. It's like the better moments of sex. Everything else is blocked out of your mind. It's pure, selfish pleasure."
- Rebecca Bloomwood
Confessions of a Shopaholic (book)

"When I shop, the world IS better. And then it's  not. So I do it again."
- Rebecca  Bloomwood
Confessions of a Shopaholic (movie)

I wanted to choose her at first. But then again I thought, "Hey, I may shop a LOT, but I am still conscientious. Besides, I do not shop beyond  my means. I do not have a credit card, I pay for everything in cash, and I make sure I do not spend money that I do not have." So yeah, that's one thing we don't have in common. But then again, for all her flaws, I still have to say that she is a very lovable and adorable character. There's a Ms. Bloomwood in all of us. :)

So after that long introduction, I now say that I chose Jasmine.

Princess Jasmine
*image from Google

Okay, this is further proof that I may be 19 23 but I act (and feel) younger than my age (sometimes I want to attend a crash course on maturity XD). Jasmine may not have her own movie (she is Aladdin's  leading lady in the Disney movie Aladdin) unlike the other Disney Princesses like Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Ariel (Belle shares billing with the Beast) but I still like her best. I even wanted to dress like her on a Halloween party we had in Elementary so imagine how upset I was when I learned costumes were only for Kindergartens.

So why do I like her?

Simple! It's because she has a pet tiger! (I have been wanting to have a tiger for a pet for the longest time!)

who wouldn't want to pet Rajah?
*image from Google

I'm kidding of course, that's not the only reason. I like Jasmine because aside from the fact that she's beautiful and sexy, she is also brave, spunky, and knows how to use her sexuality to her advantage. She did not want to be bound by the rules of Agrabah and marry someone she does not love so her family's lineage can carry on having the throne, so she escapes to the marketplace where she meets our dashing Aladdin. And remember how she managed to get the truth from "Prince Ali Ababwa" that he and Aladdin are the same person? And how she flirted with Jafar so he won't see that Aladdin and his friends has come? Oh I can go on and on! And of course, one of my favorite movie scenes ever is in this film - their magic carpet ride while singing A Whole New World is one of the most romantic and sweetest scenes ever. ♥♥

And because my Mother is awesome and  she feeds the child in me, she bought me this book:

Princess Treasury

the book is so thick and heavy! like an old-fashioned story book :)

Table of Contents
The book contains stories of the six Disney Princesses, with illustrations lifted from their animated movies

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Sleeping Beauty


The Little Mermaid

(how cool is it that Jasmine is the one in the cover even though it is Aladdin's story? :D)

there's Jasmine looking grumpy because he thinks "Prince Ali Ababwa" is such a stuck-up :D

"Prince Ali Ababwa" visiting her for a late-night rendezvous awwww

Beauty and the Beast


back cover

Have I ever told you I have like 80 necklaces? These are two of them:

I ♥ Princess Jasmine necklaces
I actually have another one (originally from Disneyland. Pendant is in gold setting) but I wasn't able to include it in the photo x_x
I have two of the necklace in the right (I bought the other one and then Ana gave me that as a gift.)

And here I attempt to channel the Princess Jasmine in me:

except that the only likenesses I can see are our jet-black hair and the color of our tops :D

That was quite long! Now I am tagging and awarding these ladies who I think are real-life dolls!
Toothfairy (even though she doesn't accept awards just yet, it would be interesting to see her answer the tag.Ü)

And Rick, you know I would really want to give you the award as well, but somehow methinks the award is not too flattering for you. Ooh, how about a Ken doll? Then you're in! :D

I hope you are all having a fabulous week! ♥♥

MMSM - Kiddie Birthday Parties

25 January 2010

Yay for Mondays! That is the battlecry of this serial. If you were not able to read this post, I said there that I want to start a regular fixture in this blog that will be known as Make Me Smile Mondays, for the sole reason that I want to make you find a reason to smile on a day that you (may or may not) dread (this being the start of another school- or work-week). Ü

Since this is the first MMSM post, I wanted to make it perfect. I racked my brains in the last couple of days  - and even asked assistance from friends - thinking of what I will feature first. And then I realized, hey, this should be about things that make me happy so I shouldn't  be too stressed about it. I should  just go with the flow and wait for inspiration to strike. Weekend rolled, and it did.

Last weekend is one of the best weekends I have had in a looooong time, mainly because I did not have work! As you know, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my rest days so the only way I can enjoy weekends is to file for vacation leaves. I learned to budget my VLs wisely ever since I used up  all of them on the first six months of last year, leaving me with no VLs  for the rest of the remaining half x_x I was supposed to go with Dane to Bicol but my VL for Monday (today) was not approved. So yeah, he's there now enjoying his vacation, while I am here missing him. Left on my own, I tried to look for other things to do so my weekend will not be put to waste.  Thank God for friends, they provided the distraction I needed!

On Saturday Mich and I had a photoshoot with Karlo, a friend from college. What is the photoshoot for? It was actually inspired by Project Barbie! Another valid reason for this: we are only young once, so we better have our pictures taken while we are at the prime of our youth. Ü I can't wait to show you the pictures! They would have to wait for a little bit longer though, I don't want to spoil Project Barbie. Ü

After the shoot I went to my home-city so I can attend my godchild Kaylee's birthday party. It was supposed to take place last week but she got asthma and broncho-pneumonia and was confined in Infant Jesus Hospital. Good thing she's okay now. Because I arrived at 7PM, I was already too late for the mini programme and kiddie parlor games. x_x I was already too late to see Kaylee dressed in full regalia (boo!) so I just took a photo of hers from her mom's Facebook account (they haven't uploaded photos from the party yet).

Baby Kaylee
She turned 1 year old on January 14

It was great to see my friends from elementary and high school again! They are my oldest friends - people I have been friends with for the longest time.
Sidenote: Our other classmates created a Facebook group for our high school batch and uploaded photos from waaaaaay back. Gah I was too skinny! I pray those photos won't reach you :D

Here's what we look like now:

me and Ching

me and Carmela
notice  how we kinda look alike?
us three (together with Jeje) were called Triplets back in our COCC days
here I did her makeup with the same shades I used in my face :D

me and Christian

I love these guys!

I ended up sleeping over at Dianne's house. The next day I planned to just laze around  the whole day and Net-surf to my heart's content, but fate had other plans.My bestfriend Jerome did not stop pestering badgering urging me until I said yes to hanging out at his house so I can look at his plans for a new business. (I am so happy that he is so wise with money, unlike me a certain person I know.) Before I knew it I was whisked away to another kiddie birthday party! It is for our classmate Jane's sister Janeil. This time, it was held at Jollibee.

For my non-Filipino readers, Jollibee is the number one competitor of McDonald's here in the Philippines. This picture I got from Tumblr can explain it better:

Who's that fat stupid happy bee? Everyone, meet Jollibee!

If that alone won't put a smile on your face, I don't know what will :D

busting a move with Twirlie

Kiddie Party Krissy :D

Ron and Jer

Grace, me, Bhade, Elly

me and Ron

I am glad I was able to see my friends and classmates again after a very long time! :) So yeah, two kiddie parties in one weekend. At the age of 19 23? Not bad :D

It got me thinking of my own birthday parties. Apart from my 7th Birthday Party in Mary Jay's Restaurant (after my graduation from Kindergarten, to celebrate my being a Valedictorian),  Debut Party on my 18th birthday and my Pink Positive Party I didn't really get to have kiddie birthday parties. I suppose it would be grand to have a LOT of gifts. And parlor games will be fun! I laughed so hard when Jerome told his twin brother Jonas that they should not stop until they have convinced their mom to let them have a Jolli Kiddie Party as well when they turn 24 this year :D  It got me thinking about what kind of celebration I will prepare for this year. But then again I would really want to buy a new camera so I should just save my money for that. And now I am getting ahead of myself already. Must. Stay. Focused. What about you? What are your fondest birthday memories? Do share! :)

Sorry for the quite long post. I leave you now with my resolution to not gloat about my rest days for the next two days. Mwahaha. Have a fabulous week, everyone! ♥♥

I see red, people.

23 January 2010

Okay, I am sorry for that terrible pun. I should be ashamed of myself. I apologize and I will try to think of a more creative title next time :D

I was tagged by Meream to post 7 red things in my home. I was hesitant at first because I did not have too many red stuff (since most of my items are in pink). After a couple of weeks though I was finally able to complete the 7 items! Here they are:

I'm a Pirate! shirt by Ikon Tees

This is one of the few 'un-girly' shirts I have. The print in front is a pixelated pirate's flag while the back is covered with pixelated crossbones. An ex-boyfriend and I bought our own shirts with the same design (because we were cheesy like that) and wore them at the same time one New Year's day. We have since broken up,  but that doesn't mean I cannot wear this shirt anymore, does it? I actually love the fit of this shirt on me. :)

Strawberry necklace, Ariel necklace, Lucite Heart necklace, Ariel bottle-cap necklace (which I made myself), and Cherry necklace

One thing I can be remembered by is my excessive obsession over something all the time. I had this mad obsession with long necklaces before which resulted to, umm, about 80 necklaces? I especially love quirky and unique ones; I have an abacus necklace, a phonograph necklace, a BINGO necklace, even a Pringles necklace! :)

floral brass bangle with faux ruby crystals

Sorry for the crappy photo, this actually looks very pretty when worn. I love how it jazzes up an otherwise boring tee-and-jeans combination.

Strawberry-frosted donut ring made from polymer clay

This is one of the first few purchases I made online. Such a shame that the lady/ artist I bought it from does not make polymer clay-accessories anymore. I also have the chocolate-frosted with candy sprinkles version of this donut ring, as well as the matching necklace. :)

Alab ng Puso
Kikomachine Komix #5 by Manix Abrera

If you are from the Philippines and you have never read of any of the Kikomachine Komix books or strips then I demand that you go straightaway to National Bookstore or Powerbooks and get yourselves copies of the five books Manix has written for Kikomachine Komix. You won't regret it, the man is a genius. I LOL'd so many times at these books, the characters are hilarious! I especially had a tough time locating this 5th book as bookstores always ran out of stocks within a few days of delivery. So how did I manage to get one? Dane searched high and low and got me my copy. :)

bottles of nail polish

Looking at my nails and seeing beautiful color painted on them is an instant mood pick-me-upper. Here I have Careline's Fantasy Red (a deep red with gold glitter) and Caress' Sparkle Pink (which until now I am not sure why they named it such, seeing that it's actually more red than pink.)

Breakfast at Tiffany's DVD

I watched it just now and I still can't get over how beautiful Audrey Hepburn is. Such a classic and elegant beauty and style! Now I want to start using my Audrey Hepburn bag again :D And of course I loved the movie. I'm glad I got this DVD. :)

So there are my seven red things. Now we proceed to the fun part of me tagging people :)

I know that most of you have already done this tag already but I would greatly appreciate it if you go around the house and take pictures of 7 PINK items :) I am tagging:
Miss Guimba

Enjoy showcasing your pink stuff! :D

Tags and Awards Galore Part 2

20 January 2010

You can really tell by these posts (this and Part 1) that I don't  have anything productive planned for today :D

Anyway, here's Part 2! :D

I got this award/  tag from my pretty blogfriend Cha!

Over the Top award

There's only one simple rule for this award  tag: answer the following questions using just one word!

1. Where is your cell phone? Desk
2. Your hair? Thick
3. Your mother? Loving
4. Your father? Dedicated
5. Your favorite food? Delicious
6. Your dream last night? Forgotten
7. Your favorite drink? Refreshing

8. Your dream/ goal? Inspiration
9. What room are you in? Sala
10. Your hobby? Writing
11. Your fear? Spiders!

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Successful
13. Where were you last night? Home
14. Something you aren't? Airhead
15. Muffins? Love
16. Wish list item? Digicam
17. Where did you grow up? Navotas
18. Last thing you did? Ate
19. What are you wearing? Nightshirt
20. Your TV? Downstairs
21. Your pets? Fishes

22. Your friends? Amazing
23. Your life? Awesome
24. Your mood? Lazy
25. Missing someone? Yes
26. Vehicle? None
27. Something you're not wearing? Necklace
28. Your favorite store? Bookstores

29. Your favorite color? Pink
30. When was the last time you laughed? Earlier
31. Last time you cried? Yesterday
32. Your best friend? Jerome

33. One place that I go over and over? BookSale
34. One person who emails me regularly? Aunt
35. Favorite place to eat? KFC

Okay, that was a bit tough! :D Thanks again Cha! :)

Next is this Eminent Eight tag from Edxaii. I like that I can have eight answers for each question as I am very indecisive as to what I like most when it comes to these things :D (I removed some questions I do not have answers for though, like THINGS I DID YESTERDAY. Yesterday was my rest day so I just lounged in my parents' house all day :D)

1. Survivor
2. American Idol
3. How I Met Your Mother
4. Glee
5. Ugly Betty
6. Gossip Girl
7. Drake and Josh
8. True Blood

1. My parents' house. Nothing beats my grandma's and mother's cooking. Ü
2. KFC
3. Kenny Roger's
4. Max's
5. Greenwich
6. Bigoli
7. Fazoli's
8. Kip's

1. My photoshoot with Karlo
2. Project Barbie
3. Getting my prize in Summit Media
4. My godchild Kaylee's birthday celebration this Saturday. It was supposed to be last  Saturday but she got an asthma attack and was confined in Infant Jesus hospital.
5. Next week's rest days LOL!
6. Trip to Palawan on March
7. Out of town trip with friends from college on April
8. My 20th 24th birthday Ü

*8 THINGS I LOVE ABOUT WINTER: (Okay, I know we don't exactly have winter here, but that won't  stop me from answering this question :D)
1. fireplaces
2. snow angels
3. snow flakes
4. thick comforters and blankets
5. winter coats, earmuffs and gloves/ mittens
6. boots
7. ice skating
8. Christmas

Just click this link ;)

1. reading
2. writing
3. blogging/ my blog
4. journals
5. books and magazines
6. shoes
7. life
8. learning about new things

1. Sweeeeeet
2. Shucks!
3. Mmmkay
4. Kisses!
5. Peace, love and lipgloss
6. Awesome!
7. Cool
8. Amazing!

1. Palawan
2. Cebu
3. Vigan
4. Bohol
5. Thailand
6. Cambodia
7. Greece
8. France

1. Read all the books in my backlog
2. Watch all the DVD's I bought from various DVD sales. Until now they are all sealed.
3. Attend a writing workshop
4. Learn how to cook
5. Have a hair treatment
6. Not go to work tomorrow LOL!
7. Be with my Sinister Sisters
8. Go out of town


Okay, I know this is a long tag, so I am not requiring anyone. Feel free to do the tag if you want to! ♥♥

I hope I did not bore you too much! If you did, thanks for taking the time to read! :)

Tags and Awards Galore Part 1

I was supposed to go somewhere today but the dark cloudy sky loomed menacingly so I scrapped my plans and rescheduled it for Friday. Left with a LOT of free time in my hands I figured I would do some overdue tags. :)

So yeah, Tags and Awards Galore! (I decided to divide them into sections so it won't get too confusing and boring. This is Part 1.)

Awesome Girl Award from Nikolett

Haute Mess Award from Jing

Blog I Read A Lot Award from Edxaii

The first two required me to list down seven facts about me. I already did a tag similar to this one here but it's always nice to do another list, right? :) I decided to make a list of fourteen facts like Jing did :)

1. I am not a big fan of chocolates. I prefer fruity candies like Skittles and gummy candies like sour gummi worms.
2. I used to not like perfumes and scents because I get nauseatic and slightly dizzy when I put them on. Now I like fruity-floral scents and have three bottles of different perfumes and about six different colognes and body sprays.
3. I love attending workshops, especially writing workshops. I attended a Writing Workshop Series in 2008 but did not get the chance to go to any last year.  I hope this year a writing group organizes something.
4. My feet used to hurt when I wear flats. That changed when I got into my Havaianas- and ballet  flats-craze last year. I am making my feet used to wearing heels again though.
5. This sounds a bit mean, but I don't like grammatical errors. I admit I am not perfect when it comes to the English grammar but at least I know the difference between your and you're and their and they're  and that you don't  pluralize stuff (noun) by saying or writing stuffs. Argh! I even saw someone in Facebook answer those Social Interview questions asking "What is your pet peeve?" She answered, "Umm, we have dogs..."  ARGH!!
6. And I also don't like sticky caps. That means typing LikE tHiS.
7. I don't like watching Filipino soap operas/ telenovelas. I am not unpatriotic and I believe in the Filipino talent but for me, storylines of the aforementioned are too rehashed and contrived. I'd rather watch Glee or How I Met Your Mother.
8. I can get totally fixated by something that everything I say revolves around my current addiction/ obsession. Remember 500 Days of Summer? That was all I talked about for DAYS! And now, Dane's complaining that all I talk about is Avatar. Can he blame me? The movie was awesome! :D
9. I get the worst LSS (Last Song Syndrome) cases. On the summer I turned twelve years old, I wanted to sleep early because we will go swimming the next day but I couldn't because TLC's No Scrubs is on endless loop in my head! It is remembered fondly as one of my worst nights ever!
10. I used to have the worst allergy to earrings, even the hypoallergenic ones. I spent my pre-pubescent years jealous of my classmates  who can wear those cute plastic jelly earrings. But on my 18th birthday, nothing - not even bloody ears - can stop me from wearing a pair of beautiful swarovski  earrings that perfectly matches my gown so I had my ears pierced again. Guess what, I outgrew my earring allergy! I swore then I would catch up and buy all the cute plastic jelly earrings I wanted. I now have more than 30 pairs :D
11. I have started to love bath products (i.e. soaps and body wash), especially those that smell really, really good (who wouldn't, right?)
12. Yellow used to be my favorite color. Now it's (quite obviously) pink. :)
13. I consider not graduating with honors in college my biggest failure. I graduated Valedictorian in kindergarten, Third Honorable  Mention in elementary and First Honorable  Mention in high school and was a consistent Dean's Lister in college so it made the disappointment a little bit more painful. And this, just because I got a 2.75 in Political Science. I should have been a Magna Cum Laude if not for that. I know Honors are just titles, but they make the nerd in me happy x_x
14. I cannot leave a mall without buying something. Even an item as small as a bookmark will do so long as I don't go home emptyhanded.

So there's my list. That was quite fun :) Thank you Nikolett, Jing and Edxaii for remembering me!