April's swan song

30 April 2013

Is it just me, or did you also feel like April was never going to end?

I feel like I say this every month, but really, it feels like April is the busiest month for me at work, what with all the events we had and reports I needed to do. Honestly I feel a little overwhelmed sometimes, but then I recognize that it is a good problem, and the only time I would need to be worried is if I don't have to do anything for work at all.

Aside from an eventful month work-wise, April was also special for me because I turned 27 this year. Time to really concentrate on skin care, baby! I'd like to thank everyone who made me feel loved and special on my birthmonth. I feel so blessed because of you all. And yes, I guess it really ain't over 'til it's over, because today I received a special gift from the Glamourbox team!

Green Beauty Box
I loved everything in the box, and you know I am not saying that just because I got this as a gift. Even if I paid the regular monthly subscription fee of P595, I would feel that it's really more than worth it! I will share more about the products inside the box once I've taken better photos.

Today I also let my imagination take me wherever it wants to go! I went to the press launch of Make Your Own Havaianas 2013 in Rockwell Tent with my friend/ officemate Rica and here is what I came up with:

My pair is totally out of this world! I think it has now become my favorite among my humble Havaianas collection because I customized it according to my taste, and you know I LOVE aliens and astronomy ;)
And this is worth mentioning: this month, I informally started a "mutual admiration club" with Riz. I have been a silent reader of her blog for years now and whenever I feel a little blue, I just type her URL, read away, and find peace instantly. I don't know but there's just something about the way she writes that resonates with me so much. Anyway, I've loved her blog for so long but I never found the courage to leave a comment because... I don't know, really. But just last week, she left a comment in one of my favorite personal posts and said that I remind her of "those days when bloggers blog what's in their hearts like no one's reading." And I guess that level of sincerity and honesty is what I've always wanted to put across in my posts. I admit that sometimes I feel tired of blogging but then I come across bloggers like Riz and I am reminded again of how much I really love writing and sharing a piece of me to anyone who would care to read what I put out there. Now I promise to leave a comment in all the blogs I like to let them know I appreciate them. If you are reading this, why don't you leave your link in the comments so that I can say hi to you?

So there, my friends, it's already May. Have you already decided who to vote for? Personally I need to dedicate at least half a day to read through the hopeful politicians' platforms and plans for the country. I must find time to do that this weekend.

My wish for you, today and always.
This lovely banner from the lovely Meream now hangs in my office cubicle to remind myself of what I really want to impart to the world. If I can sprinkle these three things to add a little more joy to everyone, then so be it, world. Consider it done. ♥ 

Ensembles Wear My Design Contest 2013

29 April 2013

Calling all aspiring designers! Have you ever dreamed of having your designs being sold in Ensembles stores nationwide?

Following the success of the first WEAR MY DESIGN Competition last year where five winning dresses comprised Ensembles' Spring 2013 Collection, the innovative brand is ecstatic to announce the next installation of this much anticipated contest starting on May 1 to June 30, 2013!

If you have an eye for fashion and a creative mind, then this is definitely for you! All you have to do is submit a dress prototype of your design together with an application form. All submitted entries will be uploaded to Ensembles’ Facebook page for voting. Winning entries will be featured in the Spring Dresses 2014 Collection. There will be eight grand winners and they will each receive cash and gift certificates from Ensembles plus Special Gift packs from VMV Hypoallergenics and Piandre Salon. Each winner shall also be given one produced dress of his/her design (in his/her choice of color and size). The winning pieces will be reproduced by Ensembles for the Wear My Design 2014 Spring Dresses Collection and the name of the grand winners will be featured on the Ensembles Wear My Design hangtag.

Learn more about ‘Wear My Design’ Competition mechanics and rules at their official website and like and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates!

SM Ladies Fashion S/S 2013 : PFW Preview

28 April 2013

PFW season is almost here once again, ladies and gents, and as a special prelude to this week-long celebration of Philippine Fashion, SM Ladies gave select members of the press from both traditional and online media a special sneak peek to what they will show in the runway come May 22.

I am especially excited for this because I'm thinking of updating my wardrobe since I know I need to stop buying clothes from the kids and teens' section ha ha start dressing my age.

The event was held in Bistro NYC and was hosted by the lovely Issa Litton.
The runway show will be segmented into different style tribes but only three were shown during the preview.

Rule the boardroom in corporate wear from Folio and SM Classics. Tailored shapes, elegant fabrics and powerful silhouettes in bold hues will take you straight to the top.

Ladies who lunch
Burst into spring with exotic oriental blooms from Philosophy and NY Square, designed to make tea time a very stylish affair. Let watercolor florals liven up jackets and shift dresses for a look that spells soft femininity.

Go from sea to sidewalk in Coco Cabaña, the only local swimwear line that covers the day-to-night resort lifestyle. Surf and swim in on-trend bikinis, and lounge in sheer floral cover-ups. Dress up your maillot, and party by the sea in a sheer overlay that sways with your every move.

I totally love the shift dresses and I can see myself wearing the same pieces. :) I'm so excited to see the complete collection! Are you, too? Well, we might be giving out tickets to the show so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Thank you Aisa, Sarah, Earth, Angela, Ava, Arnie, and Ana for always supporting our events!
Necklace - Swanlake Accessories | Top - ForMe | Skirt - Gingersnaps | Shoes - Ferretti
During the event, Sarah told me her daughter Nikola has a dress with the same pattern as my skirt's. Apparently they're from the same brand, which caters to little girls -_- I need more grown-up clothes in my life. So yeah, the SM Ladies show on Philippine Fashion Week? I am totally not going to miss that one.

Also, here's a nice photo of the sunset from that day, just because.
Disclaimer: SM Ladies Fashion is one of ARC PR's clients but all opinions here belong to me and were not affected by the aforementioned.

Evening Makeup with Maquillage Professionnel

27 April 2013

I've always been a powder-and-lipgloss kind of girl but I also love prettifying myself up for special events or for those times when I just feel like it. I've wanted to enroll in a makeup class for so long now but I never got the chance (or the funds) to; somehow tutorials in Youtube, beauty blogs, and Allure magazines have been enough.

I am not one to let a chance to go to a make-up class for free just pass me by, though. As an added perk to working for ARC PR, we were enrolled to Maquillage Professionnel's Personal Make Up Module! Located in Burgos Circle, MP School of Make Up Artistry provides technical training for both individuals who seek to become professional make-up artists. They also have modules for novices like me who just want to learn the basics.

Today's lesson concentrated on Evening Makeup. This is important for us because we also hold evening events and the last thing we want to happen is to not appear presentable to clients and guests.

For Evening Makeup, there are only two things you have to remember: intense and dramatic. After a quick demo by Miss Yuki on my boss Jenny, we got to work on our own. This is where going to classes is better than Youtube tutorials - you get to see the techniques in person and you get immediate feedback whether what you're doing is right or not.

and lots...
of colors!
If you want to enroll in a class but you are worried that you don't have enough makeup or tools at your disposal, you don't have to worry because MP provides everything for their students. You just have to show up!

My and my officemate Rica's BEFORE photo
This is us without any speck of makeup on!
This is me after primer, foundation, concealer, and setting powder
My and Rica's "workstation" heehee
And here are our AFTER photos!

And me!
I really, really, really love this MakeUp ForEver lipstick that perfectly matches my Absolutely Fuchsia nail polish from Anny!
I admit I had a bit of a problem with the eyeshadow because I couldn't determine where the crease should be ha ha, so I'm thankful that Miss Yuki was very patient with me and taught me a technique I can use to make it much easier!

I am looking forward to finishing the rest of the module! I'd like to thank my bosses Jenny and Celine for this! Now I need to go shopping for more makeup because I realized how much I lack... I mean, I've never even used concealer on myself before this, thus the concealer-less existence of my traincase. I also need a great eyeliner and a new eyebrow pencil. And a blush palette, too,! As I said on my previous post, "Costing me lots of money, this job is. Oh well." It's fun being a girl! ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

Time to switch? You bet it is!

26 April 2013

As those who have my personal mobile phone number know, I switched to the better network sometime last year after I've had enough of dropped calls, late messages, and going over my set budget for monthly phone bills. Why make things complicated when I can just choose the easier and better option, right?

Anyway, I am a Smart prepaid subscriber now and I love how it's a lot more pocket-friendly because I only need to buy P300 credits per month and use the MEGA 250 promo that gives me unlimited texts to all networks, 3 hours of calls to Smart and Sun subscribers, and 100 mb of data at just P250 every 30 days! I know I sound like a paid advertisement right now but I'm not; it is really what I use and I have since convinced a couple of my friends to switch to Smart because of this promo. :) Also, because we were given company phones with unlimited data (also powered by Smart), I do not need to switch my data  on anymore - I just use my company phone as a portable hotspot. ;)

On April 11, Smart subscribers and switchers alike flocked to Opus in Resorts World for the Smart Move party for an "exclusive gathering for those who have embraced the telco's mantra of Living More."

PLDT and Smart Chairman Manny Pangilinan toasts with Smart executives and celebrity endorsers
DM9's Alex Syfu with event hosts Marc Nelson and Sarah Meier-Albano
Smart Brand Equity Management Head Carlo Endaya, Vhong Navarro, Ramon Bautista, Smart EVP Noel Lorenzana, and Billy Crawford 
James Younghusband, PLDT technology Group Head Olan Peña, Smart Chief Wireless Advisor Doy Vea, Phil Younghusband, Smart EVP Noel Lorenzana, Smart Public Affairs Group Head Mon Isberto
Zendee Rose Tenerefe, Rico Blanco, Smart Chief Wireless Advisor Doy Vea, Elmo Magalona, Maxene Magalona, Anne Curtis, PLDT and Smart Chairman Manny Pangilinan, Smart EVP Noel Lorenzana
“When you’re struggling with your wireless services – a missed call, a late message, slow Internet – you’re losing time that you can’t get back. You’re literally losing a part of your life,” Lorenzana explained. “Now when your provider is able to give you the service you need, service that is both timely and dependable, you also get more time to enjoy life. You actually get to Live More.”
Smart Move panelists Ingrid Chua-Go, Cristalle Belo-Henares, Rod Nepomuceno 
A panel of three special guests who made the Smart Move – fashion blogger Ingrid Go of The Bag Hag Diaries, lawyer Rod Nepomuceno of PR firm Big Big Big, and entrepreneur Cristalle Belo-Henares of the Belo Medical Group – all affirmed that with Smart, subscribers do indeed Live More. Each panellist shared their experiences with Smart, talking about how much better life has been with the wireless service provider’s reliable service and high-speed internet connection.

I went with my friends Dianne and Third and it was great just to hang out with them outside of the normal Saturday night hang-outs we're used to. :)

Are you also thinking of switching to Smart or have you already made the decision to live more? Share your thoughts!

Elle Girl in Manila

25 April 2013

Say Bonjour! to fashion’s newest darling, Elle Girl!

I'm sure you're all familiar with Elle and Elle Girl magazines. Well, this retail brand actually branched out from the publication to answer the demand for fashionable pieces the magazines are known for providing aspiring fashionistas with inspiration for. Exactly a week ago, we held a press launch for the Parisienne fashion-inspired British brand at their newest branch in the new wing of Shangri-La Plaza.

Host Tricia with Elle Girls Camille, Jessica, Julia, Pam, and Jamie
During the launch, they also revealed the newest Elle Girls: Camille Co, Jessica Yang, Julia Sniegowski, Pam Solilapsi, and Jamie Laciste. As I mentioned in a previous post, my blogger friends and I were there during their shoot with Paul Sunga. :) You may view the behind-the-scenes video here. It's great to see the brand being represented by girls with different and unique personalities!

In my last post about the brand I told you how I love EVERYTHING they carry and I really mean it. And believe me, I am not saying that just because they're our client. Just look in the store and you'll see that it's very Krissy ;)

Look, I even wore an Elle Girl piece to the launch!

Necklace - SM Accessories | Top - SM Ladies | Skirt - Elle Girl | Heels - Parisian
On behalf of ARC PR, I would like to thank all our friends from the press and the blogging community who graced the event!

Bestie wearing an Elle Girl dress
Sarah's lace shorts is also from Elle Girl!
With Camille
With Julia
Finally, with my favorite Elle Girl, Jessica Yang!
I was already wearing heels so high they should be illegal, yet Jessica is still a LOT taller than me!
Life is so unfair ha ha.
I wonder when I can go back? I need to return to the store because I want to get the same floral bag Jessica is carrying in the photo as well as the red London phonebooth that also functions as a jewelry box! (◕‿◕✿)

Costing me lots of money, this job is. Oh well. ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ