Weekends should have more than 48 hours.

28 February 2011

Everyone who agrees with me, say aye!

How's everyone? I feel like I've been gone for so long! I just had one of the most jam-packed weekends ever, prolly the busiest I've had in a while. With the rate my social life is going, time will come when 24 hours a day will not be enough. Mind you, I am not complaining :)

After work, I went to Greenhills with Paula and her boyfriend Marky for an afternoon coffee date with my fashion blogger-friends. It was great to see these beautiful ladies again and meet new ones as well.

Paula, Vern, Ava, me, Honey
New friends Boj and Len
Lovebirds Zee and Honey
Zee arrived in the Philippines just last Friday night.
Lovebirds Marky and Paula
It was my first time to meet Marky that night, and he was super nice!
He and Paula are a perfect match :)
Paula's funky nail art ♥
I just had to take a photo of Aie's exquisite headpiece.
Necklace - Pinky Blings | Top - Folded & Hung | Jeans - Unbranded | Satchel bag - Use it Again | Ankle boots - PILL 
After a few hours giggling (mostly on my part; I don't know why I got the giggles that night) and talking about lots of different things, the trio of myself, Paula and Marky did not join them for dinner anymore because we needed to go to the birthday party of our classmate from college Jan Viktor.

The Viktorious Silver Party was held at The Room, a photography studio in Panay Avenue, Quezon City which was transformed into a bar for the night. Too bad some of our other friends weren't able to come, but I'm still glad I got to see some of my other friends almost four years after we graduated! It's amazing how much we have grown!

With birthday boy JV
Tempting array of pretty colors, but I had work the next day so no-no.
Umm, Paula and me having a little bit too much fun with the photowall :D
Now doing some schmexy poses with Dewi :D
It was great to see April again!
This stunning, statuesque lady is a beauty queen and a commercial and print ad model.
Lovebirds April and Jay
This recently-engaged couple will surely produce beautiful babies someday :) 
Ice performing on stage. She's a very good singer, guys!
I wanted to volunteer and perform a Britney Spears number but I don't think the audience are up for it LOL!
Precious and Pawlo also came :)
(I love how April stooped just so we can look like we are as tall as her :D)
Happy birthday JV! Thank you for inviting us to your party!
I got home a little before 2am, then slept for about two hours before I managed to reluctantly drag myself to prepare for my 6am work. I was groggy the whole day and wanted to just go home and lay in the comforts of my bed. But no, I was able to finish my shift and even had enough energy to spare to go to the mall for a movie and crepes.

Life is for the living; we all have plenty of time to rest after so for now I say, just go with it ;)

Michelle's makeover

23 February 2011

Long-time readers of this blog know Michelle. We've known each other ever since the first day we started working at HSBC and just about three months ago, we became neighbors when I moved in to an apartment next to their house. She is definitely my closest friend at the office and I am thankful she's always there. She always accompanies me to events, spontaneous shopping trips, and dessert dates. She is a good listener and she never fails to make me laugh with her stories and funny quips. She is such a jolly breath of fresh air that you can't help cheer up after talking to her. She has always been a great friend so of course I am always happy to return the favor.

Last Monday I went with her to David's Salon in SM North EDSA-The Block for a spur-of-the-moment makeover. I was supposed to go home to my parents' house after work but I didn't have the heart to say no.

After four hours of shampoo, scary-looking curlers, cellophane, hot oil treatment and blow-dry:

Work it, sister!
Mich had her hair digi-permed and cellophane-d with a gorgeous Honey Chestnut tint. I LOVE IT! I am so jealous, I can't wait to grow my hair so I can finally have mine permed, too! Big thanks and thumbs-up to the hairstylists who worked on Mich's hair!

Also picked out a couple of stuff for myself today while Mich's transformation was taking place. I went around the mall for about an hour and took advantage of the ongoing lingerie sale at the SM Department Store.

Intimates in leopard prints, candy stripes and polka dots ♥
After her makeover we were able to grab a quick dinner (because it was already past 8PM and the mall was about to close).

Waiting in line for tickets to a concert we will go to on April. So excited!
And no, we did not coordinate our outfits LOL.
So pretty, wearing her yellow pin cuff bracelet she got from Paula.
I  love how her new curls softened her features and made her look very lady-like. I really love her new look! Now if only I can make her start wearing dresses... Not that I would want her to a complete overhaul. She is already beautiful to begin with but I just think a pretty dress will work wonders :)

Getting more than I bargained for at the Bloggers' Closet

22 February 2011

Shopping and being with my girl friends belong to my list of favorite activities I love doing. Last Sunday I got to do both at the Bloggers' Closet!

I arrived at the venue in Town & Country Executive Village at around 4PM already because of work. Too bad I missed seeing the people who got there early but I'm still glad I got there when I did. It was fun seeing people going around the racks of clothes and bags and displays of shoes and accessories!

Nicole, Paula, me,  Ana, Ava,  Pax, Aie, Donna, Melai, Honey
Photo from Mae
Ana was so productive! She was able to make her best-selling connector rings while chatting with us ♥
I love this photo. Aie's so pretty :)
With my pretty classmate from college Paula.
She's the creator of the Maria Paulita handmade accessories I featured in my previous post ♥
My frozen yogurt topped with chocolates and candies ♥
I look like a silly little girl here but I don't care LOL.
I was stoked to see Helga there! I've been a fan and silent reader of her blog  for about a year now =D
Mae, Paula and I were also able to sneak a bit to take some photos outside.

I ♥ this outfit.
Necklace - Maria Paulita | Dress - FAB | Belt - YRYS | Ballet flats - Tomato | Bag - Marithe Francois Girbaud
It's not a shopping trip without treats!

Gifts from Paula: colorful pin cuff bracelet and earrings
A top and a dress
My favorite purchase: a red satchel bag I got the night prior when I brought the stuff I sold to the venue.
LOL it's always nice to be the first to pick :D
The rush you get from getting a pretty dress at a very cheap price, ahhhh, bliss. The excitement brought by seeing all those pretty things on display, perfection. Heaven and happiness brought by pretty little things. It's not all girl stuff and frivolity, though. Some people may think this event is just a bunch of girls gushing about pretty clothes, but that's barely scratching the surface. For one, it was great to see my friends from school or the workplace bond with my friends from the blogging community. For me it has never been a matter of who's the better friend to whom, rather it's the human connection we all share and enjoy ♥ After we left the venue, Paula, Mae and I had dinner at Jollibee in Anonas and it was so hard to leave because we had so many stories we wanted to share, even though they met just a few hours prior. I love how my friends have befriended each other, and how I have befriended my friends' friends ♥

I'm looking forward to Bloggers' Closet Part 2!!

Maria Paulita handmade accessories

18 February 2011

Alternatively titled: I will forever have a love affair with pretty thingamajigs.

Look around my blog. Notice the layout and the theme I used. Read my posts. It's pretty obvious that I am a girly girl, yes?

I will forever have a love affair with pretty thingamajigs. You should see my room at my parents' house. Aside from books and shoes (and journals and plushies and basically everything cute), I love collecting accessories. I have a big compartment box filled with my long necklaces and a framed canvas where all my earrings are displayed. It makes choosing the "earring of the day" much easier ;)

Back in college I had a pretty classmate named Paula who used to make pretty earrings and rings using wires and beads. Whilst I also know how to make my own accessories, I can never match her creations. She had a really good eye on choosing colors and I love her designs! I bought a lot of accessories from her even though I was still living on a meager student's allowance back then LOL.

I got these earrings from her!
I've had these for 4 - 5 years already :)

One day I saw her wearing this pretty ring and I told her how pretty it looked. Do you know what she did? She took it off and gave it to me! :D
After our college graduation the next time I saw her again was on our New Year get-together. I was glad to learn she still makes accessories! She said she's planning to launch a full-scale business soon and I am really excited for her. She named this venture Maria Paulita, after the name her closest friends playfully call her.

Annnd guess what? I will be helping Paula sell some of her Maria Paulita creations on this Sunday's Bloggers' Closet! Here are some of the pieces that will be available for sale:

Perfect for summer!
Sorry girls, I already got the pretty necklace on the left for myself ♥
Chunky candy rings
Chain layered necklace
and lots...
of earrings!
I have more pieces here and I guarantee they're all very pretty and unique! Want to see them? You have to go to Bloggers' Closet then! Aside from Mary Paulita designs, my fashion blogger-friends and I have prepared a lot of pretty clothes, shoes, and other treats for you! You also won't be hungry as there'll be food concessionaires (sssh, there may even be free cupcakes!) It'll be a FUN day of girl bonding, giggling and gushing. I can't wait! ♥

How to get there :)
I hope to see you there! (Oh if only I have Apparition powers or maybe millions of dollars so I can fly my blogger-friends from all over the world here to Manila for this special day!)