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11 November 2008

My computer is under repair once again :( I'm in a computer shop right now, uploading pictures from last week's team building to my Multiply and Tranche 5's Friendster accounts. Ü

Some pictures from the said event:

enjoying my fresh buko juice

with my friend/ housemate Ar

first time EVER that I finished a glass of alcohol

with Ruther, Mich and Ar

with Watcher and Mich

with my friends/ housemates Ruther and Ar

my bestfriend Jerome (R) and his twin Jonas (L)

from left to right: Jerome, Ramil, Krissy, Jess, Jonas

I'm still uploading the rest of the pictures. Fun fun fun. Ü

And oh, I have good news! TL Jimmy and Boss Jard were able to find a way for me to attend the Powerbooks' Writing Workshops! I will pay on Friday. Yay! Ü

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