Ballet Manila presents: Snow White

22 November 2017

One of my favorite books growing up was my Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (yes, the book title said Dwarfs and not Dwarves) storybook not necessarily because of the story but because it had paintings as accompanying illustrations in every page. I consider this book as one of my most prized possessions as a kid because I just loved looking at those illustrations. I'm so sad I lost it during the big fire that razed through our neighborhood back in 2001 because I don't think I'll be able to find another copy anywhere.

A quick Google search let me know that the book I had is a vintage Ladybird Book with the first edition dating back to 1969. I was stoked to see scanned photos of the paintings online!

Snow White discovers the dwarves' cottage after the Huntsman lets her escape
The Evil Stepmother disguises and offers Snow White an apple that she takes reluctantly
The Prince wakes Snow White up from her slumber
That was an unexpected walk down memory lane. I remembered it all over again because Ballet Manila is doing their own rendition of Snow White!

The idea of creating her own version of Snow White came to Ballet Manila’s CEO and Artistic Director Lisa Macuja-Elizalde right after her full choreographic debut last year. Due to the success of Cinderella, what was once regarded simply as “The Next One” has now become a second full-fledged masterpiece from the Prima Ballerina herself—and it’s finally making its world premiere in the 22nd performance season, Flights of Fantasy. Apparently, last year’s full choreography work in Cinderella was just the warm up.

With the help of Ballet Master Osias Barroso, the dancers’ personalities, music arranged by Von de Guzman, costumes by Michael Miguel and set designs by Mio Infante, and of course, the company’s mastery of the Vaganova technique, Snow White promises to be a magical and fantastic show—all in all, a truly Ballet Manila production.

With Snow White, Lisa guarantees that each member of the audience will get their fill of pure magic, romance, and fantasy. The audience can only expect the highest quality of dancing as well from the country’s youngest yet strongest ballet company.

Lisa Macuja-Elizalde’s Snow White will make its world premiere on November 25, 2017 at 6:00PM at the Aliw Theater. There will be three other shows: November 26, (3:00PM), December 2 (6:00PM), and December 3 (3:00PM).

To learn more about Ballet Manila and their upcoming activities, you may visit their website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

#SleepGoals with Whisper Cottony X-Long Overnights

17 November 2017

Being a woman is hard enough without all the things we deal with. I feel like if only men knew what we go through on a monthly basis, then it will be easier for us all to get along. And that, folks, is how we will achieve world peace.

A few months ago I wrote about my myoma and how it affects me. My OB first prescribed a brand of birth control pills that made me break out and feel like the whole world is against me. It was definitely a struggle. Thankfully, the second brand she prescribed agreed with me a lot better: my skin cleared up and my mood swings lessened. I gained weight, though, and I experienced bleeding.

There is never an ideal scenario when unexpected bleeding is welcome. That is why, every little helps. I wear a liner every day and I make sure I am prepared in case I get more bleeding.

So I can be more confident to move freely, I depend on the Whisper Cottony Clean and Whisper Cottony X-Long Overnights.
With their built-in blue anti-leak channels and soft cottony cover, you'll surely get protected from stains and skin irritation. But to give you a superb Whisper experience even as you sleep, here's Whisper Cottony X-Long Overnights that's made softer, longer, and wider to give you stain-free nights! It'll provide an all night all around leakage protection as it has 5x more absorbency than an average pad, so you can get your worry-free and comfy #SleepGoals at night!
It has now become a permanent fixture in my everyday life.


14 November 2017

I love how this extra long weekend is giving me all the time I need to catch up on much needed zzz's, new comic books, and other hobbies and curiosities.

Dolls, mostly. 

For the uninitiated or those who might be visiting my blog for the first time, hello *waves* I am Krissy, and I'm a 31 year old woman who loves dolls. I used to have a lot of them when I was a kid (my last count was 26 Barbies), but tragedy befell them when a big fire razed through our neighborhood back in 2001. I didn't have the luxury to get new dolls when there were more important things to allot money to, and when I finally did, I just didn't have the heart, energy, nor space to start buying them again. My only doll was a Fashion Fever Barbie that I got from Singapore back in 2005. It lay unopened until yesterday, when I got its clothes because the fingers have deteriorated through time. 

It's my boyfriend who's also a toy collector who inspired me to collect dolls again, and now here we are.

These are the dolls I acquired since August. Heh.

Watching Ever After High on Netflix opened a completely new world for me. I watched reviews, joined Facebook groups, oooh-ed and aaah-ed at people's expansive collections, then regretted that I only recently discovered these beautiful dolls. Madeline Hatter is my favorite character, and I was so inspired that I even made an Instagram account (@madelinexhatter) under her name! You can read the story here. However, since my humble collection now includes dolls from other lines as well, I decided to reboot this Instagram account and make it more inclusive.

Comics, steaks, and toys

13 November 2017

Expectation: Wait until I've finished reading all the books in my unread pile before purchasing new ones.

Reality: Troop to Bayanihan Center (on a Saturday with hellish traffic due to ASEAN, no less) for Komikon 2017 to buy new comic books.


The spirit is willing but the body is weak, so last Saturday J and I experienced our first Komikon. I have frequented toy conventions, Free Comic Book Days, and various extensions of Komiket but it was actually my first time to attend Komikon, and I was overwhelmed! Overwhelmed in a good way, because of the amount of talent and passion our local artists have as well as the support the two-day event enjoyed despite the aforementioned horrible state of traffic. There were a lot of sponsors and attendees so I'm pretty sure the future of the local comics scene is in pretty good shape. 

As expected, the line for Manix Abrera's autograph was impossibly long. Because it was already late in the afternoon when J and I decided to go, I didn't get a slot for his autograph anymore. We still had a great time, though! Our wallets are not happy but hey, look at the stuff we scored!

J got a rare hardback copy of Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again and trade paperback of Harbinger: Children of the Eighth Day. I used to have a copy of this as well as issues 1-5 but I gave them away in high school after multiple rereads. Meanwhile, I got Arnold Arre's After Eden, Manix Abrera's Kikomachine Komix #13, Toto Madayag's P*cha, E Di Komiks Pa Rin Vol. 2 and prints, Dean Francis Alfar and Sage Alfar's Stars in Jars, Hulyen stickers for my friend Hannah, and Le Petit Prince postcards. Summit Books also sent me a copy of Ethan Chua and Scott Lee Chua's Doorkeeper to review so I'm pretty excited to delve into it. Also in the photo is the DC Bombshells Batgirl toy figure which was my gift for J because we celebrated our 29th month together yesterday. ♡

Maybelline x Gigi Hadid Collection

10 November 2017

Friends, prepare your wallets. The Maybelline x Gigi Hadid Collection is coming to the Philippines and I guarantee these will fly off the shelves! I'm getting palpitations from the packaging alone!

Gigi Hadid is more than a muse. She is a creator and the driving force behind this revolutionary collection. From her home base in NYC, to her hometown in LA, the design and details of these three Maybelline makeup collections personally reveal the story of Gigi Hadid’s life as she sees it, one shade name at a time.
I have yet to see the products in person as they are dropping in select Maybelline stores come next week, but because I'm part of Maybelline Squad I got insider info, photos, and prices and I'm sharing them with you! I think this is my most picture-heavy post yet!


09 November 2017

Work was extra stressful today. It was raining hard also, so as expected traffic was horrible. Social media is rife with angst and sometimes I just want to look away but it's part of my job to be updated so I have no choice but to scroll, scroll, scroll.

A lot of things are going wrong. But, today, I tried caramel apples for the first time.


Every thing was right with the world again.

I'm thankful also for shared laughter with my officemates Jean, Mich, Hannah, Levon, Sasha, JR, and Joel today. They warm my heart and tickle my insides. ♥

Dolled Up for the Holidays with the Barbie Loves Plains & Prints collection

07 November 2017

Flushed cheeks, racing heartbeat, and giddiness all over --- these were my body's immediate reactions when I first heard about this collection a couple of months ago. I couldn't wait to tell my friends but we were sworn to secrecy, and keeping secrets is difficult for me especially when it comes to news as exciting as this! Finally, after waiting for so long, the Barbie Loves Plains & Prints collection officially hits all Plains & Prints stores nationwide today!

My Barbie walking on sunshine in her Teenage Fashion dress
Ever since her debut 58 years ago, she continues to inspire many women around the world to be everything they want to be. She’s career-oriented, fashionable, and never goes out of style. Her influence is ever-evolving and continues to be relevant from generation to generation. 
This international fashion icon is none other than Barbie and her timeless elegance truly mirrors what Plains & Prints is all about.
Anyone who would dare listen as well as people within a ten-mile radius knows how obsessed I am with Barbie. I started collecting dolls again recently (blame my boyfriend) so you might understand why I am particularly excited for this. We did an event with Plains & Prints to celebrate this launch and everything was absolutely pink-tastic. Only the best for this fashion icon, indeed!

Reviews: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer and Magnum Big Shot Mascara

06 November 2017

I try so hard to get enough sleep every night but between all the books I want to read, all the TV shows and movies I want to see, and all the other things I want to do, time is never enough.

Dark eyes never used to be a problem for me no matter how late in the night (or early in the morning) I stay up, until about two months ago. I looked in the mirror and there they were: two dark bags staring back at me. @_@ How could this have happened? They manifested themselves more clearly last week, after indulging in a Starbucks Grande Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew resulted to myself finally drifting off to la la land at 3 AM.

Maybelline's Brighter Days Ahead gift couldn't have come at a better time.

This kit contained an Instant Age Rewind Concealer, a Magnum Big Shot Mascara, and a sassy eye mask perfect for slumber parties, attracting sweet dreams, or when I just want to be fancy.

Here's a quick review of the Instant Age Rewind Concealer and Magnum Big Shot Mascara. ♥