Lucy is six months old!

14 August 2023

Our prapso shih tzu Lucy turned six months old yesterday, and we celebrated at Presko Coffee with J's siblings and their dogs, and yummy food and pup cups! 

Presko Coffee is our go to-cafĂ© when we feel like going out without venturing too far away, and we just really prefer it there because aside from their delicious food they also give our baby her own treat. :) 

Jecco and Kookee with Bonbon and Cooper

Chelsea and Hugo

Lucy's aunts and uncle also celebrated with us. 

My small family

In the short amount that Lucy has been with us, her impact in our lives has been so significant that I can't even imagine the time when it was just me and J living together, although of course it was lovely and we really got to know ourselves and our relationship, thus the decision to get married. But Lucy enriched our lives so much and she has been ingrained completely in our daily routines. 

My heart is grateful.

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