Krissy, a Foodie? I'll stick with Magastos, maybe.

09 December 2008

The last day of Powerbooks' Creative Writing Workshop series was moved to last Saturday (December 6) which was a blessing in disguise since Ana was extremely busy for her bazaar stints last week.

"How to Write Delicious Food Articles and Restaurant Reviews" was the topic of the last workshop of the series. A group of phrases that was enough to intimidate the living daylights out of me. As I said in my previous posts, I am the most undomestic goddess I know and I haven't really tried writing about food before. But it turned out to be a very fun learning experience for me. Ms. Chun Valencia, the facilitator, was very nice. We learned lots of things from her and from the workshop. Jude, of course was also there, together with Ms. Vanessa and Ms. Ellen. Our "classmates" for the day were Frickz and Geleen.

The class photo grabbed from Ana

Workshop-pers with Jude photo grabbed from Ana

The stress and pressure I suffered were unfounded. We did not do the nosebleed-inducing fancy-schmanzy taste-descriptive words at all! Instead we were asked to: describe the feeling of being immersed in a color, do a self-portrait, come up with as many words as we can to substitute the word "eat" in a piece, and describe what E-Aji corn chips with flaming hot salsa dip, Ram 100% California Raisins, and Cream-O Premium taste like. I was able to prove that I can be an effective ad-copywriter. Ü

After the workshop Ana and I went around the mall to do some soul-sister bonding. Need more proof that we're indeed soul sisters? Lookie...

It's all in the nails! Hers was painted red; mine got strawberry nail art which I did myself (manually!) the night before Ü

And I got some really cool stuff from her! I got Jelly Lens with the Pink Heart/Blue Filter and it's perfect for my phone! I also got a really nice fishie necklace which her friend consigned for her shop.

Ana through the 2mp lens of Alister, jazzed up with the Pink heart Jelly Lens filter

Krissy through the 2mp lens of Alister, jazzed up with the Blue Jelly Lens filter

There are lots of other cool filters, too! Ana's fave is the 6-image one. You can check them out (and order!) here.

After the workshop and shopping (and window-shopping!) around, we were famished! We ate a hearty meal at Kenny Roger's.

Sad that the day had to end. Because I came from work earlier that day and was awake since 2am, I was super tired and sleepy come 8pm. Forgive glittery me; I am one of the obedient followers of "Early to bed and early to rise" since my work sched's too early Ö

We are Summit Media babies! I bought these:

Total Girl slambook, Cosmopolitan Philippines December 2008 ish (with the freebie Freeway bag!) and Every Girl's Guide to Heartache. All products of Summit Media!

It was surely a fun and rewarding experience. I would LOVE to attend one again. And of course, these experiences are best shared, with FRIENDS! Ü


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