To All the Hobbies I Started Before Neglecting Them For New Interests

16 September 2018

Hello, I am Krissy, and I am a serial hobbyist.

In my 32 years of existence I have dabbled in a lot of hobbies and projects; I have taken up yoga, carving stamps, calligraphy, watercolor, attempting to write my first novella (and succeeding in writing two short stories that have been distributed digitally), journalling, resin jewelry-making, sewing, learning Baybayin, crocheting, and doll-collecting, among others, and right now I am obsessed with prettifying my Heidi Swapp Fresh Start Iridescent Personal Planner.

The thing is, I would start something and then lack follow-through. This year we moved houses and between that and shuttling back and forth from our house to my Makati residence and my boyfriend's house made me sit up and notice that I really do have a lot of stuff. Old magazines dating back to my high school days, piles and shelves of books (most of which are still unread after getting acquired years ago), souvenirs from places and events, more makeup than I can possibly use in this lifetime, clothes that barely fit me now, and shoes and bags that are almost on their way to becoming trendy again.

Aside from these, I have a lot of things I have collected and hoarded after getting engrossed in a particular hobby because I was positive I was going to be the next great painter of my generation - or I was going to write every thing in calligraphy from now on - or I was going to write so many books and people would love them - or I was going to work out every day and be super fit - or I would crochet my own stuffed animals or beanies and make my own clothes! I would discover a new hobby to try, dedicate time and effort to learn about the said hobby, spend so much money buying materials and anything connected to it, and then promptly lose interest as a new hobby strikes my fancy. It's a never-ending cycle of hoarding and spending and neglecting, and it's tiring, really. I don't know what's wrong with me, as it's not like I am not self-aware that I am like this. Recognizing the problem means I am on the way of solving it, right? But why am I still like this?

Regarding my current hobby which is being a #plannerbabe through my Heidi Swapp Personal Planner, I even bought a backpack to accommodate bringing it and my other planner paraphernalia (pencil case, sticker case, and 30+ washi tapes) to work with me every day. On weekends I plan to work on my weekly spreads and maybe read a couple of new books but Netflix and window-shopping on the shopping apps installed in my phone take up so much of time. To be honest I'm scared of losing interest with my Planner because it's a gift from my boyfriend and I have already splashed so much cash on stickers, inserts, clips, pens, and a lot of other stuff.

Are you a serial hobbyist, too? What is your current hobby and how do you sustain interest? HELP ME.

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