Channelling Gwynnie at the Super Groove event

03 December 2008

Oh wow, screw being without a computer. this post is so overdue =/

Here is another excuse to go shopping and glam up!

We had our Holiday Kick-off Party last Thursday (27 November) at the PICC Forum Tent. It was big and fun but the Discovolution, I think, was executed better. Nevertheless I had more fun at this party because I was with my friends. My feet wanted to fall off! My shoes were comfortable but dancing for more than three hours does that.

The theme was Super Groove, and the whole place was decked out in full club-motif. The venue was divided into three: the game room where billiard tables, Wii and Play Station consoles, and computers were set up, the dance hall with the bars and three platforms for the performers, and the banquet hall. Employees from both HSBC - HDPP sites (Alabang and Quezon City) were there, except for some who have to report to work. Boo! I was actually supposed to report to work at 5am the next day, thankfully my VL was approved, or I would not have been able to go to the party.

My inspiration for my outfit was Gwyneth Paltrow with her mini dresses and wicked bondage shoes. I wore a metallic slate dress from Freeway and shoes from Boardwalk. Hair and make-up were pretty simple, I just applied some liquid foundation, hoped it would stay put (it did not disappoint, btw), some cream blush, pink lippie and did the smoky eye-effect. Pretty good, for a make-up noob like me Ö Acessories were recycled from the Discovolution.

this is me at the red carpet entrance!

this is me at the banquet hall! Ü

girls having fun!

My dates were Asther, Ruther, Mich, Watcher and Frank. Ü We had a sumptuous meal by Via Mare. For the program, they did like a Club Mwah performance but I was not able to watch it because I accompanied Asther while she was eating; she was late because she came from her tutorial part-time job. We were just in time for South Border's perfomance, and they certainly set the mood for one crazy night of dancing. Urban Nation sang some cool RnB songs, and Toy Symphony did some cool dance ditties. However we were already tired at that point so we made our way to the banquet hall to sit.

It was fun and I am happy that I have some pretty cool pictures from the evening. I love HSBC Ü

More pictures here.

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