It is November 25 so...

25 November 2008


I am so excited to see it.

And even though I have

  1. The complete 4 books from the Twilight series
  2. A gray shirt with "I've Fallen for Edward Cullen" text in magenta bought from Nicole
  3. A black shirt with "Cullenista" text at the front and the Cullen crest at the back in white bought from Malou
  4. A black shirt with "You give me a heart attack Jacob Black" text in white bought from Yani
  5. A white shirt with blue piping at the sleeves and collar and "Team Edward since 1901" at the front and "Cullen 08" at the front bought from Abby
  6. A Twilight necklace made out of polymer clay bought from Ana
  7. A Bella bracelet given to me by Ana
  8. The Twilight movie companion book
  9. A Laurent bookmark from Abby
  10. An Edward bookmark from Tine
And I must say I love Robert Pattinson...

And I am planning to get the official OST...

I am not a die-hard Twilight addict.

I still do not like Stephenie Meyer's prose that much.

And I was even more excited earlier this year, for The Dark Knight movie. I cried at the cinema before the opening credits came, too happy and elated to just be there and finally watch it.

But whatever. The movie will be shown tomorrow, I will see it, and I am sure I will be one happy girl.

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