Taking care of a head full of hair with Bed Head.

03 November 2011

I am too embarrassed to show you photos of myself when I was still studying because my hair looked terrible! Well, maybe not terrible exactly... But it was too long and thick and wavy for my skinny frame that it looked unkempt whenever I let it down that I had to resort to tying it in a ponytail all the time. As I've admitted before, I didn't care how my hair looked like as long as I had  money for shoes and books and bags ;D

This attitude changed during the latter part of last year. Ever since I had all those hair chopped and cut into a cute bob, my hair has undergone different transformations. I became more experimental - it's just hair and it will grow back eventually anyway - and got different makeovers, most recent of which were my full bangs, my Rihanna-haircut, and my pixie cut that I also had colored and highlighted.

Changing hairstyles is not enough. I also need to use the right hair products to ensure my hair remains beautiful and healthy.

A week ago I spent a lovely afternoon with Manila's top beauty bloggers and my fashion blog-friends at Basement Salon in ShangriLa checking out and testing Bed Head products.

After a quick interview by my hairstylist Alan to determine which Bed Head line is perfect for me, he led me to the portable sinks for shampoo and conditioner.

Miss Pam said before that when she becomes a bajillionaire, the only luxury she will be spending on is for someone to shampoo her hair every day for the rest of her life :) I agree, shampooing at salons feels soooo relaxing and so luxurious!

After shampoo and conditioner and a thorough rinse, Alan styled my hair.

I loved when he straightened my hair with a ceramic hair-straightening iron.
I looked so "mature".
What do you think? :)
Alan used Bed Head StyleShots Extreme Straight on me, and he said it is the most fragrant in the entire line. I agree! I wish you can smell my hair through the photos as my hair smelled sooo good! I could still smell it when I woke up the next day :) It smells like vanilla but it's not overpowering - just perfect.

The other girls who went:

Nikki, Jheng, Vern, Shen
Pretty ladies Ava, Earth, Alex, Kira
Here are the other Bed Head products.
I went home with a full bottle each of Bed Head StyleShots Extreme Straight shampoo and conditioner
I have been using both these products for a week and so far so good! I love how it has made my hair color look more vibrant, at the same time lessening hair frizz a great deal! I've also gotten compliments from my officemates about how my hair smells so that's a big plus :)

Special thanks to ARC PR for inviting me! I'm going to post more details about the other Bed Head products plus an iPad2 giveaway so watch out for that! I would love to post it now but my lunch-break's almost over hee.

Later, guys! Have a happy Thursday!

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