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Oh na na, what's my name?

So I woke up this morning feeling pretty bored with my hairstyle. I have been sporting a short ponytail-and-fringe combo for the past couple of months, when I realized life is too short to have the same hairstyle year in, year out ;D

After work my good friend and officemate Michelle and I went to TriNoma to look for something to wear on this coming Sunday's Family Day/ Employee Appreciation Day, went home empty-handed, but looking much, much different!

This was me earlier in the afternoon.
We went to several shops inside the mall but nothing really caught our fancy, so after a quick snack we just decided to pop into a salon. Life is too short to not want to spice things up a bit once in a while!

We went to Bench Fix Lab, and after about three hours that consisted of:

the most relaxing and invigorating shampoo and rinse ever;
a super edgy new haircut done by my stylist Pabs;
Highlights (Clear and Red) and full-head color (Golden Blonde) done by Apple;
Kerastase Chroma Riche treatment;
and a lot of shampooing and rinsing, I became a completely different person!

Channeling my inner Rihanna, minus the ultra-sexy clothing ;D
Mich had her hair colored and treated as well :)
Sorry for the sleepy eyes ^^,
And I know I look silly in this photo, but you can see the red highlights better here ^^,
I love that my head feels sooo much lighter now, plus I think it looks chic on me. Fun fact: It was my first time to have my hair colored so you can just imagine how excited/ terrified I was! But after Pabs worked his magic I must say I'm very happy with the results. If you ever go to Bench Fix Lab in TriNoma, look for Pabs, he's awesome! And no, this is not a sponsored post ;) I like my new hairstyle a lot and I wish myself earlier hours of bedtime since I would be needing to wake extra-early the next day to blowdry and style it before I go to work. Short hairstyles require higher maintenance than long hairstyle do, y'know.

Do you like my new hairstyle? :)

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