Herro Hachi for Gentle Hands

09 November 2011

Are you done with your Christmas wish lists yet? How about your Christmas shopping? Do you shop for Christmas gifts early, or do you wait until the last minute like me?

I just wanted to share with you this venture by my very good friend Kym. If you have been a long-time reader of this blog you'd know that Kym is one of the best and awesomest friends I've met in the blogosphere. Born here but raised in Hong Kong and Canada, she visited Manila earlier this year for her and Winmark's post-wedding reception. We met up for only a couple more times after the reception but it really felt like we've been doing it regularly! Kym is one lovely lady and it is a privilege to be her friend :)

Kym designs t-shirts for a living and sells them online on her shop Herro Hachi.

Her shirt designs feature witty lines and kitsch artworks; I especially like the neeenja girls :)

Anyway, when Kym visited Manila, she was able to visit Gentle Hands. Gentle Hands is a child and youth welfare agency meant to be on the front lines of rescue for kids who were abandoned, malnourished, or abused. At such a young age, these kids have experienced more hardship than we will ever experience in this lifetime. Thankfully, there are places like Gentle Hands who take these kids in to care for them, feed them, educate them, find them families, and most importantly – show them love.

Herro Hachi will now be donating $2 from the sale of every t-shirt to Gentle Hands and trust me, a little goes a long way! There are also opportunities for us to donate directly to them through their website, or we can even volunteer!

I commend Kym for coming up with this project. It just goes to show what a beautiful lady she is - inside and out! I hope we can all find the time to support this project and Gentle Hands ♥

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