The lady with the pretty bag.

25 November 2011

I have quite a lot of bags, but I admit I do play favorites. Let me share with you one bag that I have been using quite a lot these days (as evidenced by some of my recent photos at events):

My brown Ladylike Turnlock bag ♥

I am very particular when it comes to choosing bags. Being a total pack-rat, I tend to lug a LOT of stuff around. Because of this it is important for me to choose bags that are roomy enough to hold all my everyday essentials and still have extra space for stuff I stash mindlessly.

Of course it should still be pretty, too! Plus points if it's versatile enough to be mixed and matched with different outfits :)

During the Accessorize event held at the early part of the month, my eyes were drawn to this classic-looking bag. Unfortunately for me, Kira was able to grab it first, leaving me with another bag that, although pretty, is a bit too "young" for me. Thankfully, Miss Ayet gave me another bag with the same design but of a different color!

It's pretty and girly, but not too frilly! Just perfect enough for a young lady like me ♥

Are you looking for the perfect bag for yourself, your sister, or your girl friends? Visit Accessorize now, as all their bags are currently on sale at 50% off! The promo is open until the end of the month only so hurry! ;)

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