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Alliterations are amusing. Chandeliers, cheesecakes, and charm bracelets make me happy. My blog aims to spread pink, positive thoughts and pretty little things. Send me some love and kisses via mail@krissyfied.com.

"Something to be thankful for is that you're here to be thankful."

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends who celebrate it! :)

I was actually supposed to attend an event with my fashion blog-sisters tonight but I had to cancel because I felt too lazy to dress up. Sorry :( Anyway, today was still a good day because I spent it with my favorite girl friends from the office instead!

After work, I went to SM North EDSA with Mich, Poly and Marsha so Poly can buy a purse she can use for their department's Christmas party. She found the perfect purse alright, but I did not expect I would end up buying a few stuff for myself as well -_-

I took these home with me:

Charlotte Russe top and Aeropostale shorts from Surplus Shop | Black cloche hat from SM Accessories
I don't know why I've been passing by Surplus Shop branches all my life and not once did I think to check out the clothes before! I thought they were just low quality discarded goods, but these are actually great! The best part? They're so affordable! I got the shirt for only P199.75 while I got the shorts for only P249.75! Add to that the additional 10% discount for SM Advantage card holders because of SM's Thanksgiving Sale and my heart was almost ready to burst with delight! :D

As for the hat, well, we all know how SM Accessories is heaven-sent for all of us looking for things to add that little "extra" in ordinary outfits to make it extraordinary. I actually just wanted to see how it would look on me while Poly was walking around the department store looking for her purse. I thought it looked cute, tried it on, and never returned it since. It just sat so nicely on my head that it looked like it has belonged there forever! LOL I got the hat for P249.75 minus 10% discount.

See what I mean? It is obvious that the hat was made for me :))
It was a fun day spent with fun people. I thank the Lord for giving me wonderful friends, a wonderful life, and a sense of wonder to continuously be amazed by all the wonderful things around me.

This post should end here, but because I'm not yet sleepy, let me ramble on... Can I just say how glad I am that I am actually using my netbook Lady Fabrize now to write this post? I honestly thought she'd never be able to make it, but now she's here and she's better than ever. Yay! Tomorrow I will go to Gold's Gym in Waltermart to continue with the Fit 'n Right: The Science of Sexy challenge. Last Friday's attempt was a big, bad fail so I am hoping tomorrow's session will be so much better.

Just in case you're wondering, I am not always this big bubble of pink, positive energy. I do get sad sometimes a lot of times, but I really just focus on the positive side of things. For me, that is the much better thing to do. That, and a bright-colored lipstick ;)

PS: I've had too much Gong Cha chocolate milk tea and I can't decide whether this post is good enough to publish or not. For a more serious Thanksgiving post, let me refer you to the one I made last year. I'm glad it is still relevant :) Let's not stop feeling grateful!

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